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Amy woke up in a daze. She didn't know who she was or where she was or how she had gotten there. The only thing she knew was that she was oddly at peace, and couldn't remember why she had been stressed in the first place. Slowly she realized that she was lying on something hard and warm. Looking around her she suddenly became embarrassed for she saw that she was naked. She tried to cover up her more revealing body parts, and anxiously looked around for some clothes, hoping that no one would come around even though she hadn't seen, heard or smelled anything since she had woken up.

Suddenly, lying about two feet in front of her, she saw some jeans, a white T-shirt and undergarments, and hastily put them on. Once she had done so, she took a good look around her, and a room seemed to materialize before her eyes the longer she focused. Ten seconds later, what looked like the living room of a house became clearer, and it appeared oddly familiar. Feeling like there should be at least one other person, she surveyed her surrounds again until she felt it was safe to take a seat on the couch as her legs were a little weak and wobbly. Amy anxiously kept her eyes darting around the room as though she was waiting for someone to enter the house and yell at her for being there. However, as her eyes kept darting around, she began to take in more of the room. It was nicely furnished with simplicity in mind, but still eloquent. The fireplace roared with life even though the room was chilly. Pictures hung on the walls showing that this house belonged to a family of four. Yet, the longer Amy stared at them, the more uneasy she got. She slowly started to recognize the people in the photographs hanging neat and straight on the walls and on the mantel of the fireplace and she softly muttered to herself, "No way…."

Quickly jumping up from the couch, Amy rushed over to the nearest wall where many pictures were hanging to get a good, hard look just to make sure. With a flip of her stomach, she realized that she had been correct. No wonder the house looked somewhat familiar. It was because….

"This is our house, Amelia."

Amy jumped when she heard her name and spun around. Standing about three feet in front of her was a woman in about her late twenties to early thirties. This woman was of average height and lean. Her long, red hair came just past her shoulders and her eyes were a dazzling, bright green. Amy had the suspicion that she had seen those eyes somewhere before, but not on this woman. Then she remembered Harry's beautiful eyes, and reality dawned on her as her face slowly registered the shock and she whispered, "Oh, my God…."

"Yes, Amelia," the woman encouraged, "I am your mother."

The woman made to move towards her, but Amy quickly stepped back and said defensively, unbelievingly, "No, my mother has been dead for years! You can not possibly be her!"

"And why not," the woman asked politely, surveying the younger woman with benign interest.

"Because, like I just said, my mother is dead," Amy replied impatiently.

The woman sighed heavily and put her hands on her hips, obviously thinking of some way to convince the girl that she was indeed her mother. Then she asked, "You have a brother named, Harry, correct?"

"Yeah," Amy answered slowly, "but everyone knows that! That wouldn't be too hard for you to find out!"

"Yes," the woman replied, "you are right, but how about the fact, since you seem to be looking for not-well-known ones, that I and Severus Snape were best friends and became best friends when we were just kids. My husband James, your father, didn't like Severus which was mutually shared between the two of them. As the years went on, Severus became involved with the "Death Eaters" of school, and later actually became one. I was so hurt when Sev did that. Your father didn't care, since he was an Auror, he wanted to be the one to catch Sev, along with Sirius, your godfather. Now do you believe me?"

Amy's eyes welled with tears. It was true that no one would have known that about Snape except his best friend which was her mother which was this woman. Without thinking as though numb, Amy ran for the first time into the arms of her mother. Lily caught her, and hugged her daughter close. Amy cried into her mother's shoulder for what seemed like hours. She couldn't believe that she was actually hugging her mother after years of dreaming and wondering what it would be like to be in a mother's embrace. It wasn't that her grandfather was horrible, but no one can take the place of a mother. Then as the thought of Gramps entered her mind, Amy reluctantly separated from her mother and asked, "What has happened to me?"

"You are in Limbo," Lily answered simply.

"What's Limbo?" Amy asked, frowning.

