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I hope some of you remember what happened last time?? Even I had to re-read everything... So, Prince Ichigo has been kidnapped by Grimmjow, one of Aizen knights, and after Ichigo had an outburst at his dinner with the evil king, he was brought to his room, where he hears a beautiful voice, singing.

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Ichigo closed his eyes and listened to the beautiful voice. The prince couldn't get the words, but he could tell that the song was filled with sadness. He didn't know why, but somehow the sad tune awakened his protective instinct, and Ichigo was determined to help the woman who sang her story to the darkness of Hueco Mundo.

But how was he supposed to get out of the room? The window was aloft and protected by steel bars. Even though the situation seemed hopeless, Ichigo did not give up. He looked at the door and sighed. It surely was locked.

'Maybe brute force will help,' he thought. So he set off at top speed, facing his shoulder to the big white door. To his surprise, the door flew open at once and the prince landed on the cold floor.

'Now that was easy,' Prince Ichigo said to himself while standing up and rubbing the dust off his clothes. He made a quick check of the area to look if anyone saw his attempt to escape. Nothing. Then his attention went back to the beautiful voice.

'I hope I don't get lost,' he thought. But he was determined to find the damsel in distress. And so his little journey in Las Noches began.


"A ball?" Momo asked with a curious look.

"Yes, organized by King Isshin for Prince Ichigo's upcoming sixteenth birthday! And everyone's invited," Yoruichi answered. "How exciting! How long have I waited for this day to come," she added with a chuckle.

"Does it have something to do with your gift?" Ishida whispered to himself while pocking the remains of his food. He did not have a good feeling about the fairy godmother's gift for the prince.

"Oh yes, young priest," she answered, brightly smiling at him. "It would be boring if I told you what my gift was. See for yourself," she said, winking at Ishida.

After drinking up, Yoruichi announced to the group: "And don't worry about Ichigo, I have a feeling he's fine!"

Rukia and Renji gave each other concerned looks. "I hope you're right," the ice mage whispered.


After wandering around for about ten minutes without being caught by anyone, Prince Ichigo stood in front of another big white door. The voice definitely came from this one. He pushed the door open and walked in. The room was giant, almost as big as the dining room, and it was pitch-black. The only light that could be seen was the one that came from a tiny window.

Ichigo made one step, which resounded. Suddenly the singing stopped. "Hello?" asked a female voice.

The prince continued walking. 'Did I just hear something splashing?' he asked himself. He went to the back of the room where the voice came from. Then his eyes widened in surprise. He was standing in front of a little pond with a beautiful woman bathing in it.

"Gin?" she asked with hope in her voice. "Is it you?"

"Sorry, I'm not Gin," Ichigo answered. "My name is Prince Ichigo from Karakura Kingdom."

The woman swam nearer to the edge of the pond. She had long orange hair, light blue eyes, and a mole under the right side of her lips. Yet the first thing Ichigo noticed were her gigantic breasts, covered by the woman's wet hair.

"Mhm, a prince," she answered with a chuckle. "I'm Rangiku, the only mermaid in Las Noches."

"You're a mermaid?!" Ichigo exclaimed. His mother used to tell him stories about beautiful mermaids, but it was very rare seeing one. And there he was, standing right in front of one.

"So...where's your fin?" Ichigo asked. He still couldn't believe it.

Rangiku chuckled and got her fin out of the water, moving it around. "How cute," she said. "You look like an excited little boy right now."

Ichigo blushed. "What are you doing here anyway?" he asked her, trying to change the subject. "I thought Hueco Mundo didn't have any water at all!"

Rangiku's cheerful expression changed into an earnest one. "Some years ago I was caught by some evil fishermen, but a man named Gin saved me and brought me here. I fell in love with him, but since that day, he never came to see me."

"And that's why you sing that song?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, I want him to hear me, and come back to me," she answered with a warm smile. "But I'm glad that such a cute prince pays a visit to me!"

Ichigo frowned. This poor mermaid was locked in this room for years, and her dearly beloved never came back. 'How sad,' the prince thought.

