Okay, so I wrote this mainly out of my frustration over the lack of respect that I feel the Brucas relationship has been getting this season. This takes place at the end of episode 509, For Tonight You're Only Here to Know.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Tree Hill or the song, "Wish You Were Here," by Kate Voegele ("Mia")

As she lay in bed that night, she couldn't shake the words of the song Mia had plated for them earlier that night. She sat in that library and watched as Peyton and Lindsay ripped one another apart, only for Peyton to finally push Lindsay to her breaking point. But, as Brooke sat there listening to the things that they were saying-even screaming-to one another, emotions and feelings that she had been trying so hard to ignore, had finally made their way to the surface. And now, here she was, hours later, consumed by all of these thoughts.

"Or even my good friend, Brooke."

Why had Haley even said that? It had become clear that, here lately, no one thought of Brooke and Lucas' relationship. She was simply one of the insignificant romances you have during high school while you are waiting for "the one." And, obviously, Peyton had been "the one" for him. He wrote and entire book about her and their journey and his love for her. Even the editor of his book, his fiancé, had been rooting for the Peyton and Lucas from the book to make it. But, those days had passed, and here they were years later, and Lindsay had become "the one" for Lucas.

No one ever mentioned Brooke. They never mentioned how he said he was the guy for her; how he said he would fight for her; or, how he said he would save her from it all. It was as thought everyone forgot Lucas and Brooke were ever even together.

Gone away are the golden days

Just a page in my diary

So here I am, a utopian citizen

Still convinced, there's no such thing as idealism

But Brooke remembered. She remembered everything. Sometimes she remembered it all a little too clearly. Sometimes she remembered it all a little too often. But, mostly she remembered when no one was watching.

So, here she was, hours later, when she was sure that Peyton had gone to sleep, allowing herself to remember. She never knew where to start, and it didn't really matter, it always ended the same.

Memories they're following me like a shadow now

And I'm dreaming

Cause I've already suffered the fever of disbelief

She would allow herself to remember a happy time in their relationship, whether it was the night he took her to the River Court to introduce her to "his world" as he called it; or the weekend at Rachel's cabin. Thinking of that weekend always made her feel good, they had really connected that weekend. She had even learned to laugh at the "Brooke-ing herself" comments that were made. She liked to think there was a point in time when she was "the one" for him. Otherwise, how could they have had such good times, right?

That was when the tears fell. Here she was Brooke Davis, famous, business owner, incredibly talented, and successful. When someone asked, she always told them that Clothes over Bro's had been her dream come true. And it was. But the thing she never told anyone, the thing she kept locked up inside her heart, was that it was not her only dream. Nor was it even her most important dream.

I've seen your act

And I know all the facts

I'm still in love with who I wish you were

It ain't hard to see

Who you are underneath

I'm still in love with who I wish you were

And I wish you were here

Lucas Scott. That name still meant the world to her. That name still gave her goose bumps. That name still kept her up at night. Most importantly, that name was that of the one boy she would have given everything up for.

Brooke's relationship with Lucas had been a brand new experience for her. She had never looked at any other guy like she looked at Lucas, and she certainly hadn't felt for any other guy what she felt for Lucas. The peacefulness and the safety that she would feel while wrapped in his arms was indescribable for her.

I was true as the sky is blue

But I couldn't soon say the same for you

So now I find denial in my eyes

I'm mesmerized by the picture that's in my mind

Oh how right Mia had been with that song. As much as she enjoyed remembering the good times, no great times, with Lucas, she always remembered the heartache too. And now, years later, she was still hurting inside just like it was yesterday. Only now, the hurting was because she remembered everything and her friends all seemed to remember nothing.

Tell me when I'll finally see your shallow heart

For what it is

Cause I don't want to keep on believing in illusions

She liked Lindsay, she really did. But the selfish part in her wanted to hate her. Truth be told, she wanted to be Lindsay. Not because she didn't like being Brooke Davis, but because if Lucas Scott was going to marry someone other than Peyton Sawyer she wanted it to be her. She had given up Lucas all those years ago because she thought he and Peyton were destined to be together and she was just slowing the inevitable. She knew he was going to break her heart when he realized it, so he had broken it for him. But, as Brooke had come to find, it all hurts the same, no matter who does it.

She knew she was having crazy thoughts now. She didn't want to be Lindsay. She wanted to be Brooke Davis and she knew that. She just wanted to be Brooke Davis, the love of Lucas Scott's life.

Sometimes I can't explain

And I'm so sorry that I can't

I'll try to concentrate

On your true identity

More tears. She didn't know how long had passed, but if the sun beginning to creep through the blinds was any indication, it had been hours. This was not the first night she had spent like this and she knew that it would not be the last. The fact that no one else seemed to remember was starting to take its toll on her and she was afraid she would have many more nights like this, in the very near future.

I've seen your act

And I know all the facts

I'm still in love with who I wish you were

It ain't hard to see

Who you are underneath

I'm still in love with who I wish you were

And I wish you were here

'Oh Broody, Pretty Girl sure wishes you were here,' she thought as she wiped away the last tear she was allowing to fall for now. She decided there was no sense in falling asleep now, she would have to be at work soon.

So, just like that, she got up and headed for the bathroom to ready herself for a new day. Determined, that when she came out, she would be the Brooke Davis that everyone knew and expected. She would be the Brooke Davis with the dimpled smile and the bubbly personality. She would be the Brooke Davis with the wedding fashion for Lindsay, the obedient child for Victoria, the match maker for Mouth, the babysitter for Nathan and Haley, the middle-man for Lucas with regard to Peyton and Lindsay's 'relationship,' and the shoulder for Peyton to cry on.

Maybe tonight, when no one was watching, she would allow herself to be Brooke Davis, broken-hearted over the one boy she could never have but would have given everything up for.

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