--------------Sarutobi Compound, North Eastern Edge Of Konoha -------------------

Sarutobi Hiruzen stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his eyes staring across the large garden surrounding his compound's outer courtyard. He breathed in and smiled as his nose caught the scents of tulips and sakura blossoms, his eyes closed in a serene bliss as he reminisced upon old times.

Looking up, he sobered from his nostalgic moment as his senses honed from years of battle perked, he lifted his hand and brought his pipe to his lips, his aged eyes scanning the garden bed to his right, he brought his other hand to his pipe forming some fire based chakra before lighting his tobacco. He didn't even form a seal as his chakra moved to do his bidding. Allowing his chakra to hiccup, he watched as the garden bed and air faded away to reveal a large man standing there.

The man wore a sleeveless red coat with two yellow dots, one on each side of the coat near his arms. An army green sparring robe under his vest hanging loosely allowing the sight of a chain-link mesh shirt under the robe, his hands guarded by a cool green metal plate with another chain-like mesh arm guard protecting his wrists. His long white spiky hair was tied in with the back of his red-banded forehead protector with the unique symbol of abura, two red almost like tearstain marks lay across his cheeks moving down to his chin, and his grey eyes staring hard at Hiruzen.

"What have you done sensei?" his voice was hard, vicious almost. Sarutobi eyed him a moment before puffing out a small cloud of smoke, he removed his pipe slowly before turning to fully face the man, his black house robe rustling along with him. He had a fairly good idea about what the man was talking about.

"In my years on this earth Jiraiya-kun, I have done many a things. Perhaps you should be more specific in your line of questioning?" his voice, weary with age, still managed to somehow sound condescending. Sarutobi smiled inwardly, he of course, did love his word games.

"Don't play with me sensei. Of all the things, you endangered the life of my godson!" Jiraiya roared. His ki drifted out unconsciously, Sarutobi's eyes hardened as he tossed his pipe away.

"Don't you dare set your killing intent on me Jiraiya, unless you plan on acting on it" Hiruzen's voice cut through the air like a kunai through skin, Jiraiya's killing intent ceased immediately but the look of anger upon his face remained.

"And how is it exactly, I put your godson in danger?" he demanded calmly, his hardened eyes watching his student with precision, the man grunted before shifting his weight.

"You let THAT man teach him, by the kami's, Sarutobi, have you lost your mind? You're just lucky that Ebisu hasn't ripped him apart piece by piece already. You know I don't trust that man. And you let him, the one with one of the longest held grudges ever, train the container of ALL his anger?" Jiraiya was practically seething as he glared at his sensei.

"But that's done now, I'm here to take my godson and leave." The toad hermits voice was grumpy, his face was cold and anger was written upon it. Sarutobi's skin wrinkled as a frown marred his aged face.

"You cannot." The hermit's face shifted to pure rage as he was about to begin his tirade he was cut off from Sarutobi's hand slamming him backwards into the stone wall surrounding the courtyard, the old man's hand was clenching around his neck nearly cutting of his air, his surprise at the attack was quickly turning to slight fear by the man's cool face.

"You cannot, as I am his commander. You had your chance Jiraiya, or did you forget that you're the reason that boy is living alone, by himself, in a village that hates him?" Sarutobi watched with some shame at the low blow, still the man needed to wake up and see what was going on.

"Yet you're the reason they all hate him in the first place, not only were you the one who gave Minato the books he needed to put together that seal you also were the one to foolishly believe the council would see that child as a hero instead of their scapegoat" Jiraiya growled, he watched as Sarutobi's eyes seemed to dim in pain, the older man sighed.

"I did Jiraiya true, I have caused the child much pain. Yet, I wasn't the one who gave his one chance of getting away from it all up."

"I told you that traveling all the time isn't good for a child, I couldn't take care of him either for all my work.." Jiraiya began,

"That could have been taken over by Ebisu if I so had ordered him too. Do not make excuses for the simple truth that you were wallowing in self-pity and thus could not take care of the child. I have attempted to make amends for my mistakes can you say the same?" The Hokage's voice was low but it was almost weak with age,

"That child is in no more danger now then when he was living with only himself for comfort in a village full of contempt for him. I offered you the chance to take him, and you refused; well you made your choice. Besides, you don't even know what the boy is like, at the moment, Ebisu is more of a father than that boy has ever known." Once again, he felt a seed of guilt sprout within him for hitting the man so low, the toad sannin looked on the verge of sorrow and tears, the anguish on his students face was almost too much to bare.

