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Sitting on his bed, he left strangely empty. He thought talking about his parents would have helped, but in some way, it had only made him feel worse. He felt somewhat incomplete, as if all he had just learned about his parents made them even more mysterious and untouchable. Teddy had hoped that with more information, they would seem more like his parents and less like some mysterious fictional characters in a book he vaguely remembered having been read to him as a nighttime story.

Harry wrapped an arm around is godson. Teddy Lupin smiled at him. Harry was like the dad he never knew. He cared for him just as he cared for his own kids.

"Your father was a great man. I'm sorry you never had the chance to really know him. He was a lot like you. You definitely have his hair. Your mother, she was amazing. She could bring a smile to your face even when you were in the worst of moods. She used her gifts to entertain. My personal favorite was her pig snout. She definitely knew how to cheer you up. She was clumsy as all get out. Always knocking things over and tripping over her own feet. It was a wonder she was such a good auror. Your father was my Defense Against the Dark Arts professor in my third year. Best teacher I'd ever had. I learned almost all I know from him. "

Teddy nodded," Were you there when they... died?"

Harry sighed, "I wasn't there when it happened. I was fighting elsewhere. I remember seeing them with the rest that had passed."

Teddy slumped back on his bed. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"I think that's enough for tonight. Are you ok?" Concern etched in Harry's voice.

Teddy opened his eyes and looked at Harry, "Yeah. I'm fine. I've been better, but I'm fine. "

" Sort of a gloomy ending to Christmas day, isn't it?"

Teddy smiled, "Not really. It's better knowing then living without ever knowing. Tonight was as good as any to begin learning. "

Harry smiled," Rather intuitive, aren't you? I guess you got the from your dad. Hey, how about you come down stairs and have roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate with us? James is probably exploding with impatience by now. Let's not keep him waiting any longer."

Harry helped Teddy up from his bed and guided him into the living room. Just as Harry had predicted, James was hopping about with the bag of marshmallow in his hands.

"Finally! Blimey! I thought you two would never resurface from the mess that we like to call Teddy's lair! "James said gleefully.

Teddy rolled his eyes and sat on the couch by Albus Severus.

"Can we please start now?" James groaned as his dad deliberately took his time getting out the metal spears.

Laughing, Harry took gave a spear to his son.

"Be careful!" Ginny called from her favorite chair. She watched from afar, not having the strength to get up. Her belly was bulging from carrying the next member of their family for seven months.

"You listen to your mother!" Harry laughed as he sat on the arm of Ginny's chair, lightly kissing her forehead.

Albus sprinted toward James to get his spear and marshmallow. James was already roasting his.

"Pull it out, nitwit! Can't you see it's on fire? "Albus shrieked.

James smiled evilly, "That's the way I like it."

He took the marshmallow out of the flames and blew out the fire that was eating away at the gooey sugar. He delicately took it off the spear, careful not to smoosh the charred marshmallow. He ate away the ashy coating, revealing sweet, white goo. James grinned impishly, starring at his younger brother.
Albus cocked an eyebrow before putting the whole picture together. Quickly, he sprinted out of the room.

"Don't touch me with your molten marshmallow!" Albus squealed as he ran through the kitchen. James followed him closely. Harry sighed and got up from the couch.

"This happen every year. You'd think we'd learn not to give James marshmallow near open fire", Harry sighed as he chased after his boys.

"You better not stick that marshmallow on your brother's face!" Harry's voice sounded from upstairs.

"Let go! See! It's not even hot anymore. Look! I'm eating it! "James' yelps carried throughout the house.

Teddy dragged both of his boys down into the living room. Albus was carrying a spear and James was smiling wickedly, marshmallow smeared across his chin.

Albus gave the spear to Teddy and put a marshmallow on it's sharp point.

"Thanks!" Teddy said, ruffling Albus' hair.

Albus nodded in response and plopped onto the couch. James tried sitting next to him but Harry sat between them, preventing any more fights.

Ginny smiled as Teddy gave her his perfectly tanned marshmallow. Ginny accepted it and Teddy gave her two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate.

"Aren't you going to make a s'more?" Ginny asked.

Teddy shook his head, his tawny hair hitting his cheeks lightly," I think chocolate alone is better. "

Harry smiled," Like father, like son."

Teddy smiled as he ate his chocolate. Though he still longed to have known his parents, the emptiness in his chest was slightly receding.

Later, Teddy wandered up the stairs and into his room. Christmas break was almost over and he was actually looking forward to going back to Hogwarts. He changed his plaid pajama pants. He looked in the mirror at himself and concentrated on his hair. Slowly, the tawny hair changed to black. He looked at his eyes and they changed to green. His smooth, slightly muscular chest became very muscular and slightly paler. A scar appeared on his forehead. Teddy smirked and walked out of his room.

He entered the living room to find Ginny and Harry still talking.

"How do I look?" Teddy asked, directing the question at Harry.

"Extremely handsome!" Harry said, staring at the younger version of himself.

Ginny studied Teddy, "You need glasses and a smug expression. Then it will be perfect."

" Hey!" Harry said, slapping Ginny's arm lightly.

