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Chapter 15

(Two days later)

Cragen was stood in the bull pen, he was talking to the team, telling them all about how and why Nathaniel had started killing. "10 years ago Nathaniel's wife and three teenage daughters were all savagely raped and murdered in the family home by a man named Stan Fox." He said.

"So why go around killing people who were products of rapes ten years later?" Munch asked confused.

"Stan Fox was a product of rape. I guess Nathaniel didn't want to risk anyone else from the same sort of background doing a similar thing to another family. He had the files with the names of victims in, all he had to do was find out if babies had been conceived and then supply White with the names." Cragen said.

"Just because one person decides to follow in the footsteps of their father doesn't mean that all products of rape will." Munch said.

Elliot looked over at Olivia she was sat down with her leg resting on another chair. Her crutches were resting against the lockers behind her desk. She looked lost and deeply saddened by the whole case. He knew how much she feared her own genes, just like Kate did with hers. "What happened to Nathaniel was unimaginable but it didn't give him the right to go around killing innocent people." He said.

Everyone just nodded in agreement. "Well at least it's over now." Cragen said.

"Why bring White into it?" Munch asked, again confused.

"Because they knew about me and they knew that killing people who were just like me would make it even more personal to me. They wanted me to get as involved in the case as possible, just to watch me suffer. Nathaniel probably read the file on me and knew that White and I had a connection, which is why he chose him to help murder those people. White finding out about Kate and having the chance to get his revenge on me was just a bonus to him. There's no way he would have said no." She said.

They all looked at her, knowing how much this case had got to her and they all understood why. They were all just relieved it was now over. They had come so close to losing her and Kate. They all couldn't help but feel sorry for what had happened to Nathaniel and his family, but they were glad he was dead because now he couldn't hurt anyone else, especially not Liv and Kate.

- - - - - -

Kate was walking in front of Ben with her arms stretched out in front of her as he had his hands covering her eyes. "Ben can I please open my eyes? "She laughed.

"No not yet." He replied.

"Please." She asked again.

"No I want it to be surprised." He said as he guided her through a door.

Once he had checked everything was okay and just the way he wanted it, he slowly moved his hands. Kate opened her eyes and her jaw dropped as she looked around. There were candles lit all around his bedroom, creating a romantic, but calming setting. She looked on his bed and saw a tray with a huge cake on it. "It that…?" she asked.

"Triple chocolate cheesecake, our favorite." He confirmed.

"Ben this is amazing." She said having another look around the room, taking every single little detail.

"Well I figured you deserved a nice stress-free surprise after everything that's happened recently." He said. "This is the best I could think of." He said shrugging his shoulders.

She turned around to face him and jumped up into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him. "This is perfect." She said. "Thank you." She added.

"I'd do anything for you, you know that Kate." He said, looking into her eyes.

She nodded then kissed him. It was a slow kiss, full of love and warmth. After a minute she pulled back, then kissed him lightly on the lips then pulled back again smiling at him. "Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Ben said smiling. Her kisses always made him smile.

"Err yea, but you can tell me again." She said to him.

He just laughed. "I love you Kate." He told her, still laughing a bit.

"Good because I love you too." She said.

"I'm glad." He said. "Now let's eat some cheesecake." He said excitedly carrying her towards the cake.

She just looked at him. "What, did you want it all?" He asked her sarcastically as he stopped by the bed.

"No." She said firmly. "I just thought…maybe we could…do something else…" She said suggestively.

"Kate, that's not why I did this..." He said quickly, feeling like he had put her on a guilt trip.

"I know that. I just…too many times recently I've had to think that I might never see you again, so when I got out of those situations I decided I wanted to be with you and not have any regrets if anything were to happen. Do' you understand?" She asked him, hoping she was making sense.

He just smiled at her, honored. "Perfect sense." He said. "But are you sure? I don't mind waiting if you're not ready." He said.

"Ben I'm ready. I trust you." She said.

He smiled at her again then kissed her then gently he lowered them both onto the bed. He pulled back as he thought of something. "What did I do to deserve you?" He asked.

"I was thinking the same thing." She said with a smile, before kissing him again.

- - - - - -

Elliot and Olivia were both at home. They were sprawled up on the couch. Elliot was lying on his back and Olivia was lying half on him half on the couch, with her injured leg resting on his. He was holding her in his arms, with his chin resting on her head, she had her head resting on his chest.

"I feel bad for Nathaniel." Olivia suddenly said.

"Me too." Elliot said.

"He still shouldn't have killed those people." She added.

"No." Elliot agreed.

"What would you do if someone killed your family?" She asked him looking up at him.

He just sighed then shifted himself until he was lying onto of her. "I wouldn't let it happen." He said.

"Yea but…" She started to say but he quickly began kissing her, silencing her.

It was a long passionate kiss. He pulled away so they could both get their breath back. "Okay we don't have to talk anymore." She said as she pulled him closer so she could kiss him.

Elliot laughed, even as she kissed his lips. He moved his hand onto her hip and gently pulled her towards him as he pushed himself against her. "Hello Mr. Stabler…" She said laughing as she felt his body's eagerness to have her.

"I thought we weren't talking Mrs. Stabler." He said as he began kissing her again.

She just accepted silence and wrapped her arm around his neck and held him close to her as they kissed, both just happy to be able to do it, to still be able to hold one another. They had come pretty close to losing it all, losing each other, but at least now they were able to make up for it.

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