"I told you to turn left, but oh no, we had to go right!" Sara exclaimed throwing her hands in the air. "Who said men could read maps!?"

"I was driving, trying to concentrate on the road." Grissom shouted. "If i didn't have you nagging at me i wouldn't have gone the wrong way!"

"Oh so know you admitting you went the wrong way?"Sara questioned, a sly smile plastered over her face.

"No I'm just saying that if you hadn't shouted at me every 5 second i would of been able to concentrate on driving and we wouldn't be stuck out here!"

"Poor old grissom, never does anything wrong, it all ways has to be someone else's fault!" She replied in a sarcastic tone.


How the morning began...

Grissom walked into the break room to find: Cathrine and Warrik having a heated discussion over the break room table; Nick and Greg watching T.V in the corner and Sara reading her forensics journal...again.

He's staring at you

He is?

Yeh, lift your head up and take a look for yourself

I'm not looking at him, not after he turned me down.

Oh, get over yourselfthere's still hope.

Ha, hope! I've been hoping he'll do something about this for 5 years know.

Grissoms voice bought her out of her thoughts, "Hi Sar"

He called you Sar, oh my god, sound the alarms, he like's you!

Oh stop over reacting. Wait he said hi.

Oh well done genius!

I need to think of a reply quick


Oh what a great reply.

Shut up.What do you know?

Obviously a lot more than you!

Wait he's talking id better listen.

"Right so we've got a 419 at the Palms Resort, Cathrine you can have that one, Oh and take Greg with you."

"Come on greggo, let's go."

"Warrik, if you and Nick finish up on the Bethan's case and Sara your with me, we've got a DB out on the other side of the desert."


"If you go wait in the car, I'll only be a minute, i just need to get my kit." Grissom told her.

On the way to the car Sara was lost in her thoughts...

Hello, you'll be alone with him.

I know, but

BUT what,

But i can't exactly say 'i love you grissom and want to spend the rest of my life with you'. For a start if i said that he proberaly crash the car or have a heart attack, and last time i was brave enough to ask him to go to dinner with me he told me 'i don't know what to do about this'.

Times have changed

They haven't he doesn't like me he likes Sofia

Yeh, ok, i give up, you keep thinking he likes Sofia and through your life away.

Grissom entered the car, "if you read the map, I'll drive."

The beginning of the journey went well with both of them lost in their thoughts,

She looks board

Well what do you want me to do about it?

Well, starting a conversation might be a good idea

What should i say?

I don't know

"So...what have you had to eat today?

You know how to chat a woman up don't you

Oh, shut it, you didn't come up with anything better

I could of what about how are you or what forensic journal are are you reading at the moment! Not what have you had to eat.

Why didn't you tell me that before?

I wanted you to suffer...mwhahahahaha

Grissom looked over at Sara. She had this weird expression on her face as if to say 'what the hell'. "I had a Snickers bar about 4 hours ago, and before that an apple." Suddenly Sara's shoes had become very interesting. "You can't keep eating like this, you need proper food."

See he wouldn't say that unless he liked you

Likes me! I'm not bothered if he likes he or not, i want him to love me!

Ok don't take it out on me