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00: The Living

"Wait! You haven't filled out this last part!"

The young man walking away paused mid-step. He turned back to the tall counter, and followed the woman's pointing finger down the paper she was holding up.

"You need to give me a name and contact details here," she instructed. "If there's an emergency and you cannot make a medical decision for yourself, we need you to give written permission for someone else to make it in your stead."

He stared at the empty space for a long moment. "…I couldn't think of anyone," he told her.

She frowned at him for a long moment, pursing her lips disapprovingly. "I see," she replied. "Well, I will need a name. The next time you come in I expect you to have one prepared to put down."

"Yes, ma'am," he responded politely. He hesitated momentarily before asking, "Do you know how long it will take until all the paperwork goes through for this?"

The nurse considered. "Well, once the blood-work comes back, it will go in your file with your physical exam. If you've passed everything, the paperwork will be done by the week after next." She smiled faintly. "After all, the Preventer Agency prides itself on its efficiency."

He nodded acceptingly and turned to leave once more. "Thank-you. Good-day, ma'am."

The woman watched him go with a bemused expression. "Such a polite young man," she muttered to herself. I don't think I've ever been called ma'am so often in one day…

0 0 0

Just as he had expected, the incomplete form eventually fell through the cracks in the system. He never went back to add a contact name to his medical record, and it was filed through to the Agency, without any other undue notice being paid to it, exactly when the nurse had said it would be. It helped, of course, that he proceeded to avoid the medical wing as much as possible after that to help the forgetting along.

It would have been very hard, after all, to explain that it wasn't that he couldn't think of anyone to put down, but that there simply wasn't anyone. There was no one on the L1 colony that he knew; there was no one on any of the other colonies that he knew.

And there was certainly nobody on the Earth that he knew.

Ever since his awakening he had been all alone.

0 0 0

Waking can sometimes be a painful thing.

For him it happened very suddenly. One moment there was nothing; the next, there was light.

Blinding, brilliant light.

He inhaled sharply, and the air in his lungs was clean and pure and cold.

"What?" he tried to croak, but his throat protested violently- it felt so dry it might have been tearing itself apart at the effort.

All at once there were hands behind his head, and someone was pressing something cool against his lips. There was a voice, talking calmly, but he couldn't make out the words properly, they sounded so strange. His eyes felt blurry and sticky, and wouldn't close despite how bright it was, leaving him with a rapidly blossoming headache. A shadow passed over his vision and then there was liquid pouring down his parched throat, blinking away the muddle of thoughts that crowded for his immediate attention.

And that was when he realised.

He was alive.

If there had been enough water in his body he might have cried. But it certainly wouldn't have been from happiness.


1. What time frame are we looking at here?
This is set in the GW time frame. The events of the HP BK7 happened… at a guess… five hundred years ago, not including the epilogue. If you think Harry's immortal however… Hmmm…

2. What are the pairings for this story?
Ah, well, I guess I can elaborate. Past!HarryGinny, One-sided!HarryWufei (on Harry's part), Future!WufeiDuo, QuatreTrowa, Future!HeeroHarry. These and more are the ones that develop, and break up… and die (hmm, literally and figuratively?)…

3. This is a bit confusing… What's going on exactly? And why has it CHANGED AGAIN?!
Err… Well... The new changes... eh heh... It just emerged like this when I went back to look at it again. Now including Harry's P.O.V and not as confusing... perhaps?

4. Does Harry have magic in this story?
Yes indeed. However, he isn't going to be so quick to use it. And why should he? Isn't he good enough without it?

5. Will the GW characters be crossing into Harry's world at some point?
A spoiler, but… yeah… Though obviously, five hundred years in the future, it's changed somewhat.

6. Why are some of the chapters so short?
They just are. Sorry. Some are long, some are short. Whatever works. I'm trying to usher the story along, rather than bog it down in too much detail. You either have a 1000 words of action every two weeks, or 3000 words of somebody thinking and then months between the next update. Take your pick, really.