"And do you get anything to eat?" Ichigo asked with concern.

"Well, I just swim to the outside for a while and catch some little fish," she answered. "It does take a while, but I don't want to starve to death, you know?"

"Oh, okay," Ichigo replied. Then he snapped. "Did you say 'to the outside'??"

"Yeah, something wrong with that, honey?" Rangiku asked, looking at the prince with a questioning look.

"You know, I was kidnapped, and I really have to return to my kingdom!" Ichigo told the mermaid. "Could you please get me out of this crazy place?"

"Of course I can, honey!" she answered, excited about the whole thing.

Suddenly the door went open, and a familiar voice said: "What are you doing here, Prince Ichigo?"

'Damn!' Ichigo cursed. 'What is Ulquiorra doing here? He always has to appear in the wrong moments!'

"Honey, jump!" Rangiku held out her arms, and Ichigo did what he was told without hesitating. This was his last opportunity to escape. The mermaid squished the prince's head between her two large breasts and began to swim as fast as she could.

'I hope we're not swimming for too long,' Ichigo thought, holding his breath, feeling embarrassed about being squished between a massive pair of breasts. 'No more Aizen, no more Ulquiorra, and no more Grimmjow!'

After almost passing out, Ichigo noticed that he was thrown on land. Rangiku was a little out of breath. "I swam as fast as I could," she said with a laugh. "Now find your way home, honey," she added with a wink and prepared herself to get back in the water, when the prince called her name.

"Rangiku, wait!" he said. She had his attention. "Thank you so much, I owe you a lot! I will try to bring back Gin to you, I promise!"

She gave the prince a warm smile, wished him good luck and vanished back into the deep water. Ichigo tried to figure out where he was. He could see the back of Las Noches from where he was, and was about mile away.

"I should leave as soon as possible," he decided making his way towards the next forest.


"Could you repeat that, please?"

"I am sorry to inform you, King Aizen, that Prince Ichigo from Karakura Kingdom has escaped," Ulquiorra indifferently said. "You may punish me for my unforgivable miscarriage, King Aizen," he added.

Aizen sighed. "No, it is not your fault, Ulquiorra." After he had said that, Grimmjow, who was present, sighed silently. He would have loved to see that bastard get punished.

"It's Grimmjow's fault," Aizen suddenly said. The teal-haired knight snapped.

"What the hell do you mean?" he yelled at his king.

"Wasn't it your job to take care of our little prince? Yet you let him escape. Therefore I shall punish you," he said, with a threatening aura. Grimmjow didn't find it fair. First he had to kidnap that annoying brat, and then he was supposed to babysit him? 'It's all that brat's fault,' Grimmjow thought, swearing to himself to let all his anger out on him the next time he sees him.

"You are not allowed to come with to the ball, instead, you have to stay here and help the servants with cleaning the entire castle," Aizen told Grimmjow. Some hollows snickered at this, such a lowly assignment for one of the strongest knights.

Grimmjow gnarled and left the room. Then Aizen clapped his hands once and announced: "Now, my fellow subordinates, we shall prepare ourselves for the ball."


"Where is Zangetsu when I need him?!" Ichigo yelled while running away from some hungry hollows. He had some injuries, but the prince did not mind them. Suddenly he tripped over a branch and fell into a mud puddle. Ichigo could hear the hollows coming nearer, and he had some difficulties getting the mud out of his face.

'Damn, Ichigo, this can't happen to you now!' he said to himself, desperately trying to get up and continue running, without seeing anything. All of a sudden the hollows started yelping, and it sounded as if they had run away.

'What just happened?' Ichigo asked, still trying to rub away the dirt from his eyes. Suddenly something wet was splashed into his face. At first Ichigo was annoyed by this, but then he noticed that it helped him to get his sight back.

"Thank you, uhm-," he said before opening his eyes. He let out a gasp after seeing a giant standing in front of him holding a wet leaf at him. His eyes were covered by brown scruffy hair, his arms were pretty muscular, and some birds were sitting around on his head and shoulders. He was the first giant Ichigo has ever seen.

