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Teddy threw on a pair of tennis shoes as he woke up. He was late for breakfast and if he didn't hurry, he'd be late for his first class. He was to have Potions first and then Charms. He was looking forward to Potions for the first time in his life. He had heard Harry once speak of Professor Slughorn and in Teddy's opinion; he didn't seem all that bad for a Potions teacher.

Teddy pulled his a shirt over his head and pulled on a pair of dark washed jeans. He grabbed his cloak as he sped out the door and down the spiraling staircase. He didn't bother looking about the common room. He knew no one would be in there. Everyone was down in the Great Hall finishing their breakfasts. Teddy glanced at his watch. It looked like he would have to go without breakfast today. Classes would be starting in exactly fifteen minutes. Teddy knew that was just enough time to get down to the Potions dungeon, grab a seat, and pull out all the things that were necessary for class that day.

He drew in a deep breath and began to sprint down the hallway. He knew he would be given a detention if the wrong teacher caught him. He rounded a corner a little too quickly and lost his balance, crashing into a suit of armor. It toppled over and the helmet rolled across the hallway.

"Not now. I really don't have time for this!" Teddy groaned as he chased the helmet. He ran quickly after it as it approached the staircases. He stopped as a foot landed on top of the helmet, stopping just as it came to the top step. Teddy looked up at the person's face.

"Getting into trouble? I see James is rubbing off on you."

Lily picked up the helmet and handed it to Teddy. He took it quickly and dashed back down the corridor. Lily walked quickly after him.

"Wow! The whole suit! What were you doing?"

Teddy pushed the suit of armor back up onto the wall and placed the helmet on top. He made sure it was steady before he turned his attention to Lily.

"I was running because if you haven't yet realized, I'm running a little late today."

Lily smiled, "You'll get to class on time. Don't worry. If you are late, you'll come in with me. If you're with me, you won't get into any trouble at all. Professor Slughorn loves me. "

"I'd still rather not be late so I think I'm going to go now. See you in class!"

Lily caught his arm before he could run off again.

"Well, if you're going to leave now, at least let me fix you. You're a mess! Honestly, didn't your mother ever teach you to dress yourself?" Lily protested as she began to straighten out his clothes.

"No, she didn't. Now can I please go?" Teddy asked as Lily finished adjusting his shirt.

"What do you mean your mother never taught you to dress yourself?" Lily demanded.

Teddy sighed as he picked up his school bag, "She wasn't exactly there, alright? I'm going now. You've already cost me four minutes."

Teddy dashed down the corridor leaving a dumbstruck Lily in his absence. Teddy knew he hadn't been very kind to Lily but he'd apologize later. At the moment, he was more focused on getting to class on time than being polite and civil. Manners were for people that had all the time in the world.

He skipped down the steps until he was finally down in the dungeon. Teddy found Sirius waving him to a seat. Teddy quickly took it and began taking out his books. He had just set up his cauldron when the door opened and out walked an unusually large man. Teddy looked at him curiously, taking him all in. Professor Slughorn moved to the front of the classroom and looked at his students.

The door to the dungeon opened loudly and everyone looked to the door. Lily stepped in casually and walked to an empty seat. As she passed, she looked coolly at Teddy. Teddy ignored her gaze. Now wasn't the time for apologies either. Professor Slughorn waited for Lily to take her seat before he began to speak.

"Today we will be learning the art and science of making the perfect healing potion for simple cuts. This potion is..."

"Looks like you picked a good day to join our class. Why are you bleeding?" Sirius asked, whispering to Teddy as Professor Slughorn went on to talk about the potion and give instruction on how to make it,

"I was running to class and I slipped and crashed into a suit of armor."

James laughed, "Ouch! I've down that before! What was the icy look from Lily for?"

Teddy sighed, "She was fixing my clothes and making me even more late so I kind of snapped at her. I'll have to go apologize later."

James nodded, "You should."

Professor Slughorn stopped talking, indicating that they were now free to get up and get the ingredients that they needed. Teddy got down from his stool and crossed the classroom. He gathered the ingredients he needed and walked back to his cauldron. On his way to his seat, he saw a familiar face. Severus Snape was walking in his direction, paying absolutely no attention to him. His head was bent over and he looked at the ground as he walked, his hair making a curtain around his face. Teddy skirted around him just in time to avoid being hit.

"Stupid git. Probably can't see anything through that greasy mat of hair, if you can even call that stuff hair", James cringed.

Teddy got to work on his potion. He looked at the board and was relieved to find that this was a relatively easy potion to make.

"I think that cut is a little worse than it first appeared", Remus said as he looked at Teddy's arm. Fresh blood was now running down Teddy's arm in an endless flow. "You might want to do something about that."

Teddy nodded, "I'll make my potion and then use a little for the cut."

Teddy began stirring ingredients into his cauldron. A purple mixture started to form as the potion heated up. Teddy added a few last ingredients and watched the potion go clear. He checked his book to make sure this was how the potion was supposed to look. The book said the potion would look and have the same consistency of water. Teddy stirred the liquid. It seemed to be fine.

Professor Slughorn worked his way around the room, pausing every once in a while the give a few pointers. He stopped at Teddy's potion and looked over his shoulder.

"Nice work, Mr. Temple! Put some in a vile and leave it on my desk. Ten point to Gryffindor!"

Teddy nodded and poured some of the liquid into a vile. He took it over to Slughorn's desk and then returned to his potion. Remus was looking into his cauldron.

"I think it should be fine to use on your cut. Nicely done. Seems you have a knack for Potions. "

Teddy shrugged, "I've picked up a little from my friends back home. I'm not actually that great at it."

"Stop with the modesty! You've beat even Lily! See, she's still working at hers!"

Teddy didn't bother to argue with Sirius. He looked over to see Lily furiously working to get her potion done quickly. Teddy smiled as he dipped his stirring rod into his potion. He got enough on the rod to cover his cut. He placed the potion on his cut and watched. He felt the cold, wet potion seeping into his cut. It was actually rather refreshing. His skin started to knit itself back together, clearing away all the blood as it did so. Teddy touched his skin where the cut had been. It was still cool from the potion.


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