Title: Immaculate

Pairing: HichiIchi

Rating: T+ (will rise later on)

Summary: AU. 'When you're fifteen, you're NOT supposed to be sharing a bed OR shower with your twin.' HichiIchi. Twincest.

Word Count: 4'062

Beta: Na


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"You're just a sad song with nothing to say, about a life long wait for the hospital stay, and if you think that I'm wrong, this never meant nothing to ya, come on."

-- Disenchanted, My Chemical Romance



"C'mon, Ichi-nii! Its no' like Mom's gonna know!"

Ichigo frowned at his younger twin, trying to look as stern as a six year old could. "She will otouto! And as your older brother, I hafta make sure you don't do anything stupid!" The redhead scrunched his face up. "You have a tirme- terni- terminal illness, so you hafta rest."

Shiro grinned, poking his older brother in the chest. "Ya chicken, Ichi-nii? All I'm askin' is ta go outside!" The albino stepped back as golden eyes glittered brightly, the dark smudges under them making them look brighter then usual. "Please? I wanna see!"

Ichigo huffed, cheeks puffing out before the redhead let the air out in a harsh sigh. "Alright...but only for a few minutes!"

Shiro cheered, jumping on his twin and nuzzling the scowling six year old with zeal. "Yay! Ya th' bestest Ichi-nii ever!" The albino pulled back; grin growing wider at the embarrassed blush on Ichigo's cheeks. "So? Let's go!"

"I dunno why you're so excited, otouto." Ichigo grumbled, even as he grabbed his younger twin's hand and peered outside their bedroom for their parents. "It's only snow."

"I jus' wanna see if it's all fluffy like Bohshi-san says it is!"

"Nah. It's all cold; 'Kaa-san says Ura-san tells stories and not to believe everything he says."

"So does tha' mean Santa doesn' exist?"

Ichigo gave a careless shrug, the pair sneaking into the kitchen toward the back door. "Maybe." The redhead looked round suspiciously before releasing his brother's hand and pulling a stool over to near the door. "Remember, otouto, only a few minutes."

"I know, I know." Shiro grinned, bounding at the foot of the stool and staring up at Ichigo as the redhead clambered onto the stool, pulling the handle of the back door down. Today was one of his good days and it felt great being so energized! "So it's cold, huh?"

"Yep. Tai-sensei said that it's frozen water." Ichigo pulled the handle down and nudged the door open, shivering at the gust of cold air blowing in from the crack. "It's open!"

"Alright!" Shiro skipped round the stool, glancing over his shoulder as Ichigo hopped down and pushing the stool back in place. "Why'd ya do that? We're gonna use it again in a few minutes."

Ichigo huffed and pushed his younger brother through the door. "Shush! Go look at the snow!"

Shiro laughed, stumbling outside and gasping at the sudden chill seeping through his light blue pajamas. His golden eyes blinked at the soft, crunchy crystals under his slipper-clad feet, scuffing the snow and watching the light spray of frozen water skitter across the glittering surface. "Wow..."

Ichigo sniffed, hopping up and down on the spot. "Okay, otouto! You've seen the snow, now let's go in! It's cold and 'Kaa-san will be checking in on you in a minute."

Shiro ignored his brother, awed gold eyes raising up to see the small garden covered in the snow, a shimmering crystal wonderland in his eyes. "This is...awesome." He breathed, taking in every icicle, every scintillating snowflake and grinning giddily at how his breaths came out in a thin fog. "I wanna remember this moment forever!"

"Yeah, yeah." Ichigo grumped, grasping his younger brother's hand and pulling the reluctant albino back through the back door. "You can buy a postcard of something like this in a shop, otouto. It's no big deal."

Shiro disagreed. Where Ichi-nii saw frozen water, he saw something more beautiful.



"We're hooome!"

Shiro grunted, cracking golden eyes open in irritation. "Thank God." He breathed, sitting up from his half asleep brother's lap and swatting the redhead's cheek. He grinned when his brother flailed a little, looking startled. "Wakey, wakey, King. We're home."