"Ebisu has raised that boy, not trained, but raised. He has done in six months, what no one in ten years, wanted to do. He taught him techniques and tactics sure, but he cared for him, taught him to cook, to draw, how to eat properly, how to act in social situations. He has raised that boy like his own son, not abandoned him or hurt him in any way. You seem to think, just like the council, that in my old age I have gone senile, it seems you all forget I am a shinobi first and foremost, and an old man second. Right now, I believe you're acting like a child. While you were selfishly mourning Minato's death, you forgot your responsibilities to him, and now when someone else comes along to take your toy you throw a fuss.

Its time to grow up Jiraiya and act your age, unlike you, right now your godson is serving his village, its time you finish moping around and do the same. War is coming, and right now I'm in no condition to fight against many opponents, let alone your old teammate." Jiraiya's almost teary eyes widened suddenly, Sarutobi sighed and released his white haired student before turning and moving to the middle of the courtyard once more staring emptily at a nearby Sakura tree.

"How? With what will Orochimaru use to attack Konoha?" Jiraiya's voice almost stuttered.

"Ebisu's network has told us that he has founded a village named Otogakure, he will lead an attack against us in combination with forces from Suna during next year's Chuunin exams, when hosted in Konoha. I've called you and Tsunade back from your leave to help train and be ready for him, ANBU have been put on a stricter training regime and also recruitment into ANBU has been increased." Hiruzen's voice grew weary once more,

"But how, I only just found out Orochimaru left an organization he was with about a year ago, how did he find out about his village…. wait, you said you're pulling Tsunade and me back? The ANBU said that all long term agents were being pulled back." Jiraiya responded almost gob smacked.

"No, only you and Tsunade were to be tracked down, that's the cover I sent with ANBU to retrieve you two, currently I am only awaiting on word from the agent I sent to retrieve Tsunade." He replied firmly, his aged eyes watching Jiraiya lazily as he watched the man go into shock.

"Wait, ONE! You sent ONE agent to retrieve Tsunade, I can already tell you the answer will be no. You think she'll want to come back here, she cannot be convinced." Jiraiya responded once again growing slightly irritated, the old man surely must know his student by now.

"I did not say convince" the Hokage responded blank faced, already awaiting the outburst that would follow his declaration.

"What…you mean to tell me, that you sent one agent, to if not convince her to return, then beat her in a fight and bring her back? Who is it, and HOW of all the things going on did you think it was sensible to send this guy?" the white haired sannin replied stupidly.

"Coincidentally, it is your godson that I have given this mission to, he has already found her whereabouts from our last word with him, and he was on his way to retrieve her." Sarutobi held back a chuckle at the almost gob smacked look on his student's face, the man was about to reply when suddenly an ANBU leaped into the courtyard and kneeled before the Hokage.

"Hokage-sama, I have a report." Sarutobi eyed him a moment before nodding.

"Tsunade-sama has been returned, she is awaiting you in your office at the moment. Her assistant is with her as well, both are currently recovering and I imagine will regain wakefulness in a matter of an hour." The deer masked ANBU answered cautiously, he saw the Hokage turn to him fully with a frown.

"You drugged them?" he asked slightly irritated.

"No, Hokage-sama. We just returned them as ordered, we retrieved the package from agent Konpaku, he arrived with Shizune-san and Tsunade-sama, it was explained it would make it easier for our sprint from the border. Tsunade-sama was received like she currently is and he had told us that she would awaken by the time we got back to Konoha, if of course we ran the whole way. She has not awoken but currently it looks as though she may regain wakefulness soon." The Hokage chuckled a moment, a Genin, drugging a Sannin and a potentially Jounin level shinobi and then getting them back to Konoha, he couldn't help it as he laughed. He turned to see Jiraiya; the man's jaw was almost on the floor.

