Waking the Dead Zone

Chapter 1: Sartana's Revenge

It was deep in the Ghost Zone to which focused on the Ghost Zone's newest floating platform only known as the Dead Zone of there being a volcano sprouting ecto lava right onto the ground and falling right off the floating platform. There, deep within the volcano itself, Sartana of the Dead was preparing for her revenge against someone only known as El Tigre.

"Attention please" said Django as he was announcing members of Sartana's Army of the Dead, "my grandmother is about to speak, and I believe we should all hear her words."

"Thank you grandson" said Sartana as she then rudely pushed Django to the side, "we have lived in the Ghost Zone for only a few months, but look at you. You have grown stronger within the Ghost Zone, and soon with my mystical guitar, we should head back into Miracle City and conquer it for good, along with also to get our revenge against El Tigre!"

Sartana's entire army responded by cheering quite loudly which then brought about the attention of Frostbite, a close associate and friend of Danny Phantom who was near the area.

"Now that sure doesn't sound like good news" said Frostbite to which members of Sartana's army spotted him floating right above them.

"An intruder, he must have heard my plans, after him!" cried Sartana to members of her skeleton army.

Suddenly members of Sartana's army began to float right up toward Frostbite. Frostbite then began to fire his ice powers against Sartana's skeleton army freezing each one of them as they were coming at him. But Frostbite then realized that there were too many of them.

"There are too many of them!" cried Frostbite to which he was about to use the Infinite Map which he had in his accessories, "I'm going to need help on this one!"

Frostbite immediately then used the Infinite Map and a portal immediately opened up nearby.

"He's going to escape!" cried Django.

"No, let him go" said Sartana as she halted her skeleton minions from following Frostbite, "I think I know where he's going, and that's where I'm sending you next Django."

The scene then switches to Amity Park, at night time where Danny Fenton was heading home after doing some errands for his parents while riding his scooter with a paper bag with some other food stuff which had quite a lot of fudge from the market.

"I will never eat any of this fudge" sighed Danny as he was too sick in his stomach to look into the bag.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Frostbite came out of a portal and landed hard right on the ground.

"Frostbite, what are you doing here?" asked Danny as he changed into his ghost mode.

"Army of evil skeletons, heading to take revenge over this El Tigre" replied Frostbite who was quite out of breath.

"You mean Manny Rivera, the kid from Miracle City that fought Vlad Plasmius?" asked Danny.

"Yeah, that one" replied Frostbite, "I fear that Sartana has amassed a large army of her skeleton minions in the Ghost Zone" replied Frostbite, "I fought off some of them, but they too numerous for me."

"We have to get Sam and Tucker to Miracle City and fast" said Danny.

"Oh, but you are not going anywhere, so long as you have someone to fight me!" shouted Django as he came into the scene thanks to his mystic guitar.

Django then fired his ecto-energy blasts that use to be his hands at both Danny and Frostbite to which both of them managed to dodge the attack.

"You get your two friends" said Frostbite, "I'll fight him off."

"You got it" said Danny as he flew off toward where Sam and Tucker were located.

Meanwhile, in Miracle City, it was an average night for Manny Rivera as he was trying to race against the clock to beat the curfew time that his father-Rodolfo Rivera had set for him.

"Only a few minutes and I'll beat that curfew time!" cried Manny as he was looking at his watch while riding on a skateboard.

But before Manny could reach the door to his house, a large skeleton from Sartana's army of skeletons popped right up in front of him.

"Hello, Manny or should we say El Tigre" said the large skeleton to which other skeletons of Sartana's ghostly skeleton army began to surround him, "long time no see. How are you doing?"

"Uh, fine, how about you guys?" asked Manny as sweat ran down his forehead.

"We have been locked in the Ghost Zone to which you were responsible for putting us there!" replied another skeleton minion of Sartana.

"And thanks to you Manny" said Sartana as she came right into the scene thanks to her mystic guitar, "we have become stronger within it!"

Suddenly the door of Manny's house opened which revealed Rodolfo who was worried to why Manny didn't make his curfew time.

"Manny, you didn't make your curfew time, is there a reason why?" asked Rodolfo to which members of Sartana's army then began to open up showing Manny in the center, "Oh, I see what you mean."

"And not only are we going to get revenge on Manny for putting us in the Ghost Zone, but also equally on someone like you!" added Sartana as she approached Rodolfo.

"That reminds me, run!" cried Rodolfo as he raced back into the race heading to wake his father, the Puma Loco who was already asleep, "papa, wake up, we got company!"

"Close the door Rodolfo and let me sleep" said the Puma Loco.

"But it's Sartana of the Dead, she's returned from the Ghost Zone!" cried Rodolfo.

"Do you have any proof of this?" asked the Puma Loco.

To which Manny crashed right into the room through the window in his El Tigre suit, crashing right against the wall.

"Uh, I think we got some company here!" cried Manny as he was trying to get himself off of the wall.

"Come on, let's show Sartana for a second time who she is messing with" said Rodolfo as he changed into his White Pantera suit.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it" said the Puma Loco as he then loaded up in his mech suit.