Ichigo glowered at the albino as they climbed out the car, giving the slimmer teen a hearty shove between the shoulder blades. "Bastard. Let's see me be your pillow at the hospital again."

Shiro stumbled and quickly regained his balance, pivoting on his heel and walking backwards to send a shit-eating grin at the redhead. "Ya always say that, King!" He yelped when he accidentally walked into the door, half turning to glare at the glass. "Stupid door."

Ichigo scoffed, flicking the younger twin's cheek. "Stupid you more like it."

Isshin hummed as he wandered into his clinic, the twins' friendly bickering growing quieter as they retreated to their bedroom. He dumped his younger son's medication on the counter, rearranging them in a specific order.

"Is Shiro-nii home from the hospital?" Yuzu chirped, appearing at her father's elbow. Her eyes flickered over the small collection of boxes, noting the extra medication. "Is he getting worse?" She whispered softly.

Isshin smiled reassuringly at the blond Kurosaki, ruffling her short hair. "No. This is just something for his migraines. He's getting better." He breathed a sigh of relief at her placated state and only felt a small stab of guilt at lying to her. He didn't honestly know if Shiro was getting better or worse.

"Yeah, Yuzu." His other daughter's voice drawled. "We all know how stubborn that moron is, so don't worry." Karin pushed between her sister and father, reaching into the cupboard for a snack. "'Sides, Dad wouldn't lie to us, right?" She gave the single parent a look.

Isshin's smile became a tad uncertain under the sharper female's look, but he nodded nevertheless. "Yes. I would never lie to my wonderful daughters!" He crowed; small smile turning up in a grin with a pink sparkle glittering cheerfully in the background.

Karin snorted in disgust, waving the older man away. "Whatever."

Neither of them wished to shatter the optimistic illusion.


"Well, 'nother hospital visit finally over!" Shiro cheered, collapsing on the bed and giving a contented sigh. "Man, th' bed there was uncomfortable, I'm all stiff..." The albino grinned at his older brother's scoff and rolled onto his back, golden eyes glittering mischievously. "Ne, Ichi-nii, ya wanna be my pillow again?"

"No way, I'm still sore from yesterday- and yes, Shiro, I know it sounded wrong." Ichigo interrupted when the younger twin's mouth opened. The redhead sat down beside the albino, reaching over and petting white tresses absently. "And what's with 'Ichi-nii'? You haven't called me that in years."

"Eh. Feelin' nostalgic." Shiro yawned, swatting Ichigo's hand away from his hair. "Stop it, ya makin' me tired doin' that."

Ichigo chuckled and laid down beside his brother, a soft lull washing over them. "So...you feeling okay?"

Shiro rolled his eyes. "Don' tell me ya gonna be all mother hen on me, King." The albino waved a hand in lazy reassurance. "It's jus' headache medication or somethin' like that, which I don' get coz th' other one was workin' jus' fine. They jus' wanna give me more pills."

"I know." Ichigo grabbed the younger twin's pale hand as the albino lowered it, squeezing it gently. Sometimes pressing against the smooth skin too hard bruised it badly. "You ready to start school next week?"

"Guh." Shiro grimaced. "Like Hell. Only a nerd like ya looks forward t' school of all things."

"I'm not a nerd." Ichigo snapped. "I just care about my grades."

"First its grades, King, next you'd be needin' glasses t' read...y'know, one of those dorky ones with th' square frames..." Shiro trailed of in amusement.

Ichigo sighed. "Just go to sleep, Shiro. You're too high to have a sensible conversation." The redhead paused and reran the sentence through his head. "Scratch that, you're incapable of having a sensible conversation." He looked at his brother and deadpanned.

Shiro was snoring softly, lips still curled up in a mocking grin.



One week later...