"Limbo is a stage where someone has been killed, but there is still a part of their soul that is not actually dead. It's hard to explain, but it usually happens when someone has been possessed. Who have you been possessed by?"

For the first time in her life, Amy was getting a stern glare from her mother. It was weird, but Amy almost didn't want to answer so her mother would continue to look at her that way. Finally, Amy explained, "By the Wolf Animagus, Fionn. You have heard of the legend, haven't you?"

Her mother nodded, looking stunned and alarmed at the same time as she asked, "How did you manage to become such a powerful Animagus with a complicated past?"

"I really don't know," Amy answered amused as she reasoned, "but Dumbledore had it figured out, and if he figured it out, chances are nobody else has."

Mother and daughter laughed at the logic of those words, and Amy loved it. Then she said, "He said it had something to do with tying our prophecies together. That's as much as I know."

Lily smiled at her and asked, "Who became your Evil counterpart?"

With a jolt, Amy suddenly remembered Drake and that he was dead too. Without realizing it, she began to cry and her mother stared at her with concern.

"Amelia, what's wrong?"

"It's Drake," Amy answered thickly, looking down at her hands. "Drake was my counterpart, and I killed him. He was my best friend, my first love. Now I'll probably never see him again, because his prophecy never said that he would be coming back with me."

Amy put her face in her hands, and as she thought about Drake she also thought about Gramps, McGonagall, Snape, Harry and the group, and the Weasleys. She looked up and asked, "What happens now?"

"You have a choice," her mother explained. "You can either stay here with me and meet your father, godfather, real grandparents…."

When her mother said "real grandparents", Amy bristled and stood up and said a little more loudly than she had intended, "My grandfather is a 'real grandparent'! He's been there for me more than you have!"

Suddenly noticing the hurt look on her mother's face, Amy quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, Mom. That was mean. You can't help that you haven't been with me, and given the choice I know you would."

"Thank you."

Amy nodded taking a seat on the couch again, thinking. On the one hand, she could go back to her life and see all of her friends and Gramps again, but on the other hand, she would be leaving behind the opportunity to get to know her parents and extended family, plus probably others. Then, suddenly she realized a point she hadn't thought of before. Smiling softly to her mother she said, "Mom, I want to know you and Dad, and everybody else. I've waited all my life to meet you all and I will someday."

Lily peered at her expectantly, waiting for Amy to continue with her decision. Amy swallowed and continued, "But I have a family back home that I've known all my life, and that I have finally gotten to meet after all these years. I want to spend time with them. I will see you when I finally die."

Smiling at her mother who was smiling back at her in understanding finished, "I want to go back home, to my life and live it some more."

Lily nodded and hugged her. Before she released Amy, she gave her a kiss on the cheek and advised, "You have to be strong now, Amelia. The war is still waging. It will be a while until you get to rest, and unfortunately, I can't take away the pain. Be strong, and know now and always, that we are all very proud of you and Harry."

They hugged again, and then Amy stood up waiting to go. However, before she went, Lily reached into a pocket of her purple robes, and withdrew a silver chain with a small, silver wolf pendant on it.

"Here," she said, taking Amy's hand and placing it inside her fist, "so you will have something to remember me by. Whenever you need me, hold the pendant and wish for me."

Amy looked at her slightly confused, but none the less smiled, put it on and thanked her. Then her mother stepped back, and Amy felt herself start to spin, or maybe the room did. Everything was a blur and she heard her mother say one last thing to her, "Tell everyone I love them, and thank them for me. Also tell Severus to be nicer to Harry, and to take care of both of you, and that I love him too."

Then with a sudden burst of white light, Amy smelled grass and felt the cold, wet earth, and then she heard feet scrambling all around her until a pair of hands gently picked her up and cradled her.


"No, Amy, no!"

