It was raining. It was horribly muggy, steamy, wet, and hot but that didn't stop the rain from pouring down on that miserable little computer/planet. Steam drifted upward from the heated grounds and mud squelched underneath the rapid pace of the ones unlucky enough to be caught in this wretched downpour. After all, newspapers only helped so much.

Ford sulked and sneered that the skies. How dare they curse him with this falling water? He sat hunched on a bench, glaring at his folded hands as the rain fell relentlessly.

One good thing about this rain, however, is how it masked the tears rolling down Ford's cheeks.

"Ford?" the voice was soft and meek, with a gentle curiosity behind it. Ford looked up with reddened eyes and saw Arthur, standing in the cursed rain with a dark blue umbrella.

"Ah, hello Arthur," he nodded. Thick locks of soaking curls bounced and plastered themselves to Ford's head.

"Forget your umbrella? The weatherman did say there was a chance of rain today," Arthur chided him like a mother to an unruly child. Ford laughed weakly and went back to staring at his hands.

"I just wanted to go for a walk, is all,"

Arthur hesitantly sat down next to his soggy friend and held the umbrella so it gave him relief from the waterfall.

"Something wrong?" Arthur asked, caring and kind as ever. Ford shook his head again, spraying Arthur with droplets.

"I… just wanted to go home," Ford finally said. There was a noticeable sob building up behind his voice.

"Well, come on, then. Let's go. I'll even make you some tea, if you like," Arthur stood up, holding out a hand for his friend. Ford's eyes darted up to the Earthman's face.

"Yes… that sounds nice,"

Arthur, oblivious as he was, just wouldn't understand. Ford wanted to see Betelgeuse again, he wanted familiarity, he wanted some closure. Most of all, he wanted to get off this wretched, backwater planet. He wanted to go home.