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Naruto didn't care that people were staring at him. He was used to the stares, the glares. He was used to all the looks, filed with disgust, that were thrown at him. but Naruto didn't care. How could he care?

His eyes glanced at the person that was holding his hand. His hand. The hand of the demon vessel, container of the Kyuubi. The person next to him, noticed that he was being watched. He smiled at Naruto.

Naruto knew from the beginning. Ever since he could feel the warmth. This was love. He couldn't get the blue eyes out of his mind. The golden hair, and the sun kissed skin. His thoughts always wondered off to the beautiful smile.

His blue eyes.

His blond hair.

His tanned skin.

His smile.

Naruto didn't care that he was in love with himself. He knew that was the only way to get the love that he wanted. Nobody loved Naruto. But Naruto loved himself. And that was enough to make himself fly, make his stomach turn around and feel the blush growing on his cheeks.

The clone pointed to the Hokage mountain. Naruto just nodded. Naruto knew what he loved, what he hated, what his favorite spots were. There was never an argue. Never jealousy, never anger. Just love.

Naruto knew how much he loved the few from the top of the mountain. And since Naruto knew, his clone knew.

Hold me. Was the silent order.

The clone hugged Naruto, wrapping his arms around his mirror image.

Kiss me.

Naruto smiled when he felt familiar lips on his own. They were his own.

Love me.

"I love you, Naruto." The clone whispered in his ear, making Naruto shiver.


This was how it was suppose to be. This love would last for eternity. After all,…

Who didn't love himself?


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