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Author's Note: "Faint" has been a miniseries that's been in my mind for about a year, and has been written up in a notebook for about as long. It is not meant to be an alternate reworking of the movie "Mewtwo Returns," nor another attempt of mine to create a romance between Mewtwo and a female of his kind. My only intentions were to take several of the common themes that run in the Mewtwo archives (anime, manga, games, fics, etc.) and make something 'classical' out of the combination. That said, this is a short and simple story - it has no evil character trying to kill the protagonists and take over the world; it has no heroic feats and sacrifices. It's merely supposed to be a human story - 'human' being a slightly skewed word in this context.

Mostly, it was also to provide a serious answer to this question: "Just why would a female Mewtwo be created?" After all, those who have created a so-called "Mewthree" character have mostly done it because they wanted to...and few consider why it would be desired by her creators.

I'll leave you all to ponder that notion. Do enjoy the first entry.

P.S. - The tone of the chapter titles is intention, and I will be using the Japanese names for several characters: Miyuutsuu (Mewtwo), Sakaki (Giovanni), Ai (Amber), and Dr. Fuji (as opposed to the Americanized Dr. Smith).

Phase 1.) The Plan:

Ice: the element of stillness and potential. Locked away in its frozen core are treasures far more precious than any amount of gold or diamonds, that only now in the dawning of the genetic era do we comprehend how invaluable their finding can be. The seeds of long-dead organisms await discovery, waiting to be harvested for our present use. Whether or not they shall benefit humanity is a matter of heated debate - for with all discoveries comes the possibility of either great blessings or plagues upon our world.

Especially when one considers whose hands these finds might fall into.

A few years before the new millennium dawned, as the polar ice caps began to melt, old remnants of the ancient forests of Antarctica began to emerge: petrified trees; the footprints of extinct creatures…and occasionally, the priceless, preserved corpse of an adult pokemon.

At the time of one such find, a crime lord known simply as Sakaki was formulating a mission to return to his hold a pokemon who had rebelled and escaped him: a powerful creation, the being was dangerous if allowed to run free. However, upon hearing of the discovery, his plans were set-aside for a later date. Purchasing the corpse and the silence of its existence, Sakaki transferred the find to frozen storage, soon hiring a laboratory team to make the best use of it as they could. Following the cloning processes left by the late Dr. Fuji, they steadied the deoxyribonucleic acid base with human hybridization, filling in all the inconvenient little gaps. From the moment the first cell of the new being began to multiply, its fate was decided - the gender, the appearance, and its purpose already laid out. Even the variable of a soul was muted with careful education from the moment it developed brain activity. Kept in an isolated chamber, speakers rambled off subjects straight from the Encyclopedia, the sound being the only contact with the outside world it knew as it grew. Not even the geneticists who directed the clone's growth, carefully monitoring its vital signs and nutrition flow, could get within the radius of its empathic senses. So the creature remained in perpetual solitude, its own thoughts dulled from the sedative chemicals that kept it from full awareness as it matured.

Yet eventually, Sakaki had to admit that some human and pokemon contact must be made. When the creature was allowed to awaken, its caretakers pleaded that it would go insane from the sensory overload to its mind when others breached the space around it. So, again with great care, those allowed near it were chosen. Geneticists with no emotional attachment monitored the being's stats, and the crime lord was wise enough to watch from a distance. If it sensed his intentions, he was fairly certain that - even with the immense differences from its predecessor - it would rebel. The pocket monster trainers assured him that their psychic pokemon were working to stunt its empathic abilities, working with the natural fading of those talents by erecting mental barriers in its mind to prevent telepathic probing from within and without. In its youth, it would not comprehend that singular blunting of its senses - at least not now, when the presence of other life forms seemed to so intrigue it after its initial panic. As the year of its development progressed with various hormonal growth stimulants, Sakaki felt pleased as its progress.

The birth came abruptly, the cultivation tank drained of the synthetic amniotic fluid and the confused creature flailing out against the glass. Dragged out of the cylinder which had housed it for over a year, an air mask pressed to its muzzle, forcing air into its lungs. It breathed, then fell into a deep, almost comatose sleep from shock. As it was weaned off the drugs and onto real food and physical touch, it awoke to see two faces: Sakaki's, and that of the head geneticist Ali Kummad, a wizened old African who had been a colleague of Dr. Fuji's before their eventual falling out. Both these men were the closest to parental figures the being would ever have. One gave it a name; the other gave it a reason to live. Adult in body and soon in mind, the creature had no issues with taking orders. Unlike its predecessor, which it learned about in time, it was treated well, given its own home, along with good food, clean water, and modern medicine. The tests to assess its health did not bother it, of the taking of genetic samples a fair trade for its creation and for vaccinations. Its abilities were adequate, its physical strength sacrificed for the sake of speed. It was a slighter being, but no less pleasing. Sakaki was certain it would serve its purpose well when it got the chance. He had greater things planned for it than petty thieving. Battling was out of the question; he would not have the thus far perfect specimen damaged in any way.

Unfortunately, he underestimated the clone's sense of willpower and integrity. Upon discovering its real purpose when motions were made to capture its predecessor, his sanctuary discovered two years prior, it rebelled, shrieking at its creators that it would serve them, but not in the manner they wished. But it did not have a say in the matter - it never had. When observing it and making predictions for its future progress, the organization had developed technology capable of coping with one like itself and stronger. The struggling creature was subdued, its powers suppressed, Sakaki's grasp on it unable to be escaped. In this process, the creature was drugged, the final stroke of the plan taken and the mission shortly set in play. As they flew in full force towards the Jhoto region and to Mt. Quena, it awoke shortly, bound and in pain…only to have Sakaki approach it, placing a hand to its form and telling it of what he had done to it, to make it clear to it just how entrapped it was. After hearing this, the pokemon could only look on the passing miles in mounting horror and anger. It did not want this. It would rather die!

But like its very existence, it had no choice in the matter….

So as time passed, the days shifting into nights, it turned its heart to ice; holding in its secrets and making itself stone to all those around it. It would not allow itself to be touched by others in any way. Alone to its thoughts, it hoped not to awaken to its supposed fate…or to its predecessor, who could be the cruelest monster it had ever faced….

Or not. But if one thing was certain, it was that the pokemon Miyuutsuu was in for the shock of its life.

Author's Note:
Whether you review or not is up to you, though I hope I at least have intrigued some of you. See ya'.

- WiseAbsol