A false challenge,

An abandoned duel,

I'd pissed myself off,

Because I'd waited for you,

An abandoned corridor,

Your arm pinning me down,

A whisper of magic,

And a girl is found.


Complete disbelief,

As I recognized this curse,

The fact that you'd won,

Just made it all worse,

The indignant anger,

Made up my mind,

You were my target,

Hate and Love interwined.


At first it was easy,

I owned the room,

And it was dully effortless,

To be noticed by you,

But then it struck,

When before I was unconcerned,

I had fallen for you,

And the tables had turned.


Not much was different,

Except you'd stolen my game,

I didn't even realize,

That our plans were the same,

Cunning double-crossing,

Confusion and cheats,

Only added to the bittersweet heat.


And now it is finished,

But not how I'd expected,

Fate took a sharp turn,

Our futures re-directed,

With a new outlook on life,

A different purpose and meaning,

Because I still lie in your arms,

Convinced that I'm dreaming...

The End!

I've never had so much fun writing a fanfiction! Just humiliating Pansy Parkinson was awesome but also I got to explore the sexy world of Draco Malfoy! ;D

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Cheers readers, I love you as always.

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