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A Sunless Day

By Izziebella

Chapter 1

The storm clouds were breaking, the air brushed gently through the tree tops, and the road slightly glistened under the rushing tires. I stared out the window into the green abyss, watching as the mold covered trees flash by. As we approached the more populated parts of Forks, Edward unwillingly slowed the car into a speed slightly above the speed limit. The emptiness of the winding roads never ceased to amuse me, especially when driving with Emmett or Edward.

Like most other days we followed the human routine as much as possible, creating an extremely dull schedule for all of us. As we turned into the Forks High School parking lot I felt Jasper's arm tighten slightly around my shoulder. I stared at him for a moment but his eyes never met mine. Outside the car he took my hand in his as we walked towards the building. Something was off about him, both in how he looked and how he acted, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. When we reached the first building, he paused, bent down and kissed my cheek gently, before turning and heading towards a far building.

"He just needs a break Alice," Edward's reassuring voice came in softly, yet clearly behind me, "He hasn't had a hunt in a couple weeks."

Of course! I slowly relaxed my tense stance. I must have been too preoccupied recently to have noticed. It had been a while since any of us had hunted, but it was especially hard for Jasper to last that long. Rosalie turned off into her French class room; while Emmett, Edward, and I proceeded to Calc. Sitting down in my seat I gently closed my eyes and placed my head in my hands. Trying to concentrate over the racket of classmates I focused mainly on Jasper's exact plans for the day.

Jasper, attending the rest of his classes, on time for every one, returns home with us, and continues with the daily, seemingly aimless, tasks at home.

I can't help but worry about him, but nothing has changed for his plans at least for today. Tomorrow maybe he will be able to take a trip with Emmett or Rose. This train of thought slowly drifted as I felt Emmett's elbow hit my arm. Looking up, I saw Mr. Varner heading towards us with his grade book in hand. I quickly opened my binder to last night's homework and sat back for another long first period.

The next few periods were not as tedious as first, but long enough for me to be looking forward to free time. Jasper would already be sitting in the cafeteria, so I quickly rushed through the lunch line picking up random items as I went. His face was different than I expected it to be, more concentrated and tense than worried. For the life of me, I couldn't understand why his thirst, after only a week or two, was driving him to such an extreme.

I froze, suddenly sensing it, an indescribable scent wafted through the air in my direction. It wasn't a shocking sense; in fact, from where I stood it was very slight, just different than the everyday smells in the cafeteria. This didn't seem to bother anyone else at the table, but apparently the new smell was not helping Jasper's self control. Sitting down at the table I placed my hand gently on his shoulder. Edward! I made my thoughts as loud as possible. Edward turned his head. I can't see anything happening, but is he thinking about anything risky? Should I do something?

His slight shake of his head was barely noticeable, yet it offered me extensive relief. My hand slowly slid down the side of Jasper's arm, landing in his hand. He held mine tight in his, finally meeting my glance. The dark emptiness of his eyes made me uneasy. Looking around the table, the rest of my siblings seemed equally preoccupied. Rosalie and Emmett sat, avoiding eye contact with everyone, beside each other, hand in hand. Edward sat motionless across the table staring blankly at the table top.

What's wrong? I tried getting his attention, but he wouldn't move. Edward! Still no change. I closed my eyes gently, focusing solely on Edward's future.

A glare reflects off the side of the racing, silver Volvo, the scenery flashing by in a blur of unfamiliar settings. His speed exceeds any local limit and the look on his face is utter hatred.

I looked up sharply, just to turn my head back away from Edward's blank eyes. Edward, you tell me what happened! Don't do anything irresponsible now! What changed? I couldn't help but imagine that whatever was happening to Jasper had an effect on Edward too, what else would cause Edward's reaction?

He kept his eyes locked on the table. In frustration, I stood up, taking my tray from the table and crossing to the garbage. As I turned around I half expected Jasper's expression more confused now than ever because of my reaction, but I'd rather not deal with that now. Instead, I hurried towards the back door, avoiding any eye contact, at my fastest human pace.

Once outside of the cafeteria I stopped to take a breath. I hardly ever lose my composure like that, especially around humans, but then again I usually am never left out of anything involving my siblings. Everything will be better after school when I can talk to them; I just need to get through two more periods.

I turned around and headed towards the government room. I was, of course, the first one there, and so I sat down, putting my head in my hands again. Nothing changed in Jasper's future, which simply confused me more.

