"Uzumaki Naruto: The True Shinobi"

Dislciamer: I Do not Own Naruto, i merley created a plot and altered the universe to fit my needs, most of the ideas are orginial to the owner of the Naruto universe and any changes are from my unique persepctive.

Summary:Uzumaki Naruto, villlage pariah, hated, spit on. But one shinobi sees him for what he truley is, a diamond in the rough, and he plans on making this one shine. (Ebisu Mentors Naruto Fic) Darkish!Naruto, RealNinja!Naruto.

"FIGHT ME TEME!" a loud obnoxious voice sounded throughout the nearby area. The figure in black stopped, turning his head towards the noise. Idly pushing his glasses up he leaped up into the nearest tree and began sprinting across the branches through the trees, he mildly noticed his chakra forming subconsciously to his needs as he pushed off from the branch arching through the air and landing on another he suddenly came to a stop. Lowering his chakra output, his eyes quickly scanned the clearing.

A boy with dark hair and onyx eyes, blue shirt and white shorts with a red and white fan on the back of the boys shirt. He smirked. 'Uchiha Sasuke'. Idly breezing his eyes over the rest of the crowd of teenagers he noticed them surrounding the Uchiha boy and another.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, whisker marks. White t-shirt and blue shorts, his eye twitched. 'The Kyuubi brat'. The boy was pointing at the Uchiha child with a squinty eyed expression, the brat suddenly charged at the Uchiha after something that was said. Throwing a wide punch at the Uchiha he watched with a smirk as the dark haired boy leaned back allowing the fist to fly by quickly followed up by a vicious elbow into the blonde boys stomach knocking the wind out of him. The Uchiha smirked before lifting his leg and sending a powerful kick into the blonde's chest sending the boy spiraling across the grounded rolling in the dirt before skidding to a halt. The boy coughed before spitting up some blood;

'Stupid brat, it was obvious where that punch was headed. He shouldn't have been dumb enough to think that was going to bring the Uchiha boy down.' The figure pushed his glasses up his nose again. 'However, the Uchiha was defiantly arrogant. Had the Uzumaki boy had a little more training, that kick and that elbow would've been a deadly mistake.' His musings were cut short when he saw the rest of the crowd cheer, an annoying Pink haired girl and blonde haired girl were cheering for the Uchiha boy, meanwhile he noticed the boy was walking forwards towards the downed Uzumaki brat. Odd…He didn't think that kick was that strong.

Suddenly he noticed it, and smirked. 'Perhaps I was wrong about you', he watched as the black haired boy went to slam his foot down on the blonde haired boy, as his foot was coming down the boy suddenly roll into the Uchiha's other leg hard, bringing the boy down the ground the Uchiha with a startled expression on his face. The blonde boy quickly capitalized on this opportunity and rolled on that boy and began throwing punches, before catching a hard fist to his face sending him flying backwards and off the Uchiha. Flipping to his feet the Uchiha glared at the Uzumaki boy, a trail of blood running down the corner of his mouth.

The figures eyes narrowed as he noticed the boy beginning to form seals, he noticed the tiger seal right off and his eyes widened as he watched the rest with a growing fear. 'That Jutsu for a friendly spar? He will kill the boy' He watched with a grotesque interest as the Uchiha finished his seals.

"Katon: GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU!" the Uchiha brought his hand up to his lips before blowing a large fireball towards the still recovering blonde. The blonde haired boy looked towards the coming fireball with an awed look as he seemed to be accepting his fate, the figure grew angry as he disappeared from his perch on the tree.

Uchiha Sasuke watched with a grim satisfaction as he saw his fireball heading towards the still not recovered blonde, he heard the rest of the academy students in awe at his high leveled justu. He waited a few more seconds before he stopped blowing fire, hopefully that should get the stupid brat and teach him he needs a new profession. Sasuke waited while the smoke began to clear, his anticipation growing with ever second that passed by. However the smirk on his face paled once the smoke and dust cleared away, revealing a large rock dome that was covering the area the dobe was in. There was no way that dobe knew a technique like that, no chance at all.

