Adam was briskly walking down the halls down to the practice courts, he wasn't happy when he found out that that was where Meg had been all morning. He was half-way there when he saw Tanget and Meg walking towards him.

Meg took one look at his face and groaned to Tanget, "I wonder what he is upset about."

Tanget chuckled at her and answered, "Probably the same thing that I have been pestering you about all morning."

Making a face she turned to her husband of a year and a half and innocently asked, "You seem upset over something, Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You could help by not pushing yourself." Adam nearly shouted. "Why in the world were you at the practice courts all morning?"

Looking affronted, she replied, "I was reviewing the guard with Tanget. And before you ask I did not pick up a single weapon. I knew that you would yell at me for that, and the fact that Tanget wouldn't let me."

Adam looked over at Tanget who nodded with agreement with her, and sighed, "It is good that since you have no sense to keep still while you are with child that other people around you keep you from exerting yourself."

Meg scoffed at him, "I'm not even showing yet." She argued back, "There are many women who do work up until they have their baby, and here I am not even allowed to even to do anything. Stop being so overprotective, I am not going to hurt myself."

That caused both Adam and Tanget to start laughing, "You always say that, My Queen." Tanget started, "But what about the time a year ago when you rode to help the guard with something and you got wounded in the fight."

"Or the time," Adam interrupted, "That you were racing with your horse and the horse bucked you off nearly breaking your neck."

"There was that time when she," Tanget started before Meg stopped him.

"Alright, Alright. So little things like that happen but surely I am not going to hurt myself by just looking at the guards practice. I have already promised you not to do any sword play until the baby is born so you should just relax."

Tanget still chuckling, bowed to her and left her with Adam.

"Come on," Adam said while he put his arm over his shoulder, "We are supposed to be getting ready for King Armen's visit tomorrow. If you remember he is bringing his wife, Leti with him. I know you are looking forward to seeing her."

"I am. I haven't seen her since their wedding seven months ago. I miss her."

"First, let's get some lunch. Then the councilors want to have a meeting about Armen's visit. And you know how long that will take. Then after dinner I believe the seamstress was hoping for some time. She wants to refit some of your gowns."

Meg made a face at his last comment. "I'm not even showing yet, I can't believe she thinks she needs to refit them."

Adam gave a laugh and then gave her a quick kiss, before leading her down the hallway, "Come, my Love. The affairs of the kingdom await."