Chapter 4: Its great to be me!

2 Weeks later...

" Hey Jamie, you coming to the audtions?" Yelled a girl called madison others call her maddy.

"Course wouldnt miss it for the world" I threw back two thumbs up and a sweet smile." See you there!"

I was wearing a blue tanktop, with demim jeans and converses. I put my hair into a ponytail because im feeling girly today. After the whole food fight problem, i sort of what's that word?...popular. I dont know how but theres only one way to talk through it.

Ok here i go...

2 weeks earlier...

The day after the food fight...

Stares stab me as i walk past, everyone is staring at me but im use to it by now. I carry on like i cant see them, like i dont know that they are staring. After a while the attetion shifted towards a girl not just any girl, the popular girl. Her name is Paige , gorgous paige to some. Long wavy blond-highlighted with a hint of brown hair, ocean blue eyes and a killer smile that makes the boys melt. She is the captain of the cheerleaders, she manged to to get the attention because she is wearing the lastest dress or whatever im not really into those stuff. She does a catwalk style walk across the hallway, oh yeah did i say that she is also rich?.

"Great dress, love it such style looks better on you than it did on the models i think." Came from a geekish looking girl from the crowd.

"Huh well you think do you?" Paige asked quizztively.Walking towards her, while the crowd divides and faces the girl and Paige.

" Yeah it looks very stylish and cool." the girl answered back

"Well i guess you know about style and cool right?" She answered back with a hint of scarasim and rudeness.

"Well..i" She was turning red as she stuttered.

"Well, i love your is it?" She joked at her expense and waiting for everyone else to as well. Which they did! the girl seems to be wishing that she didnt want to say anything at all and to let the popular parade continued.

"Well this is a..." She tried to fake it like she didnt know what was going on, but Paige wasnt finshed with her yet!

" ...Is a fab skirt where did you get it? huh?" She asked sacrasiticly

" Erm...i..." She was cut short once again.

" I know where! the charity dump where they sell their clothes less than a doller!" She replied making her feel the embarassement, the girl who by now is heading for the other direction is nearly in tears.

I am feel the anger rush through me like lightning, i am FURIOUS!.The parade continue as if nothing happened, while i make my way towards the direction where the girl ran off in.

I find her near the toilets but in a small, restricted corner, i mkae my way to her slowy i dont want to alarm her. And then gently... she looked up, her eyes all teary and blocthy and red.

"Hi, im Jamie are you goning to be ok?" I ask her in a softly spoken voice.she wipes her tears with the back of her sleeve.

" Yes, im going to be ok thank you, im Amanda." She put her hand out for me to shake it, clearly she doesnt hang out with teens.

" I saw what that Paige done to you, she is a heartless cow!" I rised my voice.Amanda giggled

"Thats true." She said in a quiet voice.there was a silnece untill i broke it.

"Why did you say that didnt you know that she will do that?" I asked quietly

"Yes and no, i knew she will react but not like that." She quietly said to herself." Its like i tried to say something positive, im never noticed around here." She added.

" Yeah me and you both." I put in. "Why dont you and me be unoticed around here together?" I suggested. Amanda smiled.

"yeah, that sounds like a great plan!." She got up and stood next to me." So Jamie your from England right?" She smiled through her question.

" Yeah i from London." I answered.

And from there, we were busy answering and asking each others questions. And i learned that Amanda is a HUGE fan of animes, as am i. Her favourite one is Shaman king, and mine is Naruto but we both know about each others show and whats it about.Which is made me have my first friend.

( Ok soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that my story is very very late but i was too busy caught up reading some really fab stories. i know the chapter is very exitcing but trust me it will get better and some really interesting stuff is going to happen trust me!)