He noticed the rest of the class has shut up as well as the highly advanced technique, the rock dome suddenly began to break apart and fall away and he and the rest of the academy students were staring at a man dressed in all black, a black bandana to cover his hair and tied behind his head. Black sunglasses rested on the bottom of his nose, however the hate in his eyes seemed clear.

"How Dare you, you disgrace of a shinobi" the man stated balefully. He pushed his glasses up his nose and looked over his shoulder to the blonde haired boy, thankfully he was fine. But had he not have interfered the boys career as a ninja would have been over.

"Who are you?" the Uchiha asked in a clearly annoyed voice, somebody had taken away his opportunity at showing the dobe his place.

"Trash like you don't deserve to know who I am, you're a despicable disgrace of a shinobi. Using such an aggressive technique on a spar with a fellow academy student. Your lucky if I don't go right now and have you thrown out of the academy" the man said bitterly. The rest of the academy students grew quiet at that.

"I was merely showing the dobe his place, not like anyone will care what happens to him" Sasuke's voice broke the rest of the academy students out of their reverie and they began to shout their agreements. The man looked on disgustedly, he turned his back to the group and faced the Uzumaki boy.

"Come here Uzumaki-san. Were going" he said, his voice straining from the hate he felt at those annoying students.

"Eh? Where are we going?" Naruto asked curiously, his eyes squinting awaiting an answer.

"Were going to talk to Hokage-sama, Uzumaki-san, after that ill treat you to some ramen eh?" the man stated, meanwhile pushing his glasses up his nose. He cringed as heard the screech from the boy.

"EHHH!!! RAMEN! SWEEET!" Naruto cheered loudly as he bounced to his feet and jogged over to the man. The man bopped him on the head before forming a few one handed seals and touching Naruto's head. He gave one last baleful look at the rest of the academy students before both he and Naruto disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Ne, Ne? What's your name anyways guy?" Naruto asked for what must have been the hundredth time during his and the black garbed mans hike up the stairs of the Hokage's Tower. Ebisu rubbed the bridge of his nose before pushing his glasses up setting them properly on his nose he stopped, turning to face the boy and noting as the blond smiled seeing his irritating ways getting him what he wanted.

'I'm going to have to beat that out of you no doubt boy.' Ebisu growled bitterly in his own mind before thought over the question. 'Suppose, since I'm going to be training the boy anyways' Turning and continuing up the stairs.

"Ebisu-sensei, or Sir to you" he sighed still pondering his actions; it was confusing at best. One moment he was coming back from a mission and the next, well, he would see were this would go.

"Wha? Does that mean your gonna teach me really cool Jutsu's so I can impress Sakura-chan?" Naruto screeched excitedly, however as the words left his mouth he nearly fell down after bumping into the man who had stopped quiet suddenly.

"Eh? Why'd you sto-"

"Shut up" the man hissed venomously, he turned facing the boy his golden eyes shining over his black sun glasses, narrowed and a small amount of killing intent pouring out enough to make the boy raise his hand awaiting a hit.

"Firstly, You are to remain quiet. Screeching and yelling weather it be in a supposed ally village or not gives your position away; Everybody is your enemy, your best friend could become a traitor or your very worst enemy the next day. Secondly, Jutsu are not a play thing; To use them to impress some girl is not only fool hearty, it is completely dangerous and irresponsible."

"Jutsu" he continued.. "Are weapons used by tools to a village, they are used to take life and to assist you in being able to gather information and detain enemies. Not for you to gain some bratty princess's attention or to beat a snob. If these are you reasoning's then you should just go home now and never become a ninja. " Ebisu's voice was sharp during the lecture, he pushed his glasses back up onto his nose before turning and began climbing the stairs once again.

The side of his mouth quirked a little, after hearing the footsteps of a curious little blond boy following behind him. 'Good, the boy knows enough to at least listen to what I was saying'.

Ebisu and the boy finally arrived in the main lobby on the top floor of the five-storied Hokage tower. Raising his arm and pointing to a chair to the left he looked back at the boy over his shoulder, not saying a word. Naruto quickly nodded and jumped into the seat, idly thinking over the mans previous words.