He defiantly had to give Naruto a bonus, when the boy returned.

---------------------------- Kasukato City, earlier----------------------

Jin shuffled the deck skillfully, his hands never faltering and the cards almost flowed through the air like water, his eyes however were locked with the chestnut-brown pair staring at him from across the table, there was of course the black haired apprentice of the woman that he was staring at sitting at the table, however she was not interested in this current discussion nor card game. He had initiated the code phrase that she would know he was here on the Hokage's orders; they had sat down and were playing a game to discuss the situation.

"There will be a war, you are requested back to serve your country" Jin's voice cut through the slight tension in the booth they were in, his eyes never wavering nor showing any bit of the emotion he was feeling. It wasn't every day you met a sannin up close after all, and not to mention her almost blank stare was enough to start to mess with his nerves as well.

"I refuse" she said blankly, she looked at the two cards in her hand before locking gazes with him again. He sighed, they had told him it would not be easy and she would be difficult. He changed his gaze down to his cards; he nodded to himself as he looked up.

"You cannot" his voice was steel, it almost sent Tsunade reeling the amount of power and authority that voice held, but she was not a sannin for nothing, her glare nearly sent Jin cowering if not for that blank mask that didn't even flinch upon receiving the withering glare.

"Perhaps I should now tell you the actual mission briefing. Due to the upcoming war, all active Konoha shinobi outside the village on long-term assignment are being called back, that includes you, as your long term assignment is up, you are to report back to the Hokage." He tried again; he really didn't want to force the Sannin to go back as he was sure he would receive a large headache for trying.

"I refuse." she answered once more, he sighed.

"You leave me no choice, Tsunade of the Sannin. By the order of the Hokage of Konohagakure, you are under arrest and are to surrender immediately. You will go back to Konoha, if it's the last thing I do." he stood up placing his cards down and glanced at the squealing pig now hiding under the table, his eyes switched to the open mouthed apprentice and then back to the scowling sannin.

"You think you are gonna take me in, runt?" Tsunade laughed at the thought, this green genin picked as a messenger sent to arrest her, the gall.

"I don't think Tsunade-san, you are under arrest and I shall bring you back to Konoha kicking and screaming if I must" Naruto watched as the sannin stood and growled at him, Shizune quickly slid out of the bench and jumped into the middle of the two glaring nin.

"Wait, Tsunade-sama you cant do this. And you, you cant just go and arre…" however Tsunade's assistant was cut off when the boy's icy glare cut straight into her eyes, his eyes like chips of ice with specs of gold, she frowned a moment, strange eye color, a birth defect?

"Konoha-nin, under direct authority of the Hokage of Konoha, I demand your assistance in capturing this criminal, as of this moment Tsunade of the sannin is an S-class Criminal, captured alive is preferred, death is only punishment in confirmation of treason." His voice was blank, his entire face devoid of emotion, and his eyes glaring coldly. It was strange, that a maybe twelve-year-old was sending her danger senses haywire and demanding something of her.

She shifted her gaze to her master before back to the boy, Naruto groaned inwardly however. The girl was too confused as to who she should listen to, the Hokage or her master. Dammit, this was not going to end well.

"Come with me Tsunade of the Sannin, or face the consequences." The boy spoke his tone quiet, the sannin's eyes hardened as she picked up the very obvious threat. He anger began to grow as she felt this boy threaten her, a boy who was probably very wet behind the ears.

"I refuse, I'm not going back to a village that has taken so much from me" her eyes suddenly flicked to his lower right hand, in it was an explosive tag she noted, however from the basic sealing knowledge she did have it looked different.

"What, going to blow me up? You know I wouldn't fall for that, you can't defeat me at your level." She smirked as she saw the boy shake his head,

'That's right boy, you've realized you're outmatched' she thought smirking, however her thoughts stopped as he placed it against the booth he was close against, suddenly she was picking up his train of thought.

"You wouldn't, Sarutobi wouldn't allow such a thing. Besides this many casualties would be devastating to Konoha's reputation." Her voice was shaky near the end but she wasn't quiet sure, that emotionless face on the boy was scary, her words, she thought; were more to reinforce her own beliefs than to convince the boy.

