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Wings of a Dream


I was at home, it had been a long day at work. I was relaxing in front of my computer, debating what to do next, go back to my reading or finish some of my drawings. I ended up doing the former. I had found some interesting stories online and I wanted to finish reading them before I had to get to bed. I spent the next several hours in a combination of reading and chatting with my friends online.

I got off the computer way later than I had wanted, but wasn't tired enough to sleep quite yet, so I crawled into bed and picked up on of my favorite books: Eragon. I read for another hour or so, until I felt an odd sensation, I was exhausted, but it didn't make sense, I felt like I hadn't slept in days. I looked at my clock, it read 12:28AM.


I knew I was going to have a bad day at work tomorrow. I promptly turned off my light and rolled over. I felt sleep start to take me and I let it, and my book fell out of my hand and hit the floor with a dull 'thud'.


The next morning I awoke with a start. My alarm hadn't gone off, and I felt odd. I opened my eyes and all I saw wad green. The first thing I thought was 'What did I stick my head in?'. The next thing that I noticed was, I couldn't move freely, and I was encased in an odd, and incredibly hard substance. I panicked and started thrashing against my new prison. It shattered after a time and I flopped out, rather ungracefully on the ground.

I looked around and noticed that I was in a forest.

What the hell? Where am I?

There was a forest near my home, but it was several miles away, and I didn't know anyone that would pack me up in the middle of the night and ditch me there, that and this forest was nowhere near any mountains. As I was looking around I noticed two things that were different: I could see without my glasses, and everything looked different, greens were bolder and everything looked crisp.

I went to stand up, but as I stood to bipedal I tipped over. I hit the ground, not hard, but I landed on something I didn't have before, a wing. I shot back to my feet, and tipped over again. I pushed up off of the ground and saw what used to be my hand, it was a paw, and each finger ended in a small, but incredibly sharp claw. I looked at my arm, now my foreleg, and saw scales, deep forest green scales! That was enough to get my attention. I saw a lake that was a little way away, and I ran, after some mishaps with walking as a quadruped, toward it. When I got to it I looked at myself, I had changed into a small green dragon! I had two prominent white horns, one off of each side of my head, and a line of white spikes that ran from my forehead down my spine. I was a deep forest green with a copperish underbelly. I had a long neck and tail. I craned my head around to get a first-hand look at myself. I saw that this was true and was overwhelmed, so I did the only logical thing: I passed out.

I came to some time later, only to be greeted by a large golden eye. I yelped in surprise, and tripped backwards over my tail, which I had forgotten about.

Hello, young one. A voice in my head said. I'm sorry for frightening you.

I looked around in confusion as to where this voice was coming from. I heard the voice chuckle and looked up. In front of me was a large golden dragon. He snaked his head down to me and looked me dead in the eye, I realized that he must be the source of the voice.

I am Gleadr, dragon of the rider Oromis, my rider and his queen will want to see you.

Before I could react, he reached down and picked me up in his mouth and flew off. I didn't know where I was going, but I was sure that I was no longer on the same plain of existence that I had gone to sleep the previous night.


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