Teddy's hair began to grow and turn red. His eyes changed at once and his hip grew wider.

Ginny laughed hysterically. She tried to contain herself after a few minutes.

"Sorry! It's just... I look... so weird... with Harry's... chest!" She said between peals of laughter.

Teddy looked at his imitation of Harry's chest. He smiled, "I didn't want to grow breasts without a shirt on. I didn't think that would be a good idea. "

Ginny nodded, "Understood! I'm glad you didn't. "

Teddy changed back into himself. He had to admit, it was pretty fun being a Metamorphmagus. Teddy decided he was tired and quickly said goodnight before climbing back up to his bedroom. He jumped onto his bed, landing on his stomach. His covers fluttered, creating a breeze. Something fell lightly on the floor. Teddy leaned over the side of his bad and picked it up. It was a photograph of his mother and father. His mother was smiling and holding him in her arms. He was still an infant. His father had an arm around his mother and was smiling too.

Teddy stared at the photo before putting it back on his nightstand. He made a mental note to find it a frame. Turning over, Teddy crawled under the covers and fell asleep.

Teddy woke up on the last day of break to find a package at the foot of his bed. It looked like it had been wrapped hastily. Brown paper was crinkled and taped sloppily. Teddy smiled and sat up in bed. He reached for the package and examined it. There was no note to go along with it. He tore at the paper to reveal a bit of parchment. He searched it for a note but nothing was written on it. He examined it closer. It seemed someone had given him ancient parchment. He looked at it with a puzzled expression before putting it down and picking up the wrapping paper. He threw the paper into his trash bin. Something white fell onto the floor as he did so. He picked it up and found that it was a note.

Dear Teddy,

I forgot to give this to you on Christmas Day, so consider this a late Christmas present. I'm sorry I couldn't give this to you myself but I had to be at work early today.

Teddy smiled. This was probably why the gift was so badly wrapped. He continued reading.

You're father would have wanted you to have this. It's a map of Hogwarts. It can show you were everyone is within the castle at an time. It also shows a few useful secret passages. To use it, point your wand at it and say, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good". When your done using the map, don't forget to point your wand at it and say, "Mischief managed!" I guess I should tell you a little history about this map. As you've figured out, it's not just some old piece of parchment. My father, Sirius, Wormtail, and you're father, helped make the map. It got into the hands of the Weasley when while I was at Hogwarts and they passed it down to me, just as I am now passing it down to you. Take care of it and use it well. Merry late Christmas!

With love,

Teddy looked at the old parchment with new interest. He took out his wand, pointed at the parchment and mutter, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!"

Black ink swirled before his eyes into the outline of Hogwarts. He looked at the corridors and found a dot labeled Mrs. Norris walking the halls. Teddy was surprised the cat hadn't died over break. The creature was as ancient as it's master. Filch's dot was following it closely. They seemed to be running toward the trophy room, which Peeves was currently inhabiting.

"Mischief managed!" Teddy said with a grin. He was going to have fun with this map. He got out of his bed and walked to his trunk. Everything was already packed so he laid the map onto of his folded clothes. He opened his door and began to walk down the steps. The house was colder than he had anticipated so he turned around, went into his room, and pulled a shirt over his freezing chest. He walked back down the stairs and entered the kitchen. Andromeda Tonks was sitting at the table with Ginny, drinking tea.

"Aw! There's my handsome grandson!" Andromeda said as she looked up from her tea. Teddy smiled and took a seat next to her. "You're not dressed yet? We have to leave for the train soon. "

Teddy rolled his eyes, "We have two hours yet. I'll change when James and Albus wake up. "

Teddy's grandmother shook her head but smiled," You're just like your mother sometimes!"

Teddy grinned and took the cup of tea that Ginny was offering him. He sipped it but took it away from his lips quickly in surprise.

"You should have warned me that it was going to be so hot!" Teddy said to Ginny.

"I'm sorry sweetie! I guess I'm a little absent minded today. Did it burn you? "

Teddy shook his head, his hair swaying around his face.

"I really wish you'd cut your hair. This length is really not becoming to your face. Is this how boys are wearing it these days? It's rather silly. Any longer and you'll start to look like a girl", Andromeda sighed.

Teddy's hair shortened and turned bright orange, "Better?"

Andromeda shrugged, "Halfway."

Ginny ruffled his hair, "With this color, you could almost pass as a Weasley."

Teddy grinned. Albus bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"I guess this means I should get dressed", Teddy sighed and pushed in his chair, leaving his cup of tea virtually untouched. He went back upstairs and changed into a navy sweater and faded jeans. He went back down the stairs, almost bumping into a sleepy, yet dressed, James.

"Hey! Wahhh- chit!" James said, yawning. Teddy laughed and went ahead of him. He jumped back into his chair and drank his tea. His hair slowly turned back into its original color and length.

"Hurry up! We'll need to leave in half an hour. Are you boys packed? "Ginny asked.

James and Albus shook their heads while Teddy nodded.

"Figures!" Ginny said as she rushed her boys back up to their rooms to pack their trunks. Every year, Teddy was the only ready to go back to school after breaks.

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