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Chapter one

In the central city Mira in the country of Myrr, A slim girl with her black hair pulled up in a pony-tail looked out a large window overlooking the town. Her stormy blue eyes taking in all the hustle and bustle of the city, trying not to think of how she wanted to disappear forever into it. She let out a sigh before turning around and greeting the thin worried looking man who had just walked in the room.

She saw him look at her clothes and then glare at her while commenting. "My Queen, you know that you shouldn't wear common clothes like breeches now that you are Queen."

The Queen, also known as Meg just shrugged as she sprawled herself on a chair. "But if you knew what I was doing before this, you wouldn't have wanted me in one of my formal gowns, Simon. Anyway these clothes are much more comfy to walk around in." She barely hid a smile as she watched him make a face trying to decide whether to argue with her today.

Simon just went on, "But you will need to change, the delegates from Tigree are early. They should be arriving in a couple of hours instead of tomorrow."

Meg grimaced as she heard this and nodded to Simon before he bustled out the door. She turned to the window cursing her luck as she looked again at the city's occupants running around, wishing she could be down there instead of where she was. It caused her to think how she had been dragged into being Queen again.

While her family line was close enough to the Royal family to be considered possible heirs, it had never been called on. Her father, her grandmother and so on back through their line had always been the official spy masters for her country. She had learned ever since she was old enough to walk, the codes, the languages, and the art of stealth. Meg had developed her magical gift in the way of spy work, spells that caused her not to be noticed, how know if people were telling the truth, how many people were around her at any given time. She was going to become the next spymaster after her father. Her grandma even told her that as long as she kept her focus she would be a good one. Which coming from the old strict bat was a compliment Meg held dear.

Then one day, two years ago, the entire Royal family died. Her father thought that is was a poisoning done by the country that they were currently having a trade embargo with, the Masonites, but they never could prove anything. So the old crystal scepter was brought out of it place in the throne room to point to the next King or Queen of the country of Myrr. And the cursed thing pointed to her. Once she touched the thing, it gave her the knowledge of how to perform all the special, secret Royal families' magical spells. Most of them were war spells, large barriers, large attacks that you could do on an approaching enemy. And she had a hard time doing them. They were to large scale for her, after spending all her life learning to do small secret spells, these big spells were difficult to do. She sighed, at least the counselors hadn't, or she should say, couldn't keep her from the spy work stuff. It kept her sane. She sighed again as she felt somebody come into the room behind her. She turned around to see Adriana, her counselor. She looked at Adriana and just lifted her eyebrow.

Adriana laughed, "So you know all about the speech I am going to give you about being nice to the delegates."

"Yes, but you know I won't be nice, no matter how much you yell at me." Meg said defiantly.


"You know that they are going to treat us like idiots, thinking they can blow some treaty past us and not be anywhere truthful. You know my sources! I wouldn't need to be mean, if they came into this treaty with everything laid out on the table, but they will hem and haw and just get in the way."

"You're not going to give them a chance?"

"Just for you, I'll give them a chance, but that is about it."

"I have heard that their Prince Adam Ront is coming with them." Adriana said off-handedly.

"Great, that way I can finally see if he is the idiot everybody says he is." Meg said with a smile.

Adriana sighed and ordered, "Just go get dressed so you can meet them when they get here."

"Yes, Mother." Meg said sarcastically as she walked out of the room.

As Adam rode his horse up to the castle, he looked around, absorbing everything with his hazel eyes. He nervously ran his hands through his dark brown hair. His counselors had spent the whole trip reminding him that he needed to get the volatile Queen Margaret on their side. The way they wanted to do that was fool-hardy and very stupid. He looked down at the bracelet in his hands again and wished for the millionth time during this trip that they would just tell the truth and be more open then try and build all these smoke screens to blow past any opposition. But they kept over-powering him on this fact. He was even supposed to act like a puppet through these whole talks, act like the idiot everyone at home thought he was, some of the men that had traveled with him knew he wasn't the idiot but they still pushed him to be the puppet.

They had reached the castle by now, he handed the reins of his horse to a stable boy and followed the Porter inside. He and his companions were shown into a big room. In the middle was a girl in a blue dress with black hair in a loose braid down her back. She was listening to a regal-looking older lady who looked like she was trying to convince her of something. As they got closer to the girl, she turned around and flashed a brilliant smile in their direction. She introduced herself as Queen Margaret and her companion as Lady Adriana.

"I am Prince Adam Ront, These are my counselors Duke Jake of Bethany, Duke Tren of Point Square, and Duke Wynlyn of Tuscant."

"You have two options," The Queen continued on after greeting everybody, "You can join me and I will take you on a tour of the castle or you can go to your rooms refresh yourself, and join me in the tour tomorrow. Which will it be?" She finished with a polite smile.

Without waiting for any input from the counselors, Adam immediately opted for the relax and rest option.

"Of course," The Queen said with another beautiful smile, "I will give you a tour tomorrow morning after breakfast. My servants will show you to your rooms, where a hot bath and dinner will be prepared for you." She looked off to the side and motioned the servants who were there waiting. As Adam turned to follow the servant, he made a quick, indiscreet motion to activate a listening spell that he had already prepared. He attached on to her shoe. Adam was surprised when out of the corner of his eye, he saw her shiver when he attached the spell. He hoped that she hadn't sensed the spell.

Meg had been listening patiently to Adriana as she was warned again by her to be nice to their guests. When those guests finally arrived, she turned to them giving them a big smile, while trying not to look too bored by the lecture she had just been receiving. They did some quick introductions where after Meg gave them a choice on when to have their tour of the castle. Meg wasn't too surprised when the Prince decided to go to their rooms, a choice she thought they would make after their long ride. As they left the room, Meg couldn't help but shiver as she felt a listening spell attach itself somewhere on her. She watched them out of the corner of her eye as she wondered who did such a quick spell.

Meg just smiled smugly at Adriana, as a reminder to the older lady that she didn't need to worry so much about her being nice to the guests, before she walked out of the room, thinking of ways that she could contrive to fall in a mud puddle or something to an excuse to have her clothes cleaned to take off the listening spell.

As she walked around the castle Meg smiled to herself, no matter what impression she gave off to everyone else she was looking forward to these talks. One, they would give her nobles something to talk about besides her, two, she would get to see if their Prince was the idiot everyone said he was or if he was very intelligent like the rumors she had heard of, and three, hopefully if they could make a treaty she would be able to bring in some much needed trade that the trade embargo with the Masonites was draining them of.

Adam was frustrated, not only did he learn nothing from the listening spell, but The Queen had been able to get it off of her within hours of it being put on her. Apparently she had gone out into the stables and had the water from washing their horses accidently splashed all over her, forcing her to change clothes. He didn't dare set a new one, This Queen Margaret was making him nervous, she noticed too much.

That morning while they were being given a tour of the castle. She noticed that he had paused, only for a moment to look at the library and wonder if some of the magic books he had been looking for were in there. She had also noticed when she showed them the training grounds, that his annoying counselors were counting the strength in her garrison. Of course to make everything worse she had commented on both with a wry smile, like she was almost daring a response.

He was able to see her try and calm down one of her dissent nobles, A Duke Viggo of Trentsen, as he yelled at her for already starting the talks for the treaty. She had tried to calm him down and explain they hadn't even started the talks and they wouldn't' have without him in attendance. He finally listened to Lady Adriana and allowed himself to be escorted to where the other nobles waited. Adam looked over to the Queen to see her let out a quick breathe and unclench her fists.

He smiled to himself as he thought that she wasn't the only one to notice things. She caught his smile and gave him a small wink before continuing with the tour.

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