"Thank you very much, giant, you saved my life," he politely said. Yet he did not receive a reaction. "Do you understand me?" the prince added, loud and clear. The giant nodded slowly.

"Do you know the way to Karakura Kingdom?" Ichigo asked, with hope in his voice. "I really need to get back home." Yet the giant just stood there and did not move or react at all. Ichigo sighed and said: "Well, doesn't matter, I'll find my way somehow, anyways, thanks a lot!"

Suddenly the prince got grabbed by the collar and hoisted up to the giant's shoulder, where he could sit down. Ichigo blinked at the giant in surprise, and all the giant did was smile at him.


"And remember, Grimmjow, my loyal servants will report all your actions to me when I come back, and you know what happens when you disobey," Aizen reminded the teal-haired arrancar. The evil king decided to leave a little earlier. He was escorted by the other nine powerful knights.

Two days had passed since King Aizen left Hueco Mundo. And Grimmjow, as expected, left all the hard work to some hollows. He only helped out in the kitchen a little. While scrubbing the floor, he thought about a lot of things: 'I hope Aizen and those other idiots never come back... although it would be boring without them. And what happened to Strawberry Princess? How did he escape anyway? Why am I thinking about him? Maybe because he is the cause of my misery? I am one of the strong knights of Hueco Mundo, why the fuck am I scrubbing dirt off this fucking floor?!' He threw his sponge against the wall and yelled: "He should be the one doing this!!"

"Please forgive me, master," a voice said from behind him. Grimmjow shot the person a vicious look, but his expression changed at once when he saw who it was. Dressed in an extremely short maid outfit, and with a white feather duster in one hand...

"Str- Str- Strawberry Princess?!" Grimmjow stuttered, pointing at the smiling orange-head in front of him.

"I shall take over your work, and after this, you can do with me whatever you want," the prince said. He got down on the floor, crawling on all fours until he reached Grimmjow (who was too stunned to move), and then he whispered into his ear: "You may punish me if I miss a spot, master."

Grimmjow did not know how to think or react in that moment. Was he just hallucinating something? But this felt too real... And he couldn't lie to himself: he did not find the prince unattractive in that dress. On the contrary, it turned him on. And the fact that the prince acted so submissively turned him even more on. 'Wait...what the fuck am I thinking?!' he thought, trying to shake off those thoughts. This was wrong, in so many ways.

Suddenly two hands grabbed his face. Grimmjow looked down at the prince's brown eyes, who stared at him intensely.

'Oh shit,' Grimmjow thought. 'Why aren't you reacting, do something, damn it!' But the prince looked so alluring, and... 'No one's here anyway.' Their faces came nearer and nearer, and their lips almost touched.

"Caught you!" Grimmjow's eyes shot open, and he could see a giant grin on Ichigo's face. 'What the...?!' Suddenly white smoke appeared out of nowhere, which made the arrancar cough like crazy. Some seconds later, the smoke was gone, and Grimmjow could finally see again.

"I'm so sorry, I really didn't want to ruin the wonderful moment you just had," a girlish voice spoke to him. The person appeared to be a quite sexy, big-chested, green-haired fairy, with a red line stretching horizontally across her face right below her eyes.

"My name is Neliel, but call me Nel!" she introduced herself. "I am here to grant you your wishes!" Then she tapped her wand against Grimmjow's head and said: "Did that make you happy? You naughty little boy, imagining stuff like that!"

A little vein popped up on the knight's forehead. "I never imagined that, you made that up, you bitch!" he screamed at her.

"Oh come on, you liked it, right?" she said, giving him a cheeky look. Grimmjow tried to retort, but she wouldn't believe him anyway... well, who would have believed him in the first place after that scenario... and she was a fairy (they know everything).

"How cute, you're still blushing," she commented, wiggling around with her wand. "Now, I know you want to go to that ball, but you can't go like that, dressed in rags!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Grimmjow yelled, losing his patience.

"Let's start the transformation!" Nel said, rolling up her sleeves.

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