"No. Nobody in this bar has heard our discussion due to the Genjutsu, aside from you and your apprentice. I look like a random man, average person, most likely a woodsmen coming for a drink after a long day at work and going to hit on the attractive lady and her younger daughter.

However, Hokage-sama will not know about this. As far my report will go, Tsunade of the sannin grew angry and lost her control, afterward she attacked me and I had no choice but to defend myself to escape, only able to after releasing a Katon jutsu. As far as the rest of the world will know, Tsunade of the Sannin has become an aggressive and albeit dangerous drunk, hunter-nins will begin their search for you once more and you and your apprentice will remain to live on the run. Should you ever decide to return to Konoha you would face punishment, OR even be killed, Senju Princess or not. Konoha can't be seen helping aggressive murderers who hurt innocent people." Naruto's voice was blank, he wasn't sure if he was bluffing or not, but in his eyes he only had a few options to return this woman back to the village.

"You wouldn't, I won't go back." she called; he was beginning to grow irritated. His face broke and a flash of anger crossed his eyes.

"Stop being a selfish cow, you're a ninja of course you're going to lose people. You lived in a village and you lost your lover and your brother because they did their duty to the people of that village. You however cowered away and ran with your tail between your legs, you think you lost things to that village? How about what you took from the village?" he growled, she was startled at the vehemence coming from the boy, before his words caught up with her, she growled in anger.

"HOW DARE YOU! That village took-" She roared, idly noticing that the boy's Genjutsu was good enough that no one in the entire bar had even glanced at them.

"Two people from you! So what, how many people did you let die when you ran off and decided not to come back for the Kyuubi attack? Huh!? How many people are you willing to let die? You're letting people lose loved ones because you're too stubborn to see that you're just a spoiled brat, albeit a little old but you haven't grown up at all. Still seeing the world in black and white, you lost people, so what. Who hasn't?

Grow up and do your duty! Either that, or you can rest with the knowledge that innocents died on your hand. You could've saved these people, just like you could've saved hundreds during the Kyuubi attack, just like you can save your apprentice"s life" Tsunade looked at him confused for a moment before looking back at a now coughing Shizune, a large glob of blood hacking across the floor, the sight of the disgusting thing put a sharp jolt through her, bringing a tremor through her body.

'SNAP OUT OF IT! THIS IS YOUR STUDENT! YOUR ONLY LOVED ONE LEFT!'Snapping her self out of her worry her hands began to glow with a green aura, running a diagnostic on her she found it, barley there but it had been festering for about several minutes. She looked over at him with a scowl.

"You poisoned her" she growled.

"I did indeed, so we shall see how this goes. You have about ninety eight seconds, to decide." She looked at him in anger, her fury almost at the boiling point.

"What do you mean?"

"In ninety seconds, the poison will be to far gone to help her. I have the only antidote, I know where it is, you decide to come with me, I bring it here and she is cured, then we all go to Konoha.

You decide no, and then you watch Shizune die, and then in anger attack me. Killing these civilians and me maybe escaping in the long run. Then Konoha notices you killed an agent of theirs, puts you Missing-nin and you begin running for the rest of your life, by yourself.

Sure, it's a pretty shitty deal but you get a friend in the end if you come to Konoha" Naruto was quietly keeping track of the amount of time he had left, if she was going to choose, she had to soon.

She was startled; he would actually kill somebody completely innocent along with others if only to complete a mission, her anger grew, she could not let that village take someone else from her.

"Fine, I'll Do it, just help Shizune!!" she roared. She paled when she saw him shake his head.

"No, I want you to summon your slug, you make the vow, you follow through or your summons break your contract" she growled, but quickly made the few hand seals. A puff of smoke later, a nod and a summoned slug disappearing after the contract was made had Naruto sliding a small black tablet across the floor to Tsunade.

"Crush it and make her swallow it" he said briefly before he moved backwards into a defensive stance, he wanted to be ready in case she grew angry. Crushing it like she was told, she put it in Shizune's mouth and began to massage her throat to make her swallow the medicine. She watched as Shizune's vitals started to stabilize, she sighed in relief, opening her eyes to look over at the Hunter-nin she noticed him gone.

