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So this is the promised sequel to Inconceivable, earlier than I expected but as Martin Luther King once said, 'I have a dream'…or should I say I had a dream…anywhoo!

Summary: Olivia and Elliot are happily married. Kate and Ben have been boyfriend and girlfriend for months and their relationship only gets better. Everyone is happy, until someone starts to target the products of rape, trapping them and killing them in the heinous ways. Will the detectives at the SVU work it out before Olivia and Kate find themselves as targets?

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Chapter 1

Jack McCoy was running in central park, past the ramble. He hated the ramble but ran past it with his dog Jessie every day anyway. He ran for two hours every morning then would go home, get showered and get ready for work as an ADA.

Jessie ran next to him without a lead, like he did everyday. He suddenly took of running, something he never did. "Jessie!" Jack yelled. He stopped running and walked over to where he had disappeared into the shrubs.

"Jessie, come on. I don't have time for this. You know I have a big case, come on buddy." He said looking into the shrubs, getting nothing back, he decided on a different approach, one that his best friend always fell for, when he fell behind.

"Fine I'm going without you." He said as he took off slowly running again. He suddenly heard a yelp. "Jessie!" He yelled as he stopped dead on the spot and turned to look for his dog. It was suddenly dead quiet.

He took of running this time into the shrubs where Jessie had ran into. "Jessie!" He continued yelling. "Jessie, buddy where are you?" He yelled. His heart was pounding.

Jack was single and had no other family other than his mother. The two were close and called each other at least twice a day to check up on one another, they were all each other had, except for Jessie. Jessie was not only his best friend he was like a son to him. "Jessie!" He yelled again, getting more and more worried, Jessie never ignored him.

He looked down and saw blood on the floor as well as drag marks heading further into the shrubs. He followed the trail, but no sooner had he got through the shrubs when he was struck by something on the back of the head.

He fell to the floor, hard. He slowly and painfully rolled over onto his back only to see a knife swing towards him, all he could do was scream.

- - - - - -

Olivia and Elliot turned and ran down the alley, they were both running their fastest. It was a roasting hot day and they both just wanted to sit down and get an ice tea or something but they knew they couldn't.

They turned a corner and came to a metal fence they both jumped up at it and attempted climbing up it, both kept slipping back down but still tried again.

Ben and Kate stepped out from behind two dumpsters on separate sides of the alley. Nia followed Kate out and sat down in between her and Ben. They stood on the other side of the fence in front of Elliot and Olivia. Both Elliot and Olivia stopped trying to climb the gate and looked at them, both trying to get their breaths back.

"You two run like old ladies." Kate joked.

"Hey." Elliot said.

"She's right." Olivia said. She knew they both had spent less time in the gym lately getting exercise of a different type, they were newlyish weds it was what was supposed to happen.

They all had running suits on. Kate and Ben had been challenging them lately to running around the city and practicing things like climbing gates and fences in alleys. "So seeing as we won, again, I guess you two are buying the drinks." Kate said with a smile.

Olivia looked at them both, then at Elliot. "You're buying the drinks, you slowed me down." She said.

Elliot looked at her, smiling. "Oh I slowed you down." He said back. They were both joking but Kate and Ben knew these things always turned into a play fight, which was always entertaining to watch.

Elliot ran over to Olivia and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. "Elliot put me down." Olivia pleaded, but laughing the whole time.

Nia slipped back through a hole in the fence and ran over to them barking. Kate and Ben both began climbing back over the fence.

Olivia bit Elliot's back, making him stop and put her down. He grabbed hold of her leant forward forcing her back, he began playfully biting her neck. Olivia just laughed.

"Can we please stay on subject? You two owe us a drink." Kate informed them.

They both stood up, Elliot rummaged in his pocket and passed Kate some money. "Here go buy yourselves some drinks. We're going home." Elliot said in a suggestive tone, looking at Olivia.

Kate just shook her head and she and Ben watched as they both walked off. "What do you say to a drink in Central Park?" Ben asked.

Nia started barking. She was almost one now and had got big and had developed a big personality too. "Guess that's what Nia wants to do." Kate said.

"Come on then ladies." Ben said as he took Kate's arm, Nia wandered in front of them wagging her tail, Central Park was her favourite place.

- - - - - -

They were both walking through central park, they had decided against ice teas and had both opted for ice-cream. Kate became aware they were walking by the ramble. "I hate this place." She told Ben, throwing the rest of her ice-cream into a bin.

"Why?" Ben asked.

"Because my mom almost had her throat slashed open here by some stalker..."

"Seriously..?" Ben said in disbelief.

"Yep. Richard White. He had the hots for her and basically just didn't like women who stood up to him, and Olivia did." She told him.

"Remind me to never let you by him." Ben said, knowing her attitude towards creeps like how Richard sounded to him, was just the same as Olivia's attitude towards them.

Ben threw his ice-cream into a bin and pulled Kate into him and kissed her. "What happened?" He asked, as he kept his arms wrapped around her.

"Elliot and the others jumped out and pointed their guns at him then my mom arrested him." Kate said proudly.

Ben just laughed. Kate looked around noticing Nia wasn't there. "Nia!" She called.

"Nia!" Ben called. "She's probably found a squirrel or something." Ben said.

"Shh listen…" She said as she heard barking. "She's in there." Kate said as she headed into the shrubs. Ben quickly followed.

"Nia come here now." Kate ordered. She could see Nia stood on some rocks barking at something. Kate walked up the rocks to her, Ben right behind her. She grabbed a hold of Nia's collar before finally seeing what she was barking at.

Kate screamed. "Oh my God!" She cried.

Ben quickly grabbed her. "What is it?" He asked, having not seen what Kate and Nia had. "Oh my God..." He repeated Kate's response. "We need to call your mom." He said as he looked down at the bloodied body of Jack McCoy, holding Kate tightly against him.

- - - - - -

Olivia and Elliot ran into the shrubs and straight over to Kate and Ben. There were other officers around, that they had called in, as well as CSU and a Melinda and her team.

"Are you two okay?" Olivia asked Kate and Ben.

They both just nodded. Olivia hugged Kate. "Look you two go to the station. We'll be there as soon as we can. We'll need to talk to you." Elliot said.

They both just nodded. "Ask me again why I hate the ramble." Kate said to Ben before she walked off with Nia. Elliot squeezed Ben's shoulder. "This place isn't good for the Benson women." He said.

Ben nodded. "Yea I know." Ben replied.

"Go look after her" Elliot said.

Olivia looked at Elliot. "You okay?" He asked. She shook her head a little. "Like you said the ramble isn't a good place for the Benson women." She said. He just nodded and took her hand to help her down to where Jack's body lay.

No one had any idea how close the killer was…


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