Smiling slightly, Ebisu turned to face the receptionist, he noted the glare she was sending towards the blond boy. His eyes narrowed behind his glasses as he slid his papers towards her, watching her lazily as she reviewed the paperwork half filled out by the gate guards she nodded and scribbled something down. Looking up she handed it back and motioned towards the door guarded by two ANBU.

"Hokage-sama has been expecting you Ebisu-san." The receptionist said with in a merry tone. He turned towards the doors after retrieving his paperwork and walked towards the doors, he knew the ANBU would watch the boy from the biased receptionist. Their lives would be at stake if they didn't and something happened to the boy right outside the Hokage's office. Knocking twice and waiting, he opened the door and stepped inside after hearing the old Hokage's voice. Turning and closing the door behind him, he moved into the middle of the room in front of the desk and bowed, handing over his papers he stood at attention.

The old Hokage took the papers and looked over them while puffing on his pipe; Ebisu stood motionless. Finally after what must have been ten minutes the old man looked up.

"Report" he said sternly, his hard eyes staring at Ebisu's face.

"Hai Hokage-sama. Infiltration successful sir; my six month mission to Kumo could not have gone any better. Going in as a wandering Konoha-nin I was welcomed and under ANBU surveillance for the first 2 months. Afterwards I became a jounin in their ranks and began accompanying their Shinobi on missions; it was during this period I met a chuunin who had informed me in passing about a secret weapon that they had available that only the Raikage was able to control sir. Further lintel revealed that this so-called weapon happens to be the Nibi no Nekomata, the two tailed cat demon. It seems that she has been under the control of the Raikage for numerous years; she is currently being personally trained by the Raikage and is being trained to be able to take her demons form she is a chuunin almost jounin ninja in Kumo. "

"However, after reviewing her fighting style and being on a mission with her I have come to realize that she is merely high genin if low chuunin at best without the aid of her demon. After of course she moves into her demon form she looses complete control, nearly destroying the entire town we were in while hunting down a nuke-nin from Kumo and of course her team, myself included." Ebisu winced remembering the incident; she had ended up shattering his collarbone and nearly killing him as well.

"Anyways sir, from the beginning the ANBU captain had a beef with me, didn't trust me at all. After discovering the location on our turncoat I was able to infiltrate his building and assassinate him. The difficulty came in when the captain was visiting the man, thankfully a spy I had early poisoned their drinks and the poison was already eating away at his chakra coils. After the elimination of both the target and the ANBU captain I quickly unsealed the body I had taken the form of and framed the scene; Kimatoro Shanjo was killed in action after discovering and eliminating a traitor to Kumo, however in the process my chuunin spy has been recognized of killing the ANBU captain and foiling a military coup plotted against the Raikage. As such he has been promoted to ANBU and is currently starting ANBU training in the coming weeks, he will have access to any files we may need in the future Hokage-sama." Ebisu finished his report with as mile at his skilful work and bowed once again.

The Hokage smiled, trust Ebisu for whenever you needed such a delicate situation handled. Nodding and handing a envelope over to Ebisu.

"Good work Ebisu-san, your payment has been transferred into your account and here are your effects." Ebisu reached over opening the envelope and pulling out his headband, tying it around his arm he reached back in and slid the golden band onto his finger, staring at it sadly he looked back up.

"Dismissed. And good work Ebisu" The Hokage said before looking back down to his work.

"Excuse me Hokage-sama, but I have another thing I wish to discuss with you." Ebisu said hesitantly, thinking exactly the words he would use. The Hokage looked up and gently leaned back in his chair, puffing out a small ring of smoke and taking the pipe from his mouth. Nodding his head for Ebisu to continue he sighed.

"I came across a most…interesting boy today Hokage-sama. I wish him to become my apprentice sir." Ebisu rang off almost instantly; His eyes never wavering from the Sandaime's. The Hokage however was shocked, not only to find a boy interesting, but to find one that Ebisu himself thought could live up to being his apprentice.