"What th-" she was cut off when a sharp pain spread across the back of her neck, that was the last thing she saw before darkness filled her vision.


Naruto looked down as Tsunade slumped over Shizune's unconscious body. He really needed to start thinking up better solutions then poisoning people. He pondered on that thought momentarily before looking out to the rest of the bar who was staring at him, he grinned.

"Alright guys, Clean up and let's get out of here." He called out, he watched as they all saluted before disappearing under a cloud of smoke, revealing them all to have been Kage-bushin's under a Henge.

The clones went to work whipping down tabletops and surfaces before moving along the rest of the bar and cleaning, it wouldn't do good to leave evidence of him being here when this place was supposed to be closed. He signaled for two clones to lift Shizune and Tsunade, they made a hand sign and appeared in the exact gear he himself was in but with a different mask, one had a blue lightning streak going across the mask from the bottom right across the upper left eye slit.

The other had the opposite, a red lightning bolt going from left to the upper right eye.

"Red, grab Shizune, Blue you get Tsunade. Let's go, the outpost is still a couple hours travel away. We need to move fast and low if we're going to get out of here before any unlikable people notices us." Red and blue nodded before lifting the two women over their shoulders in a fireman's carry. He grumbled, even though all his training had increased his physical and mental prowess, couldn't Kami just let him grow another few more inches, was it too much to ask. He pouted behind his mask before watching as the clones finished their job and disappeared, he nodded to the two clones behind him as he peeked out the door.

His sharp eyes scanning the almost abandoned street carefully before opening the door and letting Blue and Red out first, he stepped out of the closed bar and shut the door, locking it he turned and began sprinting out of town, he felt his clones close behind him as the long trek to the Fire country border outpost began.

----- Kusa / Fire Country Border, Twenty Miles Outside Fire Country Outpost ------

He frowned before sending a mental command to the clones behind him and he came to an immediate stop into the tree branch on which he was descending. He waited before acknowledging his two clones landing softly beside him, moving forward he moved aside a large cluster of leaves to look below them on to the road they were following.

He noticed, three larger men wearing black ski masks with a metal plate almost sewn into the fabric, engraved in the middle was a large musical note. He frowned, as the symbol was unrecognized to him.

'A village that I don't recognize, this is due for some watching' his eyes tracked over to the three men's seemingly opponent, a fairly younger man wearing a purple tunic with grey sleeves, long purple fingerless gloves with a metal plate on the back of each stood their with an air of confidence despite his obvious disadvantage of three against one, however the thing that made Naruto's eyes widen immediately was the Konoha hitai-ate on the man's head, had it not been for the thorough beatings that had been pounded into his head about not jumping into a situation without thinking he would've been unleashing kunai down upon the unsuspecting musical nin.

Watching carefully, he was glad he did the next few moments.

"Why are we out here this far Kabuto? Couldn't you have just come to Oto to report to Orochimaru-sama?" the larger Jounin growled roughly, the silver haired man, apparently Kabuto, frowned with annoyance.

"Because I was sent on a mission out here, you are not to question where you come, only do as Orochimaru-sama asks. Do anything else and I will be pleased to use you in my experiments without thought. Understood Jounin?" at the man's terse nod, the silver haired man continued.

"Anyways, this is my report, it has everything it should. Nothing has changed since the last situation; our spies still have yet to find out about the large execution that was to have taken place a couple months back, for it having so many witnesses not many are talking…." The man stopped talking a moment before frowning, his eyes whipped up too Naruto's hiding spot and the boy cursed. He looked back to the Oto Nins with fury on his face.

"IDIOT! I told you to put up a barrier! Get him before he releases the knowledge of my existence!" the Jounin were startled before suddenly looking up to the tree line, not seeing anything before a large swarm of kunai shot out from the bushes, three of which impaled a startled Jounin in the chest and one in the eye socket before the other two quickly replaced themselves with logs as Kabuto disappeared into the tree line.