The rest of the Kurosaki family tuned out their father's enthusiastic rambling, Karin asking her sister for the orange juice in her usual disgruntled fashion. This prompted the single parent to howl in anguish, crawling to the blown up poster of the deceased Masaki and cling desperately to the picture with tears running down his cheeks. This, too, was ignored.

"'Ey, King." Shiro grunted. "I'm sick, can I skip school?"

"No." Ichigo speared his eggs ruthlessly, and contemplated throwing them at Isshin. "You can at least do the first day, Shiro." Cramming his breakfast into his mouth, he rolled his eyes at his twin's whine, knowing that today was going to be extremely tiring. He swallowed. "Did you take your meds?"

"Yeah, yeah. Yuzu stuck 'em in my food." Shiro muttered, shooting the beaming blonde a sullen look and poked his breakfast gingerly. "...I'm no' hungry though, so I guess I'll jus' go an' get changed-"

Ichigo jabbed his fork (he never understood why Yuzu liked western cutlery) at his twin. "Eat it, or I'll force feed it to you."

Shiro pouted, giving his brother the 'Kicked Puppy' look. "Bu' Ichi-niiiii!"

Karin slammed her cup of coffee down, narrowed eyes glaring at the occupants of the table. "Can you all shut up!? It's too early for all this drama!" Whirling round, she stabbed her father with the newspaper to accentuate her point (though because it was paper it didn't do anything remotely damaging except the paper crumpling, but the message was easily sent). "Eat. Shut up. More coffee."

"Who died an' made ya queen?" Shiro challenged.

At that moment, Shiro swore he saw the flames of Hell rise up behind his sister accompanied by the tortured screams of the damned (though that may be Isshin crying to the poster) as Karin growled out in an ominous tone. "Just. Eat." She stabbed her egg, the yellow yolk spurting across the plate.

The rest of breakfast was eerily quiet, except...

"I knew she was Satan." Shiro whispered to his twin. Ichigo silently agreed.


"Why do I have an odd feelin' tha' I've forgotten somethin'?"

"Here." Ichigo held up a small box, Shiro's prescription on the side. "You left it behind." Smirking at the albino's annoyed expression; he relaxed further into the reception seat, tapping a tune on the carpeted floor. "Anything else you've forgotten?" He teased playfully.

Shiro pocketed the box with a sour grimace. "Yer awfully cheerful this mornin'." He eyed his twin suspiciously. "Who th' hell are ya an' where'd ya stuff Ichi?"

"In the closet." Ichigo retorted, leaning over to poke the albino in the forehead. "Oh c'mon, you're awfully grumpy this morning. It's like we've switched personalities."

The familiar grin tugged on Shiro's lips. "So ya admit t' bein' a grump most of th' time?" As expected, the redhead's smirk sloped downwards into a scowl. Ah, balance had been restored.

"No." Ichigo slouched back into his seat, bronze eyes sliding away to the wall. "So what's wrong? Nervous?"

"Like Hell I'd be nervous of somethin' as stupid as this." Shiro scoffed, pale brows furrowing. "Nah...I'm dreadin' th' Nurse." He shivered, remembering the nurse in his last school. She was the very epitome of what it was to be a Mother Hen, every scrape or bruise clucked over as if Shiro had been impaled by a weather vane or one of his limbs dismembered. "Damn, she was scary."

Ichigo snorted but didn't disagree. The amount of times she had shouted at him to look after his brother...she wasn't the one who had to hold the albino down every time he had a seizure, or force feed him pills. Waving those thoughts away, the redhead's gaze snapped to the door when it opened.

"Kurosaki Ichigo and Shiro?" Dark eyes peered curiously at the bemused pair. "Huh...well this is weird."

Shiro looked at Ichigo, then at the newcomer. "'Ey...did we ever have an older brother, King?"

The newcomer ignored the albino's comment, running a hand through tousled, dark hair. "Okay, here's the scoop. I'm Shiba Kaien. Call me Kaien, Shiba, Shiba-sensei, whatever. I'm your form tutor, so get up." He made a lazy gesture. "You're in 10U. I'll give you your timetables in a minute."

