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Running, As Fast As I Can.

Chapter One: Great…


All my life I had been on the run, which is to say a lot because I'm only seventeen. Actually let me revise that, I've been on the run since my sixteenth birthday.

That was the night it all changed.

Long story short I came home, later then usual, and walked into the kitchen. Typical me, I tripped over something in the doorway. I tripped over my dead mother., morbid I know. I screamed and backed up, but a tall, dark figure emerged from the shadows, laughing. My eyes grew wider, as my brain imprinted the memory of seeing a vampire for the first time. Add a little more screaming and there's my life's story.

That Vampire, James, wanted me as well, but I was lucky to get away the first time he tried to kill me. Now I was on the run. My mother left little money for me, and my father had died when I was three. Now an orphan I work as I travel all over the world-always running.

I couldn't give up, at least not yet.

So I decided to go to Forks, the small town where I had lived until my father had died. Forks was small, and generally unknown, so I was hoping to settle down for a while.

I wanted to go to school, but I knew I couldn't. I'd be too embarrassed about having to be seventeen and enroll in sophomore year, after all there was no time for school on the run.

So I lined up a job ahead of time. I lied and said I was nineteen so I could get a job. And that job turned out to be a receptionist in Forks' only hospital. I already had a fake ID forged for travel purchases. Turns out you can't purchase a plane ticket unless you're over eighteen.

When the plane finally landed, I grabbed the bags that held my only belongings, which aren't many considering I only had two bags.

I hadn't found a place to live yet-not that I had any money to spend on one. I planned on finding a nice family that won't charge too much room and board to live with.

I landed in the Seattle airport, but had no money for a taxi. I had just decided to start walking, when a nice lady approached me.

"Where you headed?" She asked.

"Forks." I didn't feel like giving this stranger too much information, you never know who James might just have working for him.

"I live there, let me give you a ride." She offered.

"Thanks," I mumbled, grabbing my things and heading over to a red Toyota Camry.

"I'm Mrs. Newton by the way." She added as I placed my bags in the back seat and slid in the front. After a few moments of silence, she spoke again, "How old are you dear?"

Do I look like a 'dear'? "Nineteen." I lied.

She looked a little crestfallen, "So you won't be attending school?"

"Nope, graduated a year ago." It slipped out effortlessly.

"Oh, I was hoping you'd be the same age as my son."

Oh no, not already. Everywhere I went I was always set up with someone-who I always blew off. I was normal, and I didn't get guys obsession with me, I was barely pretty. But who cared if they were interested in me, I didn't have time for dating.

The rest of the ride was silent, except for my asking Mrs. Newton to drop me off at the hospital, and she did, without question.

Walking through the sliding doors, one bag in each hand, I approached the front desk. After explaining to the receptionist who I was, she directed me to the emergency care unit. Where I would not only be receptionist, but assisting two doctors, Dr. Cullen, and Dr. Harding.

I walked down the hallway until I came to an empty desk, apparently the other receptionist had been let go just before I got here, on request of Dr. Cullen.

I sat behind the desk, looking through papers, and sorting the bills to mail, and the ones that had been paid in full.

"Excuse me." A silky sweet voice said, a voice I immediately recognized as vampires. Dropping all my stuff on the desk, I froze. No, it wasn't James, I would know his voice anywhere.

When I finally looked up I was meet with golden, eyes not the usual red ones. "How much is James paying you?" I asked staring him down. This vampire had huge, bulging muscles, and he looked just like the kind of guy James would hire.

"James? I don't know any James." He answered.

"Right, like I'm going to believe that," I snorted.

"Seriously, I'm Emmett Cullen and I'm here to see my father." He answered.

I pointed to the door, wrinkling my nose, a vampire doctor? Interesting, very interesting indeed.

Even after he walked away I couldn't get over the golden eyes. Why were they golden? Was he wearing contacts? I mean, vampire's eyes are red! Was he trying to be in disguise? All I knew is that you could never, absolutely never, trust a vampire. Vampires are exceptional liars. I wasn't going to fall for it.

He returned a few minutes later, and I narrowed my eyes at him, and sneered, "Stay away from me, I don't associate with vampires."

He spun around in shock, making eye contact, then raising his eyebrows. "Oh really? I think you need to see a head doctor!" He was playing it off as nothing, but I knew the truth.

I smiled, "Thanks for the compliment," I answered smugly.

He shrugged, giving me the 'she's crazy' look, which I totally did not believe, and could tell he was faking.

I smirked as he turned around and left.

Good riddance.

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