Someone was crying into her hair. She tried to move, to make a sound, but nothing came. She was just so tired and so weak that all she wanted to do was just lie there. Then she remembered where she had been, and thought, Maybe it was just all a dream. She then summoned all the strength she had to lift her hand to her neck and feel for the necklace. Had she not been so tired she would have let out a surprised gasp because the pendant and chain were there. Noticing the movement, her grandfather looked down at her and asked thickly and disbelievingly, "Amy?"

It took everything she had to open her eyes and say hoarsely, "Gramps."

Immediately, Eli pulled her into hug, and Amy melted into his warm, caring embrace. It seemed like forever before he released her and he said, "I thought I lost you. I thought you were dead!"

Amy gave him a half smile, and then they were joined by Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Professors McGonagall and Snape. Each gave her a small hug except Snape who hung in the back of the group merely staring at her. It was true that he was happy that she was alive and wanted nothing more than to hug her as well, but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to come around. Seeing Amy dead on the grass, it had reminded him too much of seeing Lily dead in little Harry's room. Amy resembled her mother so much. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a tired, weak voice call out to him, "Professor Snape?"

He quickly looked up and noticed that Amy was trying to get his attention with the little strength she had. He immediately rushed over to her and dropped to his knees to be on eye level with her. Once he did so, she smiled and said, "I saw Mom, Professor."

He simply blinked at her, wondering what the child was going on about. There was no way she could have seen Lily, she was dead. Then again, stranger things had happened to him on occasion, so he decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and listen. He smiled and nodded for her to continue. She gave him a smile in return and whispered, struggling, "Mom said to tell everyone she loves them and thanks for everything. She also told you, Professor, that she wants you to be nicer to Harry, take care of both of us, and that she loves you too."

At that point, Amy couldn't go on as her chest hurt. Snape bowed his head, tears threatening to escape. Then, all of a sudden, the ground beneath them exploded sending them all in different directions. They all crashed to the ground, some letting out cries of pain. Amy hit the ground, let out a cry, and laid there. When she raised her head, she couldn't see anyone through the dust that was still settling. Then from behind her, she heard someone walking towards her. She didn't have time to react as she saw Voldemort cut through the dust and slowly walk up to her. She didn't move, or speak, or anything at all, she was too weak. Voldemort didn't smile or show any emotion either as he said coldly, "You may have destroyed a Keeper of my soul, and somehow survived yourself, but you will not survive for long now."

Amy rolled away just as he shot a Killing Curse at the spot where she had been a split second ago. She shakily got to her feet, and reached into the waist band of her jeans, and, to her astonishment, found her wand still there and in tact. She whipped it out in the blink of an eye, and she and Voldemort were standing about ten feet from each other, wands at the ready to kill.

Even though Amy looked calm on the outside, frantic thoughts were racing through her mind; such as, where is Harry? Can I kill him or does Harry have to do it? Is Harry alright? Will he come before I get killed for good this time?

Voldemort seemed to sense her uneasiness despite her blank face and laughed a mirthless laugh.

"Where is he, Amy," Voldemort asked, an evil smile playing across his lips. "Who's going to save you now?"

Just then a band of Death Eaters materialized behind Voldemort. Each had there wands on Amy, ready to kill her. Voldemort's smile become wider as he said softly, "Put down your wand, Amelia. It's no use now."

Amy lowered it, but she couldn't drop it. This thin piece of wood was her only chance for survival. When she refused, Voldemort hissed at her again, "Drop your wand, Potter."

When she still didn't make any such move, Voldemort said almost disappointed, "I hate to spill a wizard's blood…."

Amy snorted, "Yeah right. Why don't you try telling the families of those you have killed that one?"

Voldemort's eyes narrowed in rage as he replied, "You will pay for your cheek, Potter!"

At that moment, he sent a Killing Curse at her. Amy was too stunned to move as she watched it in slow motion come towards her. Then all of a sudden, someone knocked her to the ground out of harms way. When she looked up to see who it was, she almost fainted from shock and happiness.