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Maddie crouched behind the bushes, watching Phantom fight a white-haired ghost. She didn't dare to make a sound. Phantom was the most elusive ghost she had ever seen. He was as easy to spot as he was hard to catch.

She shifted into a more comfortable position. For once, she wasn't with Jack. She didn't even come here in the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle. In fact, few moments ago, the mother of two was in the lab, working in the lab.

For some reason, Maddie couldn't fall asleep that night. She tossed around in bed for what seemed like hours before deciding to go downstairs. Since she couldn't sleep, she might as well do something productive. For one, she could try fixing their inventions so that they wouldn't go off around Danny.

As she worked on the Fenton Finder, it suddenly made some sound.

"Ghost detected, walk upwards."

A ghost was nearby! Should she wake up Jack? No. Jack deserves his sleep. She'll go after the ghost alone. Anyway, Phantom would most probably be there, and Jack's size made it hard to move around unnoticed. And with that odd manifestation of ectoplasmic energy and post human consciousness, stealth was the only skill they could use.

Maddie wasn't sure how far the ghosts were, but she wasn't sure if the Fenton Finder would work in the Fenton RV, and if she drove the vehicle, she might as well not go. She had no doubt that Phantom would spot the car before she could spot him.

In the end, Maddie decided to go on foot. Packing some weapons, she stepped into the cold, dark night. With the Fenton Finder as her guide, she walked ahead.

Which led her to where she was now.

She managed to reach the park unnoticed by the two ghosts fighting in the air, something she wouldn't have been able to accomplish if Jack was with her. Quietly, she hid behind a bush. There was no need to alert the ghosts about her presence, a certain white-haired ghost in particular.

For most ghosts they've fought, the couple had always preferred to barge in and start attacking them head on, but for Phantom, that tactic never worked. Phantom would only dodge them and fly away. Even after all the years spent researching on ghosts, she still couldn't understand Phantom. And she didn't like not understanding things.

Maddie followed Phantom with her eyes. Was he good or bad? Why was he so different from other ghosts? Why?

She shook her head, as if trying to shake those thoughts from her head. Phantom was only trying to mess around with her head. Ghosts were bad. All of them.

Her eyes widened in shock as she was hit by a stray ectoblast. Pain followed soon after as darkness washed over her.


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