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02: Disagreements

With a sigh, Harry clicked on the light as he stepped into his flat. It lit up the grim, empty walls, and the thin, worn carpet on the creaky floor. The flat consisted of an open-plan living room and kitchen, with two paint-flecked doors which lead to a bathroom and a bedroom respectively. As he went, he dropped his bag of groceries on the kitchen counter, and a folder of files on the lumpy sofa barely three paces away.

It was far from luxury, but for now it was home.

The L1 Colony was considerably more middle class than many of the other colonies, most of which had fallen into disrepair, been decommissioned or even blown up in the recent wars. However, on the fringes there existed the lower classes (their numbers having grown during and after the war), where cheaper accommodation like this was available to people like him. That was to say, people with no money, no identification, and nowhere else to go.

Harry wasn't overly bothered about being grouped amongst those people. He wasn't sure why he had eventually decided to settle there, on L1, save that he couldn't of stood to live on the Earth, and none of the other colonies had seemed as interesting when he visited them. After a while, he had settled into this flat, round about the same time he had decided that he would join the Preventer Agency, and begun the painstaking task of creating a new identity. Subtlety wasn't normally his thing, but the results had eventually paid off when he had managed to work his way into the Preventer building, even if it had only been as a paper-pusher to start with.

Flopping onto the couch (and almost immediately regretting it as a spring poked into his spine), he picked up his folder and pulled out the sheets detailing his new position.

"Field agent, huh?" he wondered aloud, pulling out the identification card and badge. "Seeing as how I never got to be an Auror, I guess this'll do…"

With a sigh, he threw it along to the other end of the couch. "Stop using those memories," he muttered. "You're not Harry Potter, even if you did decide to use his name."

Looking for a new topic to take his mind off of that thought, Harry recalled his new partner, Chang Wufei, code named Agent Fire. His own code name was, ironically enough, 'Rain', and he briefly wondered whether Commander Une had chosen it deliberately. Fire versus water… very funny. I thought she wanted us to get along…

0 0 0

It didn't take even two days before the two new partners decided that they didn't, in fact, get along. It took one and a half instead.

And that in itself was rather generous when all was said and done.

On Tuesday afternoon, Chang Wufei stormed into the Preventer mess hall with a rapidly purpling black eye.

"Wuffers!" Duo exclaimed, more amused than concerned though, if the twinkling in his eye was anything to go by. "What happened to you?"

"My name is Wufei, Maxwell, and don't you forget it," he snapped, slamming his tray of typically nutritious food down onto the table, and nearly upending his bottle of water.

Diplomatically, Heero said nothing, and nudged Duo under the table when it looked as if he might try questioning the other teen again.

After twenty minutes of watching the boy picking at his food and refusing to talk, Duo sighed and wandered over to a vending machine to grab something a little less healthy. Watching Wufei eat that stuff, it made him feel dirty in a way only E numbers and sugar could cure.

The minute he was gone, Heero turned his flat gaze on the Chinese teen. "Well?" he demanded.

"Well what?" Wufei shot back, spearing his food viciously with a plastic fork. They were silent for a while, before the teen dropped the fork with a clatter and a curse in Chinese.

"You could do with some ice for that eye," Heero reported.

Wufei started in surprise, his hand coming up to touch the swelling. "Hnn," he admitted, before falling silent. At last he said, "He's faster than he looks."

He must be, Heero conceded silently. The Chinese Preventer had excellent reflexes, having trained for years in martial arts.

"Not that it matters, he's still a weakling," Wufei was quick to add. "His fighting abilities are laughable. It only took a few good hits before he was out of commission."

"How did you end up fighting?"

"That pathetic display didn't count as fighting!" the Chinese boy insisted loudly. He snorted derisively and went on to explain: "We were arguing beforehand. I don't like him. He doesn't talk as much as Maxwell, but the content is just as annoying."

"I see."

"He was the one that started the fight," Wufei felt the need to add, though for what reason Heero wasn't sure. "He loses his temper faster than I do!"

Heero wondered if that was true all the time. Though he had only seen Potter briefly, and he had lost his temper at that time as well, he had struck Heero as the sort of person who would rather avoid a fight completely, unless pushed into one.

"I'll not be held responsible for his injuries. He should have known better than to attack me, the fool." Though the words were said with a certain measure of confidence, Heero knew he wouldn't have been the only one to see the worry on the Chinese youth's face.

"I'm sure Une will understand," Heero said. It was still something of a novel idea to him, lying to comfort a friend. If Quatre hadn't once told him it wasn't always the best policy socially to be bluntly honest, he probably would have told Wufei what an idiot he was.

However, he decided to let it pass this time because he felt that both of them really knew Une wouldn't understand. If Potter decided to make a fuss about the incident, Wufei would likely be out of his job in a heartbeat.

0 0 0

That… That guy…!

Even his inner cursing was ineffective against Chang Wufei, Harry noticed.

Gingerly, he pressed his hand down on the desk top in his office and muttered a few words in a language now no longer classified as simply 'dead', but ancient as well. Something tugged uncomfortably under the skin, and he knew this was a sign the broken arteries were healing over, and the painful muscles knitting themselves back together properly. Nearby, his computer screen flashed on and off rapidly, and the video phone screen turned black, losing its prompt for someone to enter a number.

Stupid, delicate technology. Stupid, martial artist-like person…

After all, it was all Chang's fault. Chang Wufei was stuck-up, bossy, violent, and he refused to answer any of Harry's questions about his new post as a field agent. It had only been a day and a half since they had first met, and only a morning of sharing an office together, but Harry was fairly certain he knew why all his previous partners had quit.


