Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. This came to me as I read Kenpachi battling with Nnoitra. I just got the idea then, but I really don't know when it's set or where because I didn't mention enemies names and such. So I guess it's just randomly thrown in there. Read and Enjoy.

"You're wasting my time, hurry it up already," Kenpachi complained, as he sat there watching Retsu wipe blood off of his chest.

"Most of this is bluster but I can't see how bad the wound is with all this blood in the way," she explained, running the damp cloth over the toned muscles. Her hand shook a little, making the whole process take longer then it should…but after seeing his battle with the espada it unnerved her. She knew what he was like, the love of battle, but she hadn't expected to see joy on his face as blood flowed out of his mouth….and his laughter. She could never have fathomed how intense his love for battle was, until she witnessed it. Of course she knew all this, but still the thought of him dieing…well it just wasn't something she thought possible with him. It wasn't that he was above death just that he seemed too strong to let death stop him. It was as if death wasn't even a stage of life for him; he just kept going almost like he was invincible. Except for all the blood, there had been so much blood and it terrified her. If the blood had continued to flow he would have lost his life.

She was shook out of her thoughts when she felt his hand wrap around hers, solid, strong and warm. Retsu's head went up as her brows furrowed together, letting her confusion show.

"Don't even insult me by thinking I'll die from something as stupid as this," he said, sternly. "So hurry it up already." Retsu smiled and went back to cleaning him off and patching him up. Just like that he'd reassured her and her thoughts calmed once again.