Part 1

Prologue (Ch.1)

Packing Up My Life

Cast in Stone, Ground Down To Sand



She kicked the rock with the tip of her shoe, scattering all the smaller pebbles onto the wooden and once-was-rock-less bridge. Her long hair that covered her eyes quickly was shaken out of her emerald iris's way and a huge smile spread across her clean face… only to quickly waver and settle into a straight face.

She sat down on the bridge close to where a black-haired boy was standing. Laying back she looked up and gazed up at Sasuke's face.

With a silent sneer he walked to the other side of the bridge, leaving the poor pink-haired girl to herself.

"Sakura-chan!" Said girl looked to the left lazily, her cheek pressed against the cool wood worn down by weight. "Sakura-chan… would you want to eat ramen with me today?" The blonde boy bounced happily.

Sakura sat up slightly to where she was on her elbows and looked up into bright azul eyes filled with excitement and friendship.

"Sure. But I cant be out late… I have to wake up earlier in the morning tomorrow."

"B-but Sak-" Naruto stopped whining to himself and perked up, drawing Sasuke's eyes toward the conversation with slightly widened eyes. "You said yes."

The pink-haired girl, now on her feet, brushed the dirt and dust off of her red dress, holding the corners gingerly in her fingers now, loving the feel of the heavy cotton.

"Something wrong or are you just obsessing of how your clothes look instead of your hair." Sasuke snapped, yanking Sakura's attention away from the skirt.

"N-no Sasuke-kun." She stuttered, her arms hanging stiffly straight at her sides. The blonde growled at Sakura's side.

"Don't be so mean teme." Naruto whined to the grimacing boy as Kakashi arrived with a 'yo' and his two-finger wave.

Silence followed after him, until he put his book away and turned to Sakura, "So how is the packing going, when are you leaving again?"

Sasuke and Naruto turned to Sakura, questions in their eyes.

The wind whistled and ruffled the girls pink locks as she stared at her teachers feet. No one said anything until…

"The packing is going well Kaka-sensei… and we leave for Suna tomorrow morning at five sharp. I've already been assigned a team but I will be a fourth member since there were no empty spaces." She sighed as she looked up into each of their eyes, "I must get going, I still have a few more boxes it put into minimization jutsu and put in by bag." Turning to Naruto she let a brief smile, "I'm sorry but I'll have to take a rain check on the ramen. I promise."

With that she turned on her heel and began walking off of the bridge.

"Ch. Weak. I'm glad she's going, now I will only be held back by the dobe."

Stopping stiffly she didn't bother looking over her shoulder… that's what he wanted anyways. A reaction. She lifted her foot and continued walking, not faster nor slower, but now she held her head up high and her green eyes were set in stone. When she came back she would be different. She would hate him. She would be stronger… but no where in their did she know that she would love another.



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Her dainty fingers fell over the cloth and material of the clothing she was setting out.

-Three days of travel with her parents and younger sister under the scorching sun and she had arrived. She remembered the look on the front guards face when four ninja's appeared, sure he knew that four were scheduled for arrival but he didn't expect their feature, or the fact that they were a family.

The way a man with soft brown hair and vibrant green eyes approached the chuunin sturdily, grabbing his wrist in a firm handshake in greeting, and the way the gentle sweat-drenched woman with dark purple hair and matching purple eyes glided over to the second guard handing him their papers.

"I am glad were finally in Suna, any advice to moving here?" Sakura's father had asked.

"Don't let whoever is a ninja in this group die." They had replied, searching for the one of the group who was Shinobi. "Where is the other two of this group?"

Smiling with pink cheeks the two stepped away letting the view of two girls be seen. On almost twelve years old, with long pink hair and sparkling emerald eyes, and on her back laid a small sleeping child, sucking her thumb. A girl with Soft brown hair with closed lilac eyes.

"As the scroll said, we are all civilians moving here as a way to try something new as a family, with , of coarse, one ninja… our daughter, Sakura, who shall be trying a permanent exchange program into the Suna academy."

Stepping forward and raising two fingers. "Hi."

Curtly, with wide eyes the two ninja looked peculiarly at the four. "Kei, will escort you four to your house, and then tomorrow is a day for rest and shopping for clothing suitable for the weather. The next day Miss Sakura will begin her training and you four will begin the rest of your lives."

And then they had brought them to this house.-

Sighing, Sakura swept her hands across the neatly folded clothes, and closed the drawer. Letting her eyes swept the room, she was secretly pleased.

A nice queen bed with heavy blankets for the cold and unforgiving night, and cool colored walls with a nice fan for the scorching heated days.

She combed her fingers through her hair and quickly tied it up, off her sweating slender neck.

Today was the start of the rest of her life.

"Okay Lilly, time for you to go to your own room." Tenderness entered her eyes as the four year old opened her left purple eye, only to close it quickly and rollover.

Giggling she walked over to the small girl, "Now how are you ever going to be the second kunoichi in this family if you cant even go to bed on your own?"

Jumping up she grabbed her own backpack, "Will you teach me to throw a kunai tomorrow?"

"Maybe. Now go." Strength and pride fell from her mouth as the child nodded quickly and ran out of Sakura's room to her own.

Tomorrow she was to get supplies.

The day after would start her training.

And she would not die, Kei gave her that advice and she would take it.

She wasn't going to die.

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