Brennan was cold. Or something touching her was cold; she hadn't quite worked it out yet as her mind was still foggy and hurting. She knew she was outside; there was wind and outside smells. Soil, trees, grass, air.

She knew she was laying on something hard. She knew she had to will herself to wake up properly so she could try and work out where she was and what she was doing there. She took a few deep breaths and opened her eyes. She was looking up into the night sky; it was so beautiful it took her breath away for a few seconds. The stars where so bright and beautiful and the moon looked so close she thought if she reached her hand out she might be able to touch. She knew that was impossible though.

She turned her head to the left and just saw the outline of trees and bushes. To her right was what looked like a little hut and more trees. She went to sit up and a roaring pain rippled through her hands and arms, she looked and saw that she was handcuffed and they were hammered into the rock on a short metal chain.

"Booth!" she shouted, a hint of panic in her tone. She remember them walking back to the house and then nothing after that. Everything was black after that. She tugged at the chains but they weren't going anywhere. The chains and cuffs looked brand new.

She heard rustling and a grunt.


"Over here" she heard.

"I can't move, I'm chained to a rock!"

The silence fell upon them. Brennan was chained, she just hoped Booth wasn't.

"I'm chained, not to a rock though. A spike in the ground, not sure how deep down it goes."

"Any idea where we are?" she asked.


"I can hear water."

"Think it's a waterfall." He replied.

Brennan twisted herself so she was lying on her stomach, she saw Booth's silhouette about 20 feet away near some bushes. He was sat with his knees up and leaning against a tree.

"What happened?" she asked softly.

"I'm not too sure, just remember walking back along the beach."

"You think Benjamin did this?"

"I'm not sure Bones. Wait, someone's coming. Pretend you're still unconscious."

Brennan quickly turned back over and closed her eyes, for the first time in a while she actually felt a bit scared.

She could hear 2 or 3 voices coming closer, one was definitely Benjamin, she recognised that burly voice anywhere.

"Looks like there both still out of it, how hard did you hit them?" One guy asked.

"Not very hard, there just sissy's." Benjamin said. "Think they can play me, damn FBI pussies"

"What we gonna do to them?" The other guy asked, he sounded quite young.

"Just have some fun, especially with her. Hot mama. While he watches, not able to help her. Then when I get bored, kill them both."

"The Feds are gonna know he's missing already." The younger guy said.

"Yea, they don't know about my private island though. No one does but us. Hundreds of miles from anywhere. Now let's get back to the boat for some sleep, we'll come back in a few hours. Then the fun begins. Your gonna hear that little bitch scream and cry."

Benjamin let an evil laughed then the other 2 laughed nervously and headed back the way they came. Booth & Brennan didn't speak for ages. They had both heard the plan.

Brennan moved onto her side, she was trapped here like a caged animal and Booth couldn't help her. No one could help them, no one knew where they were. No one.

Booth sat back up, leant against the tree and sighed. He knew Benjamin was a piece of work and he knew that every word he said was going to come true. He had to get them out of there. But he had to wait for more light, he just hoped it came before Benjamin and his friends did.

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