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"Make a wish," said the Father, hugging his daughter close, stroking her curly brown hair.

"I wish, I wish" said the green eyed girl, trying to make a decision between all the things that she wanted in the World, "I wish that Mama would come back." She finally decided, snuggling up to her father, and sticking her thumb into her mouth.

"I do too," said the man, wrapping his arms tighter around the toddler, "I do too." And so together, Father and Daughter made a wish, as a single shooting star illuminated the night sky.


Far away, a group of Astronomers were already at the place where the Star had landed. Climbing into the crater, that the Star had made when it had crashed into the Earth, they noticed a peculiar thing. The previously soundless night was split by a noise, the wailing of a baby. Using torches for light, the group strained their eyes against the darkness, searching for what could have been making the crying. It was one of the young apprentices that spotted the source of the noise first. Climbing further towards the center of the crater, she disappeared into the darkness, returning, minutes later, carrying a small bundle. "It's a girl" she said, looking up at the group, tilting the bundle, so that the other members of the group could see the precious blonde haired baby that the woman held in her arms.

"How did she get here?" Asked one of the men, leaning closer to get a better view of the baby.

The leader pushed back his hat, rubbing his forehead with his hand, "Beats me" He said quietly. He then turned to the woman who had rescued the baby, "Good work miss, you have pulled much more than your fair share of the load this night." Turning once again he addressed the whole group, "We will return to camp, but be ready to come back here in the morning when we've got light to see."

And so they did. But when they returned to the site the next morning they found nothing. No meteor. No huge celestial rock. Nothing. Nothing, that is, but a huge crater in the ground, and the baby girl.


To be continued

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