He was certain of it. After all, there was no way a human being could possibly be that awful all the time, like Chang seemed to be. So he had to be doing it deliberately.

Harry flexed his hand critically and rolled his wrist round in both directions. It was still a little tender, but there wouldn't be any bruising now, and he would be able to keep using it as if it hadn't almost been broken when it was twisted behind his back earlier.

Why do I always find the crazy people attractive? he wondered to himself.

With a sigh, he leaned back in his swivel chair and stared up at the ceiling. Then he looked down at the form on his desk to take his mind off that disturbing thought. All that the official looking paperwork needed now was his signature, and he would be issued with a firearm for his first mission, whenever that would be. He clenched his hand into a fist and opened it again, testing the muscles.

Though this hand had never held a wand (despite what his memories said), it would feel good to hold a weapon in it.

0 0 0

The next day was a Wednesday and, as had become habit, Duo dragged Heero along to Wufei's office to see if he wanted to get some lunch with them from down the street instead of in the cafeteria. By chance, they bumped into Potter instead. Or rather, Potter caught Duo just as he danced in through the office door in an effort to stop their imminent collision.

"Whoops, sorry man!" Duo apologised, as Harry released him. "Nice reflexes by the way!"

The same ones that must have caught out Chang, Heero thought, having watched how quickly the teen sidestepped, then reacted quickly to prevent Duo from falling on his face.

"Don't worry about it," Potter said, stuffing his hands in his pockets. On anyone else it might have been a nervous gesture, but it seemed oddly out of place on someone who was willing to casually yell in the face of an ex-Gundam pilot.

There was a short, awkward silence before Duo quickly broke into it. "Have you seen your partner skulking around anywhere, huh? It's time for his daily plate of rabbit food."

The other boy's mouth quirked slightly, before he shook his head. "Sorry, I haven't seen him today. I just got here from the firearm's department."

Duo's expression lit up. "The firearm's department, huh? Does that mean you're all armed and ready to go, now?"

A small grin now openly crossed Potter's face, showing that he obviously shared Duo's enthusiasm about the topic. "That's right," he replied.

"I guess they made you run their little course as well," Duo continued, grinning from ear to ear.

Heero inwardly sighed at the look, remembering the trouble Duo gave the men in charge of the firearm's division every time he was expected to test his marksmanship against their room of moving targets. Really, the explosives had been completely unnecessary that last time, and it had taken several days to clear up all the mess. Une had had Duo paying for it out of his wages for months afterwards, and the brunette was still expected to visit there regularly, despite his complaints about the woman doubting his skills.

"Oh, that. Yeah they did," Potter replied, and rubbed at his wrist in what seemed like a casual gesture.

The action drew the attention of both ex-Gundam pilots however, and they glimpsed a small line of fading bruises, only partially covered by his sleeve.

Duo would of asked if he had sprained it somehow during the course, save that it was obvious his wrist had been grabbed at some point, as the bruises were clearly arranged into finger marks. They also looked to be several days old, given that they had already seemed to pass the vivid purple colour of newer bruises, and faded to a lighter blue shade.

Unlike his partner, Heero knew a bit more about the situation, and was surprised by the injury and the colour. Chang had been fairly certain Potter would be here today with his wrist broken and bandaged, yet he seemed to have gotten off extremely lightly. Heero doubted that Wufei would have gone easy on the new recruit, or that the Chinese Agent had overestimated his own abilities in this case, which meant that Potter was both less fragile than he appeared, and a much faster healer. His thoughts were interrupted however, when Duo decided to question the new Agent on the injury.

"You hurt your wrist?" The tone was deliberately casual, but Heero had a feeling his partner thought a lot more about the subject than he was openly displaying.

"Yeah, just the other day," Harry told him with a shrug.

Heero watched as he passed the incident off with ease. He decided not to challenge Potter on just how he got an injured wrist, despite wondering why the teen didn't complain about Wufei man-handling him. Perhaps Potter was smart enough to know that it wouldn't go down well with Duo and himself.

"I took care of it the other day, so it's fine," Harry continued, "but it still slowed me down a bit in the course. I suppose I should rest it a little more."

Sensing something about the topic that Potter was trying to avoid, Duo felt his curiosity spike. Just what did happen to his wrist? Well, there were plenty of ways to find out, even if the other teen was trying to dodge the subject for now. Seizing on a moment of sudden initiative, Duo smoothly asked, "Oh well, if you want to take it easy for a bit, do you wanna come into town with us for lunch? The more the merrier, you know?"

"Oh!" The other teen sounded extremely surprised at the offer. He shook his head, and raised his arms slightly, hands raised in front of him as if to ward Duo away. "Sorry, but no. I- Uh-"


Immediately, all three agents turned to look down the corridor, where an older man was hurrying towards them quickly. As he drew near, his eyes flickered across Heero and Duo, obviously recognising them, before he turned to Potter. "Are you Agent Rain?"

Potter nodded. "Yes, sir," he answered politely.

"You're needed in Briefing Room Three," the man told him. "There's a mission there that requires your team to be dispatched immediately. Follow me."

Harry nodded acceptingly, before turning to Heero and Duo awkwardly. "Uh, sorry guys. …Bye."

"'S'allright," Duo said, waving him off. "But seriously, Agent Rain?"

"I know, nice use of irony there," Potter quipped, before hurrying down the corridor towards his first mission.

Duo smiled after him. "Huh, he's not so bad," the braided teen said.

He directed this comment to Heero, who simply shrugged. "Let's see if he makes it back first."