"You of course know what this would mean Ebisu?" The hokage asked while staring at the man. Curiosity growing in the old mans mind, which genin could have such an impact on the normally uninterested man.

"Hai, Hokage-sama. It means I am responsible for him in every way." Ebisu recited, having thought a lot about it during the last few minutes. The Hokage seemed to nod.

"Very well Ebisu, who is the genin" the Hokage asked finally, this would take some paperwork to do. Ebisu grimaced. The hokage misunderstanding the meaning sighed.

"You know very well Ebisu, that I cant have anybody above Genin who isn't already on their way towards your department to be your apprentice." The Hokage said somewhat disappointed he would have to deny the mans wish.

"Iye, its not that Hokage-sama. The boy is not a Genin…he's an academy student." Ebisu said slowly. The Hokage's eyes widened.

"Ebisu, you realize I cannot at all agree with this. Unless the parents were acceptable with the decision I cannot in good conscience agree for you to teach an Academy student how to become a weapon, let alone one as good as you need to be." The Hokage was now highly surprised, that at such a young age some boy had managed to impress Ebisu enough for him to want to not only teach the boy, but to make the boy his apprentice.

"The boy has no parents, he's an orphan Hokage-sama" Ebisu said finally. He knew the Hokage would figure it out.

'Wait…orphan, in the academy? … The only male orphan in the academy is…Naruto' The Hokage's eyes suddenly narrowed as he looked at Ebisu.

"Are you telling me Ebisu, that you wish to train Uzumaki Naruto?" a dangerous edge to the mans voice. Ebisu flinched, who couldn't really. Sitting the presence of the man once known as "The Professor" and the Sandaime Hokage.

"Hai Hokage-sama" Ebisu finished. The elder mans glare seemed to intensify. Dumping the remains of his pipe into the trash bin beside him the Hokage looked up.

"You realize I refuse of course Ebisu, you will not be training Naruto-kun. I'm quiet ashamed of you for that matter; you need to realize Naruto is not the thing that took your wife and child from you. He is the jailor of the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune and I'm quiet sure that Meiko-chan would be quiet disappointed in you." The hokage's stare remained. Rubbing his eyes he sighed, he was getting to old for this stuff. Assassinations he could deal with, they were blunt and obvious, however someone asking to train the boy just to gain the boys trust and then kill him was just despicable.

Ebisu was speechless, he then realized the suddenness in his request and of course could easily understand the Hokage's reasoning behind his motives. His heart felt a sharp pain as the Hokage's word finally got to him. 'Meiko-chan would be quiet disappointed in you"

"Iye, Iye, Hokage-sama. You don't understand, sir. I don't wish harm upon the boy; I already realize he isn't the Kyuubi sir. He nearly died today sir, seeing him there, in front of a fireball and yet he had no fear. He was just so accepting." Seeing the Hokage's surprised look he explained the situation from earlier that he had witnessed.

"You see Hokage-sama, seeing the boy like that just reminded me of Ryu-kun. Besides, I cannot teach my skills to anyone else. This boy though, he wants to prove himself, to a deeper level to these people. I can teach him to do that, but I wish to teach him because of the potential he has; I can mold him Hokage-sama into a real shinobi, but if he stays in the academy he will only get biased teaching. You should've seen his 'Basic Academy Stance', there were more openings in it then you could believe, a civilian could've beaten the boy, and to be honest I'm sure its already happened. Its like the Academy wants to kill him" Ebisu argued loudly. The hokage's eyes seemed to be clouded over; Minutes went by as the Hokage then spun his chair around to face out the window overlooking his village.

"I'm sorry for doubting you Ebisu-kun" Ebisu was taken back by the age in the village leaders voice. A loud sigh escaped the lips of the veteran kage, turning back around he faced Ebisu looking as old as his age appeared, Ebisu had never seen his leader look so vulnerable before.

"If this is to be done it must be quick, I will fill out the paperwork immediately. While the council holds no sway over the decisions of our military, Naruto is still technically a civilian until he graduates. He will be your apprentice Ebisu, I trust you to train him to the best of your abilities. You will have mission leave until an evaluation has been taken, six months shall sound good, and even then you will be restricted to B and A class infiltration missions. Understood?" the Hokage's voice quickly returned to the hard edged of a shinobi seeing to much in his life. Ebisu nodded.

