The rest of the month passed in a similar fashion. Charlie seemed more and more grateful for my assistance by the day, yet more and more resilient towards Edward. Edward spent the majority of his time with Bella, when he was allowed to.

"Alice," Edward addressed me one day after school before he was allowed to visit Bella, "I need you to do me a favor."

"Yes?" for once I hadn't seen this coming, but apparently I was too caught up in my new world involving Bella.

"I want to take Bella to prom."

Ecstatic, I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him "Oh Edward, that's a wonderful idea! Should we go as well? Oh this is so exciting, wait until we tell everyone, Rosalie will be so happy."

"Yes, I know, but that's another thing, Bella won't approve so I want it to be a surprise, or as much of a surprise as possible."

I was slightly confused by his response but continued, "Alright, that's not a problem, but can Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and I come as well?"

"Of course I would want you there, but I need you to help me," I simply nodded and he continued, "Bella will need a dress, and shoes, and probably some accessories of some sort, and I don't think she'll be out of her cast by then, so you will need to improvise, and …"

But I cut him off, "Just leave it to me, Edward," I promise I'll make everything perfect and I won't ruin the surprise. This is going to be awesome! I skipped out of the room and up the stairs.

"Rosalie! I'm going shopping, what to come?" within moments she was with me in the hallway, purse in hand.

"Ready when you are," she smiled, "Shopping for anything in particular?"

"Oh, nothing too exciting …" I started, a small smirk on my face, "just some prom dresses," I couldn't hold it in anymore. We both screamed at the top of our lungs with excitement.

"Geez girls," Emmett came out of Rosalie's room while still in the act of putting on his shirt, I tried to block out the mental image of what they had been doing, "what's the big fuss about?"

"We're going to prom!" Rosalie threw her arms around Emmett.

"We're what?"

"Yep," I interrupted, "Edward says we're all going to prom this year," I purposefully left out his reasoning of bringing Bella.

"Isn't that exciting?" Rosalie finally unlocked her grip around Emmett.

"Uh … sure," Emmett managed a smile. By this time both Esme and Jasper had overheard the news and had joined us in the hallway.

"Come on, Rosalie we better get going if we're going to make it before lunch."

She squeaked once again and followed me to my room to get my purse.

"So where are we going?"

"I was figuring maybe Seattle, and then maybe going down towards Hoquiam if we don't find much. Oh, and we also need to pick out a dress for Bella."

She stopped directly in the middle of my room, now moving or saying anything.

"Rosalie, Edward wants to bring her, and it's his prerogative. Don't worry; everyone's focus is still going to be on you."

"I don't want her there. I don't want here anywhere, I just want her out of our lives! Hasn't she caused us enough trouble over the past month?"

"Rosalie, I'm not getting into this today, so we are going to go shopping, and we are going to enjoy ourselves, and we are going to pick out a dress for Bella."

She didn't reply. The drive wasn't too long and we got there in plenty of time. Sifting through the dresses we both picked out ones that we liked. Trying them on, we waltzed through the dressing rooms. Rosalie was the first to find her dress. The scarlet gown seemed at first a bit extravagant but it suited her. It looked stunning on her, but then again, what didn't look stunning on Rosalie. Her figure was accentuated by the dress, and it emphasized her slender height.

We moved on to some more stores where I continued to try on dresses. Finally at a small boutique I found my perfect dress. It was black, elegant, and totally me. The small shapes showed hints of my skin, while the form of the dress showed off my figure. I knew Jasper would love it.

We searched all of the stores in Seattle, yet still we were unable to find a dress perfectly suitable for Bella. We headed down towards Hoquiam where there were a few more boutiques. Finally we happened upon one that seemed just right. The small store had three elegant dresses in the display window, and the sales woman greeted us at the door. Once we were inside I saw it,

Edward spins Bella around the floor, holding her tightly against his body. Her dress swirls through the air around him.

"We're looking for a deep blue, silk and chiffon dress, with a floral design. It is off the shoulder and the fabric is pulled together to one side before draping to the ground."

"Oh, I know exactly the one you are talking about, it just came in from fashion week yesterday." the sale's woman smiled at us. She showed us around the corner to a display where the dress stood, the same one from my vision.

"It's perfect!" It was stunning, and it would look amazing on Bella. The plan was going to work, Bella would go through with the night, and look incredible at the same time. We purchased the dress and returned to shopping. We picked out shoes and accessories before going home, but had no such luck with shoes for Bella.

The night of the prom finally drew closer. The day before prom Edward went over to Charlie's house before Bella got home from school to tell him the plan. Charlie loved the idea, and agreed to let Bella spend the day with us. I decided to make that day my own.

I picked Bella up from her house around ten o'clock. "So, what's the plan for the day?" She questioned nonchalantly.

"Oh, you'll see," a smile swept across my face.

"Please, Alice, no surprises."

"Sorry, Bella, but today is going to be all about surprises. Just wait, please."

We set off, but only a few minutes into the ride Bella caught on.

"We aren't going to your house?"

"Nope," I said with a tight smile, "We need to do a little shopping first."