Naruto cursed loudly before he grabbed Shizune off Red's back and threw her over his shoulder, Red nodded before leaping down onto a lower branch before leaping off to another tree. Naruto looked to Blue before they both took off leaping higher into the thick canopy of the Fire Countries chakra enhanced trees.

-------------A few Kilometers from the Fire Country border------------------

Red cursed as he dodged the large sword slash from the heavy set Sound Jounin, he was becoming a real annoyance. He wasn't anywhere near Ebisu's level with a sword but the man was effective enough with it, and with his surprising dexterity for being so bulky, the man could wield it quickly. A tingling in his stomach made him leap to the right to dodge rather then ducking, looking back he was glad he did as he witnessed the other Sound nin leap from the trees decapitating the air where his head would have been.

Facing the two men he grimaced, he was outnumbered and out skilled. But then again, this was what he was being trained for, eyeing the area he smiled behind his mask, the trees were damp with rainfall from the earlier evening, plenty of moisture for his plan.

"Time to die Konoha trash, you cannot hope to stand up to both of us, you barley held off against just me. Now it's time for you to die, as we cannot let word of our spy's existence to escape and get out" the bulkier nin with the long ninjato declared boastfully.

"You're dumb to inform me of your plans when I'm still alive, and when I still have tricks up my sleeve, like this!" Red called before flashing through hand seals.

"Kirigakure No Jutsu" Red's voice called out as a thick fog rolled in suddenly into the forest line, the two jounin's cursed as they leap forward to make an attack on their opponent. Landing upon the branch he used to be at, they both cursed annoyed. Looking around they grimaced, the boy must have escaped, and looking over at his partner he growled.

"Damnit, the boy got away. If Kabuto is going to be angry it's your fault, if you had have waited a bit longer we would've had him easily. "

"Yeah, whatever. You sure he got away?" the Jounin looked into the fog trying to peer through it uselessly,

"Yes I'm sure, the boy wasn't stupid. He was facing two jounin's that he couldn't defeat, so he ran. And Stop making that noise" he hissed at this partner once again turning to look at the man.

"What noise?" Frowning the two jounin's looked at each other before their eyes widened, they looked down to see at their feet two explosive notes just ending their fuse.

"SHI-" their loud screams were cut off by a vicious explosion that sent a cloud of debris and shrapnel into the air visible for kilometers around. Red smirked from his hiding place a few trees away; perfect, even though they were jounin's they still underestimated a younger opponent. He turned to begin to leap into the trees when he felt a sharp pain shoot through his heart; he disappeared in a cloud of smoke a second later.

------Seven Kilometers Inside Fire Country Border, 12 kms From ANBU Outpost------

Naruto could feel his lungs burning, as it was his legs were on fire from the non stop high-paced running he had been doing, he almost stumbled when he gathered the memories from the clone.

"Shit, that was only a few clicks from here, I got to hurry," he muttered, he signaled to blue before forcing himself a bit faster to continue to the outpost. A tingling in his stomach caused him to leap high up into a new branch, gladly he did so as the tree branch below him exploded into a deadly spray of shrapnel, both he and blue leap down into the small meadow and stopped in the middle. Standing not a few feet from him was a perfectly calm, not out of breath at all Kabuto, standing staring at Naruto with a smile.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun. You have done far better then I would've thought possible. But then again my master does always have good taste; he sees talent where it is. I'm even sure you could give me a run for my money right now, if not even to make me serious in a fight." Kabuto smirked as the boy and his clone tensed, he held up a hand wearily.

"Ahh, I'm not here to fight you boy. My master would be greatly displeased if I ended up fighting and injuring, or killing you. As it is, I'm sure my master will be surprised we met this early on, he didn't have plans for us to meet for a long time from now." Naruto growled.

"You're a traitor to Konoha, and you and Orochimaru can go to hell!" he spat at Kabuto bitterly. The boy chuckled again.

"Ahh Naruto-kun, I didn't think you of all people would be so wrapped up in what your eyes see. I would think you would gather all your information before resulting to name-calling. However, I'm sure you will learn, do well Naruto-kun, for my master expects it of you and it is never a good idea to anger my master." Kabuto nodded before turning around to begin walking to the tree line, once they're however he stopped and turned.

