I just had this idea in my head…I had to write it! I love fairy tales, so why not write one with my favourite couple from Bleach? So, have fun with this odd fairy tale, hope you like it!

Pairing: Grimmjow x Ichigo

Rating: PG17 (lol, mature fairy tale)

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Tite Kubo does.

Once upon a time, there was a mighty king who had a giant castle. His name was Isshin, and his people loved him because of his gentleness and his cheerful soul. He once had a beautiful wife called Masaki, but she passed away, which caused a big depression in the Karakura Kingdom. Isshin was the father of three wonderful children: two little girls called Karin and Yuzu and an elder son whose name was Ichigo.

Isshin had taught his son how to fight so that he would be a strong king in the future. He showed him all the fighting basics, and his friend Urahara, the military captain, taught him how to fight with a sword. All this helped Ichigo to become a muscular and handsome young man. He was much known in the kingdom: His hair was of a bright orange colour, and he always had a frown on his face.

One day, Isshin ordered his son to come into his chamber. "Ichigo, my son, listen to me, this is very important," he said. "You will soon turn sixteen, which means that you have to find a bride. I feel the end of my days coming nearer, and I think it is time for you to become king."

Ichigo held his father's hand and swore him that he would find the perfect bride and protect Karakura Kingdom with all his might. "Ichigo, I have a request," the King added. "Please bring this package to your old fairy godmother Yoruichi. She lives south from our kingdom, in a little cottage, it is very urgent."

"Father, I can't recall her face," the young prince said. "Please describe her."

The King chuckled. "No wonder, the last time you saw her was at your baptism. She has long violet hair, sparkling yellow eyes and dark skin. Please hurry, take with your fellow horse and your sword. The path is dangerous."

Ichigo agreed at once, took the package and went up to his room. He prepared his things for his journey: he grabbed his cursed sword Zangetsu which had the power to communicate with his owner, and a little lion stuff toy, which was a present from his mother.

Suddenly one of his fairy godmothers appeared in front of him: it was Inoue. "Good day, Kurosaki-kun," she chirped. "I heard you're heading to the South."

The prince sighed. "Inoue, I told you that you can call me Ichigo. Don't be so formal."

"I'm sorry, Ichigo," the fairy said with a blush on her face. "Do you need anything from me for your journey? The South path is very dangerous and I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine, my sword Zangetsu and my fellow horse Shiro are going to be with me," Ichigo said with a smile.

"Let me give you this badge, it will bring you luck on your journey," the little fairy said. She put her fingers on her magical flower clips and a giant piece of bread appeared in Ichigo's hands.

"This is magical bread, if you eat it, it will heal all your wounds at once!" Inoue explained.

Ichigo put the magical bread into his bag and thanked his fairy godmother for the gift. He waved goodbye to her and left the castle with his white horse Shiro and his sword Zangetsu. Shiro was a wild horse who had yellow eyes, and only Ichigo was allowed to ride him [A/N: With "ride" I mean ride on a horse, not the perverted "ride". The young prince then made his way to the South path.


Far away from Karakura Kingdom was a giant white palace called Las Noches. It was situated in Hueco Mundo, a kingdom covered with white sand and a permanent dark sky. The sun did not exist over there, and people were scared to go to that place. Monsters lived there, they were called hollows because apparently they didn't have a heart.

The man who ruled that kingdom was Aizen, a handsome king with a fearful smile. He had a lot of power and his subordinates obeyed to everything he said. He also had ten powerful knights, who had incredible powers.

One day, as Aizen looked into his magical crystal ball, he spotted the young prince Ichigo from Karakura Kingdom, riding on his horse, and heading south. Aizen hated King Isshin, because he was a lot richer and there was a rumour that he was in possession of a magical stone called the Hougyoku, which had the power to grant his owner immense power.

Suddenly a great idea came to the evil king's mind. He decided to call his ten knights to a meeting. Soon they all gathered in a dark room and sat around a round white table. A dark-haired, pale and emotionless knight sat left from the king: his name was Ulquiorra. And right from the king sat Grimmjow, a teal-haired, big muscular man, known as the most vicious of the ten knights. Then there was a brown-haired, lazy-looking man with a beard called Stark who sat beside Ulquiorra, and beside him was a giant, thin, grinning one who was named Nnoitra. Beside Grimmjow was Zommari, a big, muscular, dark-skinned with an earnest face. Then there was the most intelligent among them called Szayel Apporo: he had pink hair and fancy glasses. And at the end of the table were a dark-skinned, blond woman called Halibel, a mysterious masked man with the name Aaroniero, an old wise man and a giant called Yammy.

