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When Theresa and Jerry yelled at them they got really nervous.

"Alex, Justin, Max. YOU GUYS ARE LATE. YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE HOME AT 5:00 AND IT NOW 5:04." Theresa yelled.

"It's only 4 minutes." Selena said.

"Well……that…..uh…….oh that is how many weeks you're grounded." Jerry replied.

Selena and Justin made that "That's not fair" look at them.

"Well I'm sorry. Then you guys can explain why all of you got F's today right?" Theresa asked.

"No, I think we'll just take the groundings." Selena said to answer the question.

"Alright then go to your room." Jerry said.

"Jerry, they have T.V.s, Stereos, and Laptops in their rooms'. That's not a punishment, that's paradise." Theresa whispered.

"Fine then go out side." Jerry said pointing out the door.

"But-"Selena said, but couldn't finish

"Outside young lady." Jerry said angrily.

"Fine," whispered Selena.

"THAT'BUNK!" Jake shouted.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah." David said.

When they got outside they started noticing that their parents were acting different. So they started to talk until they were rudely interrupted by Harper.

"What is it Harper?" Selena asked.

"Well……..ummmm………Is that a mole." Harper said while pointing to Selena's clean face.

Selena gave a confusing look and said, "Are you acting okay?"

"Yeah. I am great, I mean why wouldn't I be great. I great you great we great. Hahahahahha." Harper said while she was twitching.

"What's wrong with your neck?" Selena asked.

"NOTHING! Gosh why are you always in my face. What. You're just jealous of my beautiful looks." Harper said while flipping her hair.

After that she looked straight at David and said, "Ohhhh that boy is FINE with all the letters capital."

"NO, he is mine." Selena said.

"Isn't he your brother?" Harper asked

"Yeah, but we're friends and I don't want anything to come between us. Selena replied.

Suddenly Harper goes all over David like she was touching his arm and patting his stomach.

"Harper what are you doing?" David asked.

"I'm flirting duh." Harper said in a blonde girl voice.

"Okay I thought you liked Cameron. Well I'm going to……….RUN." David screamed.

David, Selena, Jake ran all the way to the Gurt Barn. They got there and got into one of the booths and then suddenly a black mist started to appear near the cow utters. When the person became clear they knew it was Harper.


They ran out of the Gurt Barn while Harper was saying, "LEAVE NOW."

They were really freaked out so they decided to tell their parents so they ran to the sub station.

"Mom. Dad." Jake shouted.

They weren't there. Suddenly the black smoke came again.

"Awww, the black smoke again." Selena said yelling at the sky.

You saw the parents appearing in the black smoke. They ran out of the Sub Station and the sky was black and it looked like a graveyard. All the black smoke came again. It was the whole town. They ran until David tripped on three tombstones. It said "ALEX RUSSO a.k.a SELENA GOMEZ R.I.P." "JUSTIN RUSSO a.k.a. DAVID HENRIE" and "MAX RUSSO a.k.a. JAKE T. AUSTIN"

"Man, that's creepy!" Selena shouted.

They Black smoke people appeared again and they chased them into a tomb house. The black smoke combined made a portal. The leader of the black smoke said, "YOU WILL DIE IN HERE."

They grabbed Jake first. "JAKE!" Both of them shouted.

Suddenly David grabbed Selena by the shoulders. And said, "Selena I love you and if we don't make it remember me." And he said that they kissed passionately. While they were kissing Selena was crying and there was a tear drop falling down her cheek.

"ILOVE YOU TOO!" Selena shouted after the kiss. The black smoke grabbed David and Selena Together.

When they woke up they still in the place where they shoot Wizards of Waverly Place.

"Woah what a dream," David said.

"Yeah," Jake said, "let's do it again."

Selena and David looked at him confused.

"Well I got to go, guys see you next week." Jake said while heading for the door.

"So did you mean what you said?" Selena asked.

"Of course, I love you." David replied.

They kissed again……………………………………………………………………….Until The security guard came back and said, " You guys are finally awake."

"Wait so you knocked us out and we got that terrible dream?" Selena asked

"Yeah, little actor boy couldn't take a punch." The guard said back.

"Okay so we are just going to leave." David said while walking away slowly.

When they were far from sight. The guard gave an evil laugh and gave an evil smile

The End