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"So err…what forensic journal are you reading at the minute?"



That was my line!

So you told it to me.

Yeh, but I didn't expect you to use it!

Well tough.

"Well it's a woman's recount of her events. She…err…was…" Sara stopped talking and went silent.

How should I tell him?

Were still talking about the journal, correct?

Oh yeh. But how do I tell him that it's about…

Grissom sat there waiting for her to finish her sentence.

Maybe she can't find the write words

Or maybe she just doesn't want to talk to me.

What that's outragous. Why would she not want to talk to me?

Because you steal the chat up lines that the other half of your brain comes up with.

"She was?" Grissom prompted.

"She was err…hit." Sara explained in a whisper.

"I'm not following." Grissom was now completely confused.

Hit? What's that suppose to mean.

Hit by a car, a train…I could go on for ever…

He was knocked out of his thoughts when Sara began to speak. "Her…err…husband hit…her." The car which was once filled with voices fell silent.

Oh no! She shouldn't be reading that.

Why not? It's her life; she can read what she wants.

No not this. This she can't read. Not after her mother killed her father because he was abusing her. There is no way she can read this!

"Sara." His voice was stern but full of sorrow.

"What?" she questioned. She was known talking just above a whisper.

"You can't read that! It will bring back to many memories, and to many ghosts. It's not healthy to read something like that if you…you know…it's happened to you."

"She was scared Griss. Just like me. Every time she walked through the door, he would be there. Waiting. Watching. I need to read it. I relate to this woman Griss and if you don't understand that the there is no hope for me and you…" Her eyes grew wide as she realise that she had said that last bit out loud.

Oh My God!

What have you done!

It was an accident.

You dope. You idiot!

I don't believe that I actually said it aloud.

Well believe me you did and by the look on his face I would say that he heard it as well.

"Sara. I err…I don't…I mean…"

"Look Griss. Save the lame excuses and let me talk."

"Sorry. But am I ment to turn left or right here?"

"I think you turn left, but I'm not sure. Here have a look at the map."

"Alright just let me pull over first." Grissom turned into the nearest lay-by. As soon as he had parked the car Sara passed him the map.

"Well I would say that we need to go right, because if you look here, were there and we need to be here. So right."

"Err…I'm sorry Griss. But I think its left."

"Well, I think its right and I happen to be in the driver's seat so I'm going right." Grissom pulled out of the lay-by and headed in the right direction.

"I'm warning you know you need to turn left. If you go right you'll be going the wrong way!"

"I'm going right and that's final."

Jeez, she never gives up.

Well have you tried reasoning with her and not shouting at her?

Reason with Sara. Ha, you're a comedian.

Just then a rain drop hits the front of the winder screen. Then another and another.

Oh great it's raining.