"Hai, Hokage-sama. The boy, he's outside your office right now I told him you may wish to speak with him" The black garbed man spoke quickly. Sandaime smiled at the man in front of him. 'Always thinking ahead Ebisu-kun'.

"Very well. INU-San" the hokage called out gently, the door opened allowing the ANBU with a dog mask to poke his head inside the door.

"Hai Hokage-sama?" the ANBU stared at his leader awaiting his orders, jumping into the mouth of hell if so ordered.

"Please send in Naruto-kun" the Hokage watched as the man nodded and disappeared, only to later be replaced with a much shorter and blond haired blue-eyed boy. The door closing behind him Naruto walked into the middle of the room sitting beside Ebisu.

"So Oji-san, is this guy gonna teach me or what?" Naruto asked quiet hoping for a positive outcome. He shifted his gaze after feeling a small amount of Killer Intent, starting at his soon-to-be black garbed sensei and notice the mans cold gaze on him.

"What?" Naruto asked stupidly.

"It's Hokage-sama, it seems manners will most defiantly be one thing that shall be our main lessons until I deem you a fit young person of our gracious society." Ebisu muttered before facing the smiling Hokage.

"Ahh, Yes Naruto-kun. Ebisu-san here will be your Sensei if you want him to be. I will let him explain." The hokage turned his sights towards Ebisu as the man turned to face Naruto.

"Very Well. Naruto-kun, I will tell you immediately that you have potential, great potential to be one of the greatest shinobi of Konoha." As soon as the words left his mouth he immediately thought he should've rethought them as Naruto scratched the back of his head and puffed out his chest in pride. "However, frankly as you are going. You suck," Ebisu smirked slightly as the boy seemed to almost face plant into the ground.

"You are easy to anger and allow it to cloud your judgment, your Taijutsu sucks and you know no Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. You have a great tactical mind, only when you use it though. If I'm to train you, it will be brutal; " Ebisu stared at the boy who looked up at him with his blue eyes filled with determination.

"Do you wish to become my apprentice, this means you will immediately be classed as a Genin, and you will be bale to forgo the regular graduation exam. As my apprentice I will teach you everything I know: Diplomacy, Strategy, Evasion techniques, Stealth, Weapons training, demolitions. I will teach you to be able to look at information quickly and pick up what is important. I will teach you chakra control and how to hide your chakra signature, as well as Gen, Nin and Taijutsu. If you are to become my apprentice you will learn the ways of being an Infiltration expert, you will some day be expected to also be able to assassinate targets, but that will come in the future. Uzumaki Naruto, do you accept?" Ebisu's voice stern and never wavering, he hoped the boy would accept and judging from the boy's stance he would.

"h-hai, I do Ebisu-sensei." Turning to the Hokage the boy bowed. "I wish to become his apprentice Hokage-sama" Ebisu smiled as the boy referred to the Hokage in a respectful tone. The Hokage nodded as he reached into a desk drawer, pulling out some papers he began to fill them out, looking back up he faced the duo.

"Very well, Uzumaki Naruto, as of this moment you are now Genin of Konoha under the instruction of Ebisu. Six Months from now you shall face an examination, if you pass this examination you shall begin missions with Ebisu to that of B-rank and A-rank infiltration missions. Ebisu-san, I will be expecting great things from your student. Dismissed" The hokage said before nodding at the two, as they turned around to walk out he door he called out.

"Aren't you forgetting something Naruto-kun?" The hokage said smiling, reaching into another desk drawer he pulled out a hitate-ate, however the difference in this headband was it was not only wrapped with a black cloth, but the metal itself was a black obsidian that seemed to absorb light; The Konoha leaf in the middle of the metal plate was engraved with a light white color. Naruto walked back taking the headband and wrapping it around his right bicep he looked back at the Sandaime before bowing.

"Arigato, Hokage-sama" the hokage smiled before waving his hand lazily at the boy. The Hokage watched with a smile as the new apprentice and master left the room, waiting a few moments he finished off his paperwork before looking back up.

