Now Of All Times.

Chapter 1

Sanzo woke with an odd itch that seemed to be growing in the back of his brain. He just did not quite feel like him self. Yet when he glanced in the mirror he saw the usual face and body. But something felt off some how.

Quietly padding to the bathroom he splashed his face with cold water. Quickly scrubbing his face dry he once more gazed at his image in the large bathroom mirror. No it was him alright but things still felt off center. Maybe it was the lingering effects from the kick to the head he had gotten in their latest fight. Sneaky youkai bastard seemed to come out of no where. If it had not been for Gojyo the blonde priest would surely be dead.

He made his way back to bed and curled up to his red headed lover.

"What's wrong?"

Sanzo jumped. He was sure the kappa was still asleep. "Nothing's wrong. I just had a bad dream."

Gojyo wrapped his arms tightly around the slender waist and pulled his body closer. "Ah ha anything I can do to help?" he wiggled his eyebrows in a teasing manner. "I know how to make it all better."

"'Ch idiot." Sanzo tried to push him away. "Not now." Gojyo pouted. "It was just a dream and nothing else. I don't need comforting." He tried again to push away but the strong arms held him tight.

"Want it or not I'll always want to comfort you baby." Taking advantage of his position he began to stroke up and down Sanzo's tense spine. "Damn you're all knotty again. On your stomach and I'll give you a back rub."

"Who do you think you are to try bossing me around like that?"

"The best sex god on two legs. And I'm all yours."

Sanzo snorted but rolled on to his stomach. "No funny stuff."

"I can't promise that." Gojyo leaned forward slightly and licked the nape of the blondes' neck. "You smell so good." Then whispered in his ear. "You know how you get when you're all relaxed and happy."

Sanzo sighed deeply as Gojyo began the massage. It was hard to admit but he was becoming use to the touches that no one else had ever dared. It was one of the things he had come to depend on and it was all thanks to the persistent, flirty water sprite. It was a welcome relief of all the daily stresses. He began to fall back to sleep.

He was talking to some one who looked like Hakkai only a few subtle differences. The monkey was there also but he was small like when Sanzo had found him on that mountain top, and he was drawing on some papers that should be on his deskā€¦"Hey! quit using my paperwork for drawing on you stupid monkey."

The boy looked up at him with a look that was similar to the look you would get from a kicked puppy. Sighing deeply he turned back to the other Hakkai.

"You know if you give him his own stack of papers he might leave yours alone." The other Sanzo spun around to look at the familiar voice. His hair was shorter and a different color. It was Gojyo minus the facial scars.

Sanzo's eyes popped open. "Damn it to hell. What the fuck is going on?"