I looked up just as Emmett came in. "You okay now?" He asked, taking his seat next to me.

"Yeah, but something's up with Edward, and Jasper's going to go crazy if he doesn't get a hunt in soon."

"He'll be fine," It was almost comical that Emmett was telling me how Jasper would be, I couldn't help but smile.

"I know, but something's really bothering Edward and I can't see anything direct enough to figure it out."

"It's Edward, I'm sure he'll be fine too, he's probably just overreacting to something trivial." Other students started filtering into the classroom; I must have missed the bell. "I'll go out with Jasper tonight." Emmett turned around to stare back at the blank board. I closed my eyes again.

The field is open, dark, but visible under the moonlight. The field is just outside of Forks; it is the one that we go to when we don't want to spend too much time there. Jasper and Emmett are off in the distance finishing off a couple deer. Rosalie and Esme race in the opposite direction. I search, but Edward and Carlisle are no where to be seen.

"Alice?" My eyes opened suddenly, realizing that the voice was Mr. Jefferson's.

"13th amendment" Emmett whispered quickly and silently.

"13th amendment" I responded quickly after. Emmett apparently was quiet enough that Mr. Jefferson didn't notice anything. He turned back around to the board and I returned a thankful smile to Emmett.

Government and English went by quicker than I thought they would, and I rushed out of the building. I reached the car before the others, even though Jasper and Rosalie were both in my English class with me. I climbed into the front passenger seat. Within the next few minutes Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie climbed in the back. No one said anything at first.

"I'm planning on going hunting with Jasper tonight," Emmett started the conversation.

"Are you planning on missing school tomorrow?" Rosalie responded.

"No, Jasper and I will take just a quick trip tonight."

"All of us are going tonight," I interrupted.

"Why?" Jasper asked.

"I don't know, but it's not a bad idea, all of us could use the extra strength right now." Another moment of silence filled the car.

"Where the hell is Edward?" Emmett broke the silence for a second time. Everyone looked at me.

"I really don't know! He won't tell me anything." I said defensively, I figure I wouldn't worry them by telling them what I saw for the rest of the day. "He wasn't quite okay today at lunch, maybe he just needed an extra moment to himself."

"Well he needs to hurry up," Rosalie chimed in, "or we should just leave without him, the run might do him some good."

"He's coming now," Jasper said before anyone could respond to Rosalie's comment. As Edward climbed in the driver's seat next to me everyone almost exploded at once asking where he'd been.

"QUIET!" Edward's voice echoed in the small car. He started up the engine and drove out of the parking lot. Once we were on the main road again I felt it was safe enough to ask questions.

"Is everything okay?"

"No, nothing is okay." His face was stern, harder than I'd seen it in a very long time.

Why are you leaving? Where are you going? I couldn't help but think the questions, and apparently he was listening to me this time.

"I'm leaving?" he said aloud.

"Yeah, all of us are going hunting tonight," Emmett added. No one responded.

That's not what I mean Edward; you're going somewhere else, what happened today?

"Nothing Alice!" His voice was still harsh.

"It's really annoying your conversations that we can only hear one part of" Emmett's comment was more joking than truly annoyed. The car went silent again as we drove. Minutes must have passed, and then suddenly something changed.

The light spreads unevenly through the small room. Edward looks too large to be in such tight quarters. He simply stands there, looking forward out the window for a moment, and then turns and walked away. There, where he stood was a pale, motionless body. A young girl, laying there on the floor, the life fully gone from her body, but there is no blood anywhere.

"Alice!" Edward looked at me with warning eyes.

"Sorry," I replied, but I couldn't think of any other words to say. How could he reduce himself to this? What happened that possibly would make him go against everything that we have worked for, that Carlisle had worked for? If you're going to leave, then you're going to need to talk to Carlisle first. Is this all really about that one girl?

Edward responded with that slight nod that really no one other than me could understand. I can't fathom how one girl could drive my brother to such extremes, I mean she's just a human girl.

As we reached the house Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper got out of the back seat. I put one hand on Edward's shoulder. "It's going to be okay." He continued to stare out the front windshield. "Just remember we all love you no matter what you do." His lack of response gave me my cue to leave. I opened the door, stepped out of the car, and turned back to Edward. I'll miss you. His head finally turned to look at me, and he managed a slight smile in the corner of his lips. I closed the door and watched him speed away from the house.

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