"One more thing, Naruto-kun. I never said Orochimaru was my master." Naruto's eyes widened behind his mask, Watching as Kabuto disappear in a swirl of leaves, the very obvious signature of the Shunshin no Jutsu. He stared at the now falling leaves upon the ground and grimaced.

"Ebisu-sensei will wish to know of this. As will Hokage-sama" he made a mental note before turning, he still had a few kilometers to go, and it will be an annoying trip with this lug on his back.

----------------Konohagakure, Hokage's Office Present Time-------------------------

Jiraiya stood gob smacked, there laying on the couch in the Hokage's office was Tsunade, groggily waking up and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Her assistant Shizune and their pet pig beside her awakening as well, all of this chaos, caused by one simple person.

That person also being his godson was another reason for his shock, an almost 11 year old, managed to defeat a Sannin and bring her home, he had to figure out how, for this child was way too advanced with his age.

Sarutobi Hiruzen however stared impassively, sitting behind his desk watching and awaiting the sure storm about to hit the fan. Apparently, due to his orders, Naruto had no choice but to send her back drugged and gift wrapped, he grimaced, it surely meant she did not want to come back willingly, and so he now had the annoyance of dealing with the woman's temper tantrum.

'I have to remember to dock Naruto's pay for this mission from S class to an AA Class Mission, just for giving me this headache' his old mind muttered. His careful eyes watching her movements as she began to move and stretch, yawning loudly, suddenly her eyes opened and shifted around, with a sharp clarity made only to ninja's who have lived too often with little sleep and having to be quickly aware of where they were. Her eyes narrowed and he saw a spark of recognition behind her eyes.

Quickly shifting her sight to the door, noticing it closed, she growled before standing up and moving in front of his desk with a fury.

"How DARE YOU! YOU, YOU, YOU MONKEY! You brought me back here to what!? Take more from me you senile old coot? And to send someone like that after me? He was willing to blow up a tavern full of innocent people and blame it on me!" her tirade fell short finally and Jiraiya was once again angry, what type of brainwashing was Ebisu doing to his godson, if the boy was thinking about killing innocents to succeed on a mission?

Sarutobi stared impassively at the two students of his, their red faces full of rage; he however was older and far calmer. His eyes however were chips of ice; he was a pillar in that of a hurricane.

"Are you done?" he asked calmly, she began to open her mouth but he cut both of his students off.

"Good, Sit" he commanded, his voice of steel sent both students reeling, his eyes betrayed nothing as both students quickly sat down.

"Now that you're done throwing your hussy fit. I believe it's time that you both grow up, you have both been mourning things you cannot control for far too long, and because of it a child has suffered more then he ever should, and a village has suffered because of both of your childish acts.

The boy I sent out to retrieve you was under my orders; the fact that he had to even resort to threatening to blow up the tavern meant he had to go too far Tsunade. It means that you disobeyed a direct order and were ignoring your sworn duty to return to the village once called. A permission I granted you, to wander with no need for taking missions, I gave both you and Jiraiya a great amount of time to grieve and moan at your losses. Now it is time you both grow up.

And while I disapprove of his methods sometimes, he gets the job done, and you are now back in the village whether you wanted it or not. Thus until I get my agent's word, you will be considered under village arrest, you will stay in your father's lodging beside the Sarutobi compound, you will be guarded by two squads of ANBU and if you attempt to leave you will be marked a traitor of Konoha and I will hunt you down myself, am I clear?"

Tsunade's mouth was gaping like a fish, her tries to find words to protest were quickly lost at his sharp look, and she merely nodded blankly.

"Tsunade, your assistant will begin helping at the hospital, training with the medics there to get them up to speed. There will be a war in a year and a half, the time the chuunin exams rolls around to be hosted in Konoha. Orochimaru will attempt to invade us with Sand and Sound villages; we will need to be prepared for your ex-teammate and for the attack. Thus you will both be assisting me in getting into shape, Jiraiya I also expect you to clean the ANBU and Jounin ranks of any spies. I want my men to be prepared, make it look like accidents on missions if you can, if not then just watch them, I will not tip Orochimaru off that we know of this invasion." Both students nodded at the seriousness in their teachers face.

