Mount Horizon High School 2001

Peter Scarbrow sat in his office waiting on the Cliff Hangers to join him. It was the day after graduation and they were all leaving today to start their adult life's. Peter was glad they were all still together so they could lean on each other after Peter broke the news to them. A knock on the door startled Peter from his thoughts.

"Come in," Peter called.

Sophie Becker the Cliff Hangers counselor opened the door and led the rest of the Cliff Hangers in to the office.

"Come in and have a seat guys," Peter said.

"Why so serious Peter? I know we're not in trouble," Auggie joked.

"Sof would you mind bringing in some chairs for the hallway please?" Peter asked.

Sophia nodded her head not trusting her voice.

"Uh oh It's never good when they tell you to sit down," Daisy said.

"Do you always have to be so morbid? Juliette asked.

"Have to be no. But the look on your face makes it all worth it," Daisy replied.

"Give it a rest you two," Peter said.

"What's wrong Peter?" Kat asked. Kat had graduated the year before. But was now attending a local college and working part time as a consoler at Horizon.

"As you all know Shelby left yesterday morning right after graduation. This morning I received a phone call from the Billings police department," Peter said.

"Don't tell me she's been arrested already it's barely been twenty-four hours since graduation," Ezra joked.

"Shut up and let Peter finish," Scott snapped, feeling the tension in the room.

"There's no easy way to say this so I just say it I'm so sorry but Shelby's gone," Peter said watching their faces.

Six young uncomprehending stared back at him.

"Do you mean like dead that kind of gone?" Ezra asked.

"Yes Ezra I do," Peter answered

"If this is some kind of joke it isn't funny," Scott said, standing up.

"Scott you know I don't joke about things like this. Now sit down," Peter said.

"How? How'd it happen?" Scott asked, his voice cracking with emotion.

Scott was trying to pace but the extra chairs were taking up what extra room was in Peter's office.

"Scott sit down," Peter ordered.

"I don't want to sit down. I want to know how Shelby died. No one hurt her did they? Because if they did I'll…"

"No there was a bad car wreck the gas tank of the cab Shelby was in ruptured and somehow ignited. The cabbie remembered Shelby telling him that's where she graduated from and that's how they were able to contact us," Peter explained

"Well maybe it' not her. I mean doesn't someone have to identify the body? " Scott asked

"Scott there was nothing left to indentify," Peter answered.

Present Day BAU Head Quarters

JJ stood in front of the team showing them pictures of the damage the bomber had done on their newest case.

" So far this unsub as blown up three cabs killing six people, caused a small explosion on a public bus killing two and injuring four others. The local FBI thought they had the unsub until this happened," JJ switched the picture to a burned out school bus.

J.J. heard Garcia gasp.

"How many," Morgan asked.

"Thankfully none the bus was empty but the unsub promised it wouldn't be next time," JJ answered.

"Okay people wheels up in ten minutes," Hotch said standing.

J.J. felt a knot forming in her stomach as she put on her jacket. Of all the places in the world why did it have to be Billings Montana. Billings was were J.J. had been born and she hadn't been back in seven years.

"Are you ok?" Reid asked, his voice filled with concern.

"Yeah I'm fine," J.J. said, with a smile.

"Come on we'd better get a move on," JJ said picking up her ready bag and patting Reid's arm.

Reid followed JJ out to the jet. JJ turned and smiled at Reid who blushed and smiled back shyly.

'He's just like a puppy so sweet and innocent. While at the same time he has just as many demons as I do," JJ thought.

" I was wondering if you two were going to join us " Morgan said, when JJ and Reid walked in.

JJ shot Morgan a dirty look while she buckled her seat belt.

Thirty minutes into the flight Reid was telling the team more about serial bombers than anyone person should know. JJ could tell Dave was trying hard not to show his aggravation. Morgan was looking mused JJ wasn't sure if it was at Dave's almost comical attempt at restraint or Reid's seemingly endless stream of information. JJ was pretty sure that Prentiss was asleep with her eyes open. JJ hadn't seen her blink in at least ten minutes. Hotch had his usual expessless mask firmly in place. JJ wondered not for the first time what demons lay beneath the emotionless façade. JJ realized that she had totally tuned out everything and she had know idea what was going on. JJ felt a blush creeping up her neck when she realized everyone was looking at her.

"Did you have a nice trip?" Morgan asked.

"What?" JJ asked confused.

"He asked if you had a nice trip. Because you weren't with us," Rossi said.

"Sorry," JJ said, blushing.