"My dear knights," the King started. "I have called you to show you something important. Kaname, please switch it on." Tousen Kaname, the court delegate, who was a blind but powerful mage, obeyed and turned a switch. A magical hologram appeared in the middle of the table, and a moving picture could be seen.

"That is prince Ichigo, King Isshin's son from Karakura Kingdom," Grimmjow said, fixing the image with his clear blue eyes.

"Exactly, he seems to be pretty known," Aizen said, taking a sip from his tea. "I have heard that his sixteenth birthday is approaching and that he will soon be the new king of Karakura Kingdom. And I am sure that you have heard that King Isshin is in possession of the Hyougoku."

"And what is the link between prince Ichigo and the Hyougoku?" Yammy asked, scratching his head.

"That's easy: King Aizen wants us to kidnap the prince, corrupt King Isshin by telling him that we'll kill his son if he doesn't hand over the magical stone, that's it!" Nnoitra said with a grin.

"Nnoitra, don't you dare interrupt King Aizen, and speak with more respect," Halibel said, angrily staring at Nnoitra.

"It is okay, Halibel, Nnoitra is right, that is exactly what I planned to do," Aizen said. "Now, who wants to take care of the abduction?"

Grimmjow stood up and grinned. "I'll do it, seems to be an easy task. That prince looks weak to me, and I'm a specialist with weaklings like that," he said with a mocking tone.

"Then I will leave this to you, Grimmjow. Please do not fail this quest," Aizen said with his dangerous smile.

Grimmjow left the room with his hands in his pockets. "This will be fun," he thought.


Ichigo was in a calm forest, where beautiful flowers decorated the path and butterflies flew around. It was such a wonderful day, the prince whistled a happy tune and contemplated everything around him. He didn't see a big grey wolf gleaming at him with lustful eyes, hiding behind a big tree.

Suddenly the wolf jumped out in front of him. Prince Ichigo was startled at first and held his sword ready, but the wolf smiled at him.

"Hello, you must be Prince Ichigo? My name is Dordoni Alexandro Del Socacchio, but you can call me Dordoni. I don't want to harm you, so please don't draw your sword," the wolf said with a grin.

Ichigo let go of his sword. "May I ask where you are going?" Dordonie asked.

"I have to bring a package to my fairy godmother Yoruichi, she lives south from Karakura Kingdom, in a little cottage. Have you seen it?" the young prince said.

"Oh, the great Yoruichi Shihouin is your fairy godmother? How surprising," the wolf answered. "I think I know where her cottage is, but I'll tell you if you give me a little service."

"What kind of service?" Ichigo asked the wolf who was now licking his mouth and staring at the prince with lustful eyes.

"Ichigo, I think it is quite obvious what kind of service he wants," Zangetsu said to his owner. Shiro neighed in response, which meant that he agreed with the sword.

Ichigo thought for a moment, and then gulped. "Holy crap, I know what you mean," he thought, but before he could do anything, the wolf already jumped at him. The prince let out a scream and tried to grab his sword, but suddenly the wolf let out a whine. The animal fell to the floor, and the prince saw that his back was wounded.

"Are you alright, young man?" a voice called out. Ichigo spotted two people: a man with red spiky hair and black markings on his skin, and a small woman with black hair. The man had a sword in his hand.

"Hey, you're prince Ichigo from Karakura Kingdom!" the small woman exclaimed. "What are you doing on this dangerous path?"

"I have to deliver a package to my fairy godmother Yoruichi," the prince answered. "Thank you for saving me from this wolf."

"No problem, a lot of perverted wolfs lurk around this forest," the red-haired man said. "We are responsible for this forest, my name is Renji, and I'm a swordsman."

"My name is Rukia, I'm an ice mage. Pleased to meet you, prince Ichigo," the woman said, making a curtsey, and Renji bowed.

"Prince Ichigo, I think you should cover your hair with a cape, because you are well known, and I heard that you are targeted by a lot of enemies. Please take this fur coat that I made as a present," Renji said, taking out a coat from his bag and handing it to the prince.

Ichigo took it and swung it around his shoulders. "Thank you very much," he said. "But could I ask you why you're so nice to me? I didn't do anything. Actually I should show you my thanks, since you saved me."

The two fosters shrugged their shoulders. "Well, you are going to be king soon," Rukia said. "And I think it would be better to make a good impression, your highness."

"Could you please stop being so formal? And stop kissing my ass too," the prince answered. "Just be normal around me, okay?"

Renji and Rukia obeyed immediately. After a little conversation they decided to accompany the prince on his journey to his fairy godmother's cottage.

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