Disclaimer: "LOST" is the property of ABC. Title from "Not About Love" by Fiona Apple.

dialogue as a diagram of a play for blood

on the way back from that terrible terrible place she makes herself stop crying she hardens herself to them to him especially to him and she wipes the sticky tears from her cheeks and refuses to look at him and he doesn't look at her and she doesn't know if he's satisfied and pleased with himself for eliminating her lover or if he's embarrassed and humiliated for showing the emotion he did and the day is so so hot and it makes her angry and enraged and boils her grief away more quickly than she ever thought possible and ben thinks she's his, does he? so she grabs his arm roughly and tightly and hoping when he undresses tonight there will be a dark purple black imprint of her fingers there and she kisses him hard and bites down and draws blood and wants to spit it out but she makes herself enjoy the taste because if she's his (she is always has been always will be there's no escaping it) then he'd better learn that she's pain and she'll hurt him and she won't love him in the way he wants her to.