"Alice," she began to complain but stopped.

"There's nothing you can say or do to avoid this Bella."

We started off our shopping trip with a manicure and pedicure for Bella. She never ceased to resist. Then we moved onto shoes, and decided on a thin, blue stiletto heel that would match perfectly with the dress.

"Are we going home now?"


"Good, I was starting to have serious Edward deprivation."

I laughed, "Sorry, but you'll have to wait a bit longer; he's gone out with the boys for the day. I promise he'll be back later; it's just you and I today."

"Oh great," I took no offense to her sarcasm.

Once we were inside the house I raced her up to my room and into the bathroom. I already had set up all of the necessities and a chair for Bella. "What's all this?"

"You'll see." I hurried to wash her hair in the sink before toweling it dry. I enjoy using the different products in her hair, and experimenting with the different makeup on her gentle skin, but the best part is seeing her reactions.

"Alice, please I really don't think this is necessary for whatever the occasion."

I stopped her before she could continue.

"Bella, please, you know I don't remember much about my past life, so won't you do me the favor of having one day to relive this experience?" I knew she wouldn't argue with that.

Her hair went quickly into hot curlers and she stayed relatively still as I focused on her makeup. She needed very little makeup, but some mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick should do the trick. "Alice, really …"

"Bella, please, you won't ruin this for me will you?" I interrupted.

"Oh, alright." She finally gave in.

Her hair rolled out of the curlers into perfect curls around her shoulders. After spraying them I pinned them back out of her face. Time passed swiftly and before long I realized how late it was getting. Edward would want us out of the house before they left. I hurried her back into my room, and rushed across to my closet I took out her dress.

"Alice, what is that?" she said staring.

"It's for you, now it will be easier for both of us if you don't make a fuss over this, there's no way you're getting out of it." I smiled at her worried expression.

I helped her into the dress, which thankfully fit over her cast. The different layers fell gently into place; it fit perfectly.

"Alice, what is all this for?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

"Can't you just tell me?"

"Nope, I'm having way too much fun."

"Is it all over now?"

"One more thing," I walked her over to my full length mirror. "Look at you."

She stood there, staring at her mirrored reflection. She didn't say anything at first, she just stood. I smiled with complete joy. "Thank you Alice, for whatever this is for." She finally smiled.

"You're welcome, and Edward's going to love it too." The red behind her cheeks glowed.

I helped her back to my bed and instructed her to sit. The sound of the door closing downstairs echoed up the stairway.

"Is that Edward?" Bella's eyes lit up.

"Yes, but you need to stay here. Don't even think of getting up because I'll know, and I doubt you'd be able to make it all the way to the door on your own anyways," I laughed as I left the room. I met Edward at the top of the stairs.

"Is she ready?" Edward asked.

"You'll see eventually, now go get ready, and don't even think about peaking." I instructed and he continued up to his room followed by Emmett and Jasper. We smiled at each other as we passed but nothing more.

My dress hung in Rosalie's closet. She was already in her gown, making last touch ups to her hair. "You look great Rosalie, really."

"Thanks Alice," she smiled back, but continued to meet her own glance in the mirror.

I turned to get into my own dress. There wasn't much I could do with my hair, so I was ready to go before Rosalie so I practically dragged her out of the room. At the bottom of the stairs the three boys waited patiently, all in their tuxes, but the only one that caught my eye was Jasper. He stood tall, despite his comparison to Emmett, flowers in hand. He took my hand gently as I came down the stairs and kissed it. His lips moved to my shoulder and finally ended on my lips.

The fantasy was interrupted by Edward's soft cough. "Alright, she's ready when you are, she's in my room." I told Edward and Jasper and I turned to the door. Outside, the Mercedes was still next to Edward's favorite car, the Vanquish. We each took our place in the Mercedes and started off to the school.

Upon our arrival Rosalie and Emmett were the first ones through the door. The entire gym seemed to freeze as soon as we walked through the balloon arch. Rosalie ate it up, but I was too distracted by Jasper to pay much attention.

We crossed to the center of the dance floor. Jasper took my hand in his, and placed his arm around my waste. All I could see around him were the whirling images of the prom decorations and the faces of the other students in the room. Rosalie and Emmett danced next to us, but I couldn't notice any other dancers with us. It didn't matter.

I didn't take my eyes away from Jasper's until they arrived. Bella and Edward arrived shortly after us. He escorted her towards Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and I. her face was the same rosy color that she had in front of my mirror. She looks stunning.

I smiled at her as she dances with Edward, but suddenly his face tensed. I looked towards the door, which was the direction that had caught Edward's attention as well. Soon enough another boy had taken Edward's place with Bella and Edward moved to a far wall. Their discussion seemed relatively normal, although I could barely hear their words over the music. Is something wrong? I glanced back towards Edward. His head shook slightly which was a relief.

Edward returned to Bella, just to sweep her up and leave the floor. I looked back to meet Jasper's staring glance. I smiled up at him, and he smiled back. He leaned his head forward, finally placing his lips gently to mine.