"As for you Tsunade, do what you wish while under village arrest, but do not leave. You cause me problems and I will not hesitate to try you in court as a criminal, it will be another week before the expected dead drop with my agent will get his report to me. Until then I will wait to decide what to do with you.

Leave, Both of you. And remember to grow up, I tire of these games you all attempt to play." Sarutobi gestured and eight ANBU members melted out from the shadows, they moved beside Tsunade and her assistant Shizune, slowly moving them out. Jiraiya left but stopped at the doorway; turning back he looked at the chair back of the Hokage.

"If this is what the boy is becoming, perhaps it would've been best to give him to Danzo from the start" he said bitterly.

"I'd be a fool to give him to Danzo, then he wouldn't be my weapon. Make no mistake, I care for Naruto-kun greatly, but his childhood has long since been gone, and it's time he learns how to defend himself. I could not directly get involved before, but now Ebisu is doing something about it. Which is more that I can say you ever tried to do." Sarutobi spoke as he looked out his window overlooking the village. A single tear slid down his cheek,

'I have failed you Minato, but I will make sure your heir will at least survive to make his own choices. It is the least I can do for my failures' he whipped the tear away as he stared into the slowly fading sunlit sky.

----- Root Headquarters, Konohagakure , Unknown Location-------

"So it seems that the boy has become a true threat. I cannot leave this tool under another fool's control. He must be tamed, so let us sew some distrust into his ideals." An old figure stated, the large domed room around him allowed his voice to echo, allowing the walls to speak his words back at him. An eerie feeling for one not used to such a space, however the old man had been using this as his base for quite some time.

His aged good eye looked above him to the large opening in the rooftop, the moonlight shining down into the depths of the building, illuminated only the circular pathway. One arm in a sling, never to be used since his last battle, his other holding a cane allowing most of his weight to rest upon it.

"Kimiko." His aged voice cutting through the large shadow filled dome with authority, not a moment later a young figure leaped into the middle of the platform kneeling before the man. The standard ANBU outfit-revealing nothing, plain white porcelain mask upon the figure's face.

"Hai Danzo-sama" the woman's voice responded blankly, her voice almost empty of any emotion.

"Send out Nurana and Kindo, tell them to assassinate the jinchuriki boy. Do not reveal his position, Konoha cannot be pegged by a 'supposed assassination' of one of their shinobi" he spoke quietly, however his aged voice carried across the room.

"I beg your forgiveness Danzo-sama, but I do not believe Nurana and Kindo are skilled enough to defeat the boy, especially after Ebisu-sempai's training." The woman's voice murmured.

"You do not question your superior Kimiko, But in this case I already know that" Danzo stated with a small smirk.

"You intend them to fail?" She asked with slight disbelief.

"Oh yes, but Nurana and Kindo are also the two in ROOT who have the biggest hatred for the Kyuubi-vessel, so much so that it gets through their emotion training." Kimiko's eyes widened behind her mask, she nodded her head.

"It will be done, Danzo-sama" the young ANBU leapt off.

Further above them in a dark corner a single ANBU sat watching the events unfold blankly.

"Hmmm, so it seems Danzo has finally crossed the line into a threat. I do wonder what he's planning with the container though. This must be reported to Hokage-sama." the ANBU disappeared by melding into the wooden structure of the building.


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Preview For next Time:

Naruto straddled the man, his knees pinning down the man's arms on ether side, his kunai to the man's throat, he was already gurgling blood but he was smirking.

"hae….i …. Thought it was true…..but now I know for sure…" his voice whispered slowly, Naruto could see the life draining out of him from the kunai wound just under the ribs that he knew had punctured into the mans right lung.

"Who sent you??" Naruto's voice was blank but hard; his eyes were staring impassively at the hate filled green eyes of the would-be assassin. Hearing this however caused the man to chuckle and the red liquid of life coughed up out of his mouth again, he smirked.

"I know…..your…a……de…m..on…." the man smirked as the last of his energy faded away, the life slowly oozing from the mans chocolate orbs.