Shiro jumped to his feet, golden eyes running over the older man's face. "Ya sure ya ain't related t' us? A secret uncle maybe...?" The thought of Isshin having a secret, mysterious brother made him snort. Man couldn't hold a secret to save his life (one embarrassing time was when the older man had blurted about Ichigo pulling a prank on Shiro that made him wet the bed to some random lady in the hospital waiting room when he was right there! Oh the mortification). "'Ey! 'Ey! Can I call ya Kaien-ojisan?"

A vein pulsed at Kaien's temple, the dark haired man's eyes narrowing. "No. You can call me anything, except that." Realization dawned. "Hey, are you the invalid I was warned about?"

Shiro scowled. "Oi! I ain't an invalid! Ojisan!"

An eerily familiar grin curled Kaien's lips, the teacher looming over the shorter albino. "Do you need help getting to the classroom? Or is it your brother who carries you everywhere?"

Ichigo gave an impressive full body twitch, looking up to the receptionist's ceiling asking for some omnipotent help, but, as usual, none came. He sighed when Shiro flailed madly, screeching out 'old man' constantly amidst other insults.

"Shut up, Invalid! You! Carrot top! Pick up your brother and come with me!"

And thus, an unbreakable bond between archenemies was born.


"Two new kids?" Rukia flicked through another page of her book, listening with half an ear to her friends' conversation. She should've read through this last night for English lit (which she wondered why she took in the first place before remembering her brother) and was now regretting her decision to skimp out on it because of Renji. She'd get the idiot later.

"Are they hot babes?" Keigo asked desperately, eyes shining with the promise of two vulnerable girls looking for a gallant prince to come to their rescue and show them the ropes of their school...before his fantasy were promptly popped by Tatsuki.

"No, they're two guys...twins or something." The martial artist squinted at the depressed teen with a threatening look, cracking her knuckles. "You were thinking of taking advantage of the new students if they were girls, weren't you?" Keigo blanched.


The rest of the gang turned away as Keigo received a punch to the nose and carried on the conversation. "Twin guys? I wonder if they have a telepathic link between them." Orihime pondered, tilting her head in contemplation as her mind wondered over the many possibilities.

Rukia looked up from her book, narrowing her eyes. "Look, do you have to have this conversation while standing around my desk? It's distracting."

Renji scoffed, but before he could retort, the door opened followed by their form tutor bellowing. "Shut up, Invalid, before you faint and I have to fill out paperwo-" Kaien paused as he stepped in the classroom, eyes sweeping over his students. "Alright brats! We have new students so sit down and shut up so I can introduce them!"

The students recognised the signs of Kaien in a bad mood and practically scrambled for their seats. Rukia hastily marked her page and pushed it into her desk, eyes flicking over to the two boys standing beside their form tutor.

Identical twins? How unsurprising. One of them being albino was something to raise an eyebrow at though.

Kaien jerked a thumb at the redheaded one, whose expression was eerily similar to the teacher's (i.e. sour and with the promise of breaking whoever-dares-to-talk-to-him's arms). "This is Kurosaki Ichigo, and the invalid here-" The albino shook a fist at the older man with a bark of 'Ojisan!' "Is Kurosaki Shiro. He has a terminal illness so don't do anything damaging to him unless you're willing to take the effort in hiding the body."

The students looked at each in curiosity. Terminal illness? Shouldn't he be in the hospital then?

"Now both of you..." Kaien pointed at the two empty seats near the front, directly in front of his desk. "Sit. Or do you need help with that too, Invalid?"

Shiro's grin became sly and he opened his mouth to speak, but Ichigo hooked two fingers into his collar and dragged the loudly protesting albino after him, muttering under his breath.

The class openly stared at the eccentric pair, until the redheaded twin glared and snapped; "What? Never seen twins before?"

"That's not it, King!" The albino cackled. "They've never seen any twins as sexy as us b'fore!"

Karakura High was never going to be the same again.


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