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The sky was overcast; the perfect condition for me to be able to show my skin outside. The excited youngsters were eating their revolting snacks when Jane, the head counselor, marched into the pavilion sounding her pathetic little blow horn. She had probably found that thing on a tricycle.

"Campers!" she shouted, ordering the little ten-year-olds to attention. "Your counselors will now take you to the changing headquarters, so make sure you have your bathing suits!" 'Headquarters'. Seriously, it's a bunch of stalls with a bench and hook attached.

The kids cheered at the prospect of going swimming.

We made our way to the hardcore headquarters. It was a long walk, so the speed that we were walking was driving me insane. I could have been there and back forty times by the time we had only gotten a quarter of the way there.

Finally, we reached the horrendously small changing rooms. I had already worn my swim trunks underneath, so as to not attempt to fit in one of those things.

We headed over to the pool, towels and, in some cases floaties, in hand.

"TALLY-HOE!" one boy screamed as he threw himself into the water. Who even said that anymore?

Everyone got into the pool, some yelping at the temperature. It felt fine to me, even warm, but of course I was an exception.

I was floating in the water, just minding my own business, when I saw a very determined looking boy about to jump in the water just above me. I quickly moved out of the way, so that he wouldn't crash into me and question my body type like Timmy had.

He emerged out of the water after hurtling into it off the edge of pool, spitting out chlorine-filled liquid out of his mouth. Ew. He then proceeded to climb on top of me.

"What are you doing?" I asked cautiously.

"YOU'RE LIKE A BOAT!" the loud boy exclaimed. Was he serious?

"I'm not going to ride you around the pool," I warned him.

"YES YOU WILL!" Again with the shouting. I heard him just fine.

Suddenly, the entire population of the pool had turned to stare at me. Before I knew it, they were all swarming around me, shrieking excitedly.

"What are you all doing?!" I shouted.

"BOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" Loud Boy screamed. Not before long, I was being toppled by a bunch of children.

My being a strong vampire, of course I could do it, and quite fast, too. I just didn't want to. Why should I?

I stuck my head out of the crowd of bodies, only to see Jane raising an eyebrow at me. I heaved a sigh and turned over so that my stomach was on the water. "Let's go," I said flatly.

I spent the entire swim period parading around the pool with a bunch of little kids on my back. It wasn't my proudest moment.

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