Burning Crimson

Summary: The Champion of the Phoenix if fated to die to defeat a powerful enemy. But first the Universe will know . . . Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger. The conclusion of the Crimson Ranger trilogy. AU for MMPR Season 2 and beyond.

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor do I intend/desire to make any money off the Power Rangers/Super Sentai concepts and characters presented in this story. They are fully the property of their respective owners and are used with loving respect. Furthermore, this story utilizes concepts borrowed/adapted from Chris Claremont's run on X-Men.

Epilogue: 2006

The Obstetrics Ward staff had seen some large families before, but never one this diverse. The group taking turns staring at the newborn through the nursery window seemed to represent the entire spectrum of humanity. But the mother was insistent that these people were her child's aunts and uncles.

Normally such a large crowd would not be allowed to be up on the floor all at once. However, given whom the mother was and given whom she and her husband apparently were very close with, the hospital administrators strongly suggested that an exception be made. And normally, the Obstetrics nurses would have been furious at such a bending of the rules, because all these extra people would normally be a huge disruption.

Not this group though. At times, the nurses even forgot they were all there. They moved liked shadows, barely making a sound. The mother's room could be full of them and a nurse would go in to check vitals or do some other normal check and the whole crowd would just vanish out of the room with barely a sound. So, when visiting hours were up, even the head nurse was apologetic about them having to leave. The visitors took it with grace, waving a last goodbye at the child.

The last to depart was a tall, just visibly pregnant Asian woman dressed impeccably in a red suit and her smiling, dark-skinned husband. She thanked them all for their patience in putting up with such a large and excited crowd.

As the couple joined the others on the elevator, the head nurse walked back to her station, shaking her head in bemusement . . . never noticing the trio that now approached the nursery windows.

One, a bald, tall and lanky man with unusually large, indigo eyes and who appeared the elder to the other two put his hand on the glass, "So, this is what it's like to have a grandchild."

"I still can't believe they named him after me," commented one with dark hair, chocolate eyes and a stocky frame.

The third, a lithely built man with auburn hair and amber eyes commented, "Given how much you meant to them, are you really that surprised Beloved?"

"No, I guess not," he smiled. However, after a moment, his smile became a frown, "It's just, is this really fair to them? To him," he indicated the child.

"It will be different for him," the elder one responded. "He was born to this."

"He's right," the auburn haired one added. "The old rules don't apply to him. He'll make all his own."

The dark haired one seemed to accept that and relax, "Okay, good. I just didn't want them to have to go through everything again." He seemed to consider for a moment more and then added, "Although, when they realize what's going on, they are gonna be pissed."

Both of the other two men smiled, and the younger commented, "Well, thankfully, they can't exactly come after us about it. It'll be Dulcea's problem to handle."

They laughed lightly and watched the child sleep before departing, fading from view. Just before they vanished completely new born Jason Samuel Oliver opened his eyes. Baby blue eyes that, for just a moment, glowed crimson.

~Never the End