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"Isn't it a little early?"

"There's something I want to show you."

"Ok." Maddie said. A bluish white ring appeared around Danny's waist.

Maddie watched in fascination as the ting split and washed over him. No matter how many times she watched it, Danny's transformation never failed to amaze her. The rings that accomplished the impossible, blurring the line between life and death. It was scientifically impossible yet as natural to Danny as breathing.

Danny gently gathered Maddie in his arms as if handling a glass sculpture. Despite herself, she noted the muscles Danny had under that skin-tight hazmat suit. Ghost fighting must have really made Danny to toughen up. If Danny's schoolmates ever saw the muscles hidden under his favourite shirt…

"This is the Phantom Flight, preparing for take off." Danny announced playfully as his feet left the floor. Defying gravity, he flew intangible out of the window into the night sky. Maddie couldn't help but gasp at the sight that met her.

The houses looked much smaller, dark shadows and soft starlight giving the neighbourhood a soft fantasy feel. Amity Park looked so beautiful from the air at night.

"How do you feel? Am I going too fast?" Danny asked.

"I'm ok, sweetie." Maddie looked up briefly and replied with a smile. Her eyes were drawn back to the sight below her. "It's so beautiful."

"Yeah." Danny agreed with a soft look on his face. Then, he grinned. That grin reminded her of Jack's grin when he was about to do something crazy but thought that it was brilliant.

Maddie felt her heart stick in her throat as they descended at a terrifying speed. She couldn't even scream as they fell. Just before they hit the ground, Danny stopped. She almost felt like kissing the ground when Danny descended on a small hill. That was almost as bad as her husband's driving. She felt herself dread the day she would have to teach Danny how to drive.

"We're here." Danny announced and gently lowered her onto the soft grass. Maddie punched him lightly on his arm.

"Ow. What was that for?" Danny pouted as he feigned hurt.

"For playing a fool. Do you know how dangerous that was? If you had lost control there, both of us could have died." Maddie scolded, trying to ignore how adorable he looked like right now. No wonder so many girls were falling head-over-hills for Phantom.

"Relax, nothing happened right?" Danny replied.

Maddie was about to give him a lecture when his baby blue eyes met hers. They were so deep, yet innocent. Despite the immense power he had, he was still a young boy who wanted to have fun and be normal. All thoughts of scolding him left her head.

"Look." Danny whispered and pointed ahead. Her purple eyes followed his arm towards the sky.

A patch of pink was spreading into the navy blue sky. Orange followed pink as they spread their domain, chasing away the darkness that has engulfed Amity Park throughout the night. Within orange and pink, a circle of deep orange rose over the horizon.

She watched the sun rise until it was too bright for her eyes. Instead of looking at the sun, she let her eyes drop to the city.

The sun's rays lighted up the city with a warm glow as they made the cold darkness leave the town. Nature stirred awake around her. The birds, the squirrels, the flowers, even the trees seem to be waking up from their slumber.

The ground around her started to glitter. The overnight dew had caught the sunlight and was giving a small light show. She felt as if she was sitting among small, delicate diamonds.

When was the last time she had taken a break long enough from ghost hunting to actually look at the world she was trying to protect?

"Happy birthday, mom." Danny breathed in her ear. His voice was low, as if afraid that by speaking too loud, the beautiful world around them would shatter into pieces.

Maddie wrapped one arm around Danny's shoulder and pulled him gently towards her.

"Thank you, sweetie." She whispered.

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