"Inu-san" once again the Dog faced ANBU looked in the door. The hokage's face grim and serious.

"Gather the council, there is a matter I must speak with them" The Hokage said with a growl, it was time he would put the council in their place.

The large group of people mumbled with an air of curiosity, everyone was unsure what the Sandaime had called this immediate meeting for. Danzo sat back watching the ongoing chattering with interest, he would see where this would lead. Perhaps a new chance for a weapon, he smirked evilly, his plans would come to play soon enough. Suddenly everyone grew quiet as the Hokage walked through the main chamber doors, his arms folded neatly behind his back as the speed of his walked allowed his robes to ripple in the wind slightly, flanked by his two ANBU bodyguards the man stared up into the council room and looked around as the rest of them began to grow silent.

Minutes had passed and yet a word had been spoken, finally one of the members decided to speak up, a most honorable elder, and in fact the Hokage's ex-genin teammate.

"Why have you call-" she got out before Sarutobi fixed her with a harsh and withering glare.

"Silence" he hissed. His eyes cold as steel as suddenly the council began to realize the Hokage's intentions during this meeting.

"It has come to my attention, that another attempt at Uzumaki Naruto's life came into play just last night. The man was giving to Ibiki for interrogation and then executed immediately, he gave only one name; with a blur of movement Sarutobi's hand flashed from under the hanging robes of his sleeves, a kunai blurring from his grip and landing neatly in the throat of a woman near the top row. The rest of the crowd gasped before looking back towards the Hokage stunned, his cold eyes watching as the life drained out of the council member. Turning to the ANBU on his right he whispered to them, the ANBU nodded before disappearing, the body of the council member followed him quickly.

"So it seems once again the council has ignored my law, drastic measure was taken. You all know the rules, know you are lucky that no one else was named before Ibiki got tired of his game. From here on out Uzumaki Naruto is a shinobi of Konoha, as such; Any attempts on his life makes it an attack on Konohagakure, making it an act of treason, which will be immediately penalized by death." The council gasped, the Demon boy had become a genin? How is that even possible?

"How is that possible Hokage-sama, he is still in his second year of the academy, just starting if I was correct" Danzo said with a bitter smirk. Danzo knew himself to be correct.

"Normally that would be true, however.. Due to article 69 in Konoha bylaws section 2) Any shinobi above chuunin rank may take on one apprentice. That apprentice will immediately be ranked as a shinobi even if listed previously as a civilian." The hokage said with a wicked smile. 'Ironic, that the one law they created to get the Uchiha a better chance of a apprentice, they only succeeded in giving their most hated child one instead.'

Danzo grimaced, he had been the one to initially push for that particular bylaw to be made, he noticed some of the council members glares on him.

"Oh? And who is this Sensei of one Uzumaki Naruto anyways?" Danzo's voice straight like an arrow and never wavering.

"Ebisu" the hokage said smirking. He watched the uproar it caused, most in a riot while others, the few who respected the boy for what he was watched on sadly.

"Very well, we demand that Ebisu take his apprentice on the next A-rank infiltration mission available to adequately test the boy." Humura spoke up. Suddenly once again the Hokage's glare was back up and sent her withering, they were no longer dealing with the "weak-hearted Sarutobi" this wasn't him, this was 'Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage, the Professor' the 69 year old veteran of shinobi.

"You DARE demand something of me!? I am the Hokage of Konohagakure, I am the military leader of this village and you dare try to demand something of me? Let alone a mission that will lead to the death of a young boy and possible even his instructor. My patience with you despicable people is thin enough, I called this meeting to inform you all that as of this moment. Anyone caught harassing or involved with harming, Physically or mentally, Uzumaki Naruto. Will result in the punishment of treason; He is now my soldier, and attacks against him will be taken like attacks against any of my men. Understand this and understand it well, I will not see this village fall because a council of ignorant people deny to see the good in that boy. That is all, this meeting is dismissed" the Hokage growled. Turning around he stalked out of the council chambers leaving the loud and irritating council behind him.

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