Now of all Times

Now of all Times

Pt. 5

"You're such a horny pervert."

"What other kind of pervert is there?" Gojyo paused kissing Sanzo's chest to take the blonde's towel off and threw it over his shoulder. "Aren't you lucky to have me?"

"Since I never thought I'd be in this position I think you're the lucky one."

"Hmm…….." Gojyo peeled off his own towel and sent it flying the same direction while giving a little bite to Sanzo's one nipple. "Yeah I am. I really feel honored that I'm the one you chose for this." The nibble cost him a light smack on the head. "Hey now you have to kiss that to make it all better." He grinned widely.

Afterwards when Sanzo was sound asleep the vision/dream was an unwelcome intrusion.

He was lying in the grass, staring at the blue sky. He made a small gasping sound as a sudden breeze sent a chilly shiver over his naked flesh. But that was not the only reason for the gasp. There was a humming noise and the feeling of pure bliss as Gojyo was licking and sucking on the throbbing hardness between his legs.

No not Gojyo, the other one with the short dark hair and scar less face. Then came an explosive climax that left him panting and gasping for air as the not Gojyo's face looked down on him with a bit of a smug smile. Long delicate fingers combed through the short spiky hair and pulled that face down for a long passionate kiss.

Sanzo's eyes popped open. He was sweating and sticky. Sticky? He lifted the sheet to see that he had indeed climaxed on this side of the vision/dream.

"SHIT? He yelled.

Gojyo shot up to a sitting position. "Wha….what's wrong Sanzo?" his eyes glittered with fear. "Sanzo?" He waved a hand in front of the blonde's face. "Yo! anyone home?" he poked the slightly trembling shoulder. Then with his demon enhanced sense of smell he noted the unmistakable odor of sex and fear. Hoping to downplay the fear he tried to make light of it. "Hey no fair starting without me ya jackass."

Sanzo turned his head slowly to look at his bed partner. "Shut up you asshole."

"Come on now I want to play."

"Go play with yourself." Sanzo growled.

Gojyo pouted. "That's no fun." He reached out and stroked Sanzo's hair. "Did I tell you yet how much I like your hair longer like this?" his long fingers combed through the golden crown of hair. "It's so nice, and soft."

Sanzo blushed. "I should get Hakkai to trim it. I've never worn my hair like this."

"No baby keep it." Huge puppy dog eyes met Sanzo's scowling gaze. "Pweetttyyy pweeeeese."

Sanzo sighed. He knew he could never resist that look. He rarely could resist it when Goku gave him that pouty, pleading look. How in heavens name could he resist his lover? He landed a cuff to the back of the red head.


"Shut up for once." Sanzo placed his hands on Gojyo's shoulder and pushed him down. Before the surprised water sprite could fully react Sanzo was kissing him and not letting up.