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Summary: Harry and Cedric Finally Figure Out What They Truly Want.

Chapter One: "Looking Back I Clearly See What It Is That's Killing Me"

Rain rattled the windows as Harry sat in the library studying, or rather attempting to study for the latest essay for Professor Flitwick over the levitation charm and its practical uses. The sound of footsteps approaching caused Harry to attempt to focus on the parchment in front of him. The footsteps stopped and harry looked up to see Cedric Diggory, the seeker of the Hufflepuff quidditch team. Harry looked back to his parchment, but at the last moment he caught Cedric's eyes and a shock ran through him and he immediately felt oddly uncomfortable, and shifted about nervously. Cedric was most definitely handsome, just as he had pictured it all those nights in his dreams.

Cedric didn't expect to see anyone in the hallway at this hour, least of all Harry Potter. Harry appeared to be working on an essay, but looked up as Cedric approached the table. He quickly looked down, but Cedric caught his eye before he looked back down completely. Cedric instantly wished he was holding Harry. All those nights of yearning to be with Harry suddenly seemed so possible to make real, he was right here with him alone. He looked back to Harry, who was now shifting rather uncomfortably. Was it possible that Harry felt the same for him as he did for Harry?

"Hi." Cedric decided to say.

"Hi." Harry replied. Oh how Harry wished he was in Cedric's arms. Cedric's cheeks turned a rosy red.

"Would you like to sit?" Harry asked.

"You don't mind?" Cedric asked back.

"No, it's not as if I'm making progress on this essay anyways. What brings you to the library this late at night anyways?"

Cedric was speechless; he was actually having a conversation with the guy he crushed on everyday and every night. Harry yearned to be on top of Cedric tearing his shirt off, taking in every inch of his toned body. Harry stood up.

"OH NO!" Cedric thought, He had to take a chance, it may be the only one he ever got. He needed to tell harry how he felt. Cedric stood up and quickly said, "Harry, I need to tell you something."

"YES! YES! YES!" Harry thought, maybe it would be exactly what he wanted to hear. Harry moved towards Cedric unknowingly. As Harry approached him, Cedric felt a chill run down his spine and lost his words. He grabbed Harry's arm praying that he didn't recoil. When Cedric's hand touched Harry, Harry's heart raced with excitement. Harry wanted Cedric more than anything at this moment, this was a dream come true. Harry grabbed Cedric's hand with his, and pulled himself towards him. Cedric felt as if everything was perfect at this moment, yet he was so nervous he was shaking and then he went for it. He bent down and pressed his lips too Harry's, bliss took over immediately. Harry's lips were soft and pressed harder fighting for dominance. Cedric took that moment to slip his tongue in. Harry was lost in the clouds; this was a moment he never thought would happen. He was making out with Cedric Diggory the hottest guy in school. Cedric was hard, very hard, and he could feel that Harry too was very hard. They both moaned as their cocks rubbed against each other. Harry couldn't stand it anymore, he wanted to taste Cedric. His hands fumbled for Cedric's belt. He undid it quickly and pulled his pants down to his knees. There it was, Cedric's cock, it was much larger than Harry had thought it would be. Cedric grabbed Harry's head and looked down at him, the look on his face said all Harry needed it too; he wanted this as much as Harry did. With no more reservations, he moved his mouth over Cedric's dick, and began to suck slowly moving his tongue around the head. Harry could feel his own cock straining in his trousers. Harry moved his mouth faster, Cedric moaned in pleasure.

"Harry, oh FUCK! That's good, Harry I'm gonna cum." Cedric breathed heavily.

"Cum for me Ced, I want to taste you." Harry moved his hand up and down the length of Cedric's cock that he couldn't get in his mouth, he could feel Cedric tense and then he felt it, the warm and tangy taste of Cedric's cum flowed through his mouth. He swallowed it quickly, and stoop up to kiss Harry. Cedric fumbled to undo Harry's pants, and the two boys took each other's shirts off and pulled each other close. Harry cleared the table of books with a quick swipe of his wand, and Cedric carried Harry and placed him on the table. He pulled Harry's trousers off and took his off the rest of the way. Harry whispered, "Please Ced, I want you in me."

Cedric replied with a nod, and lowered his head over Harry's very hard cock, and began moving his head rhythmically He then reached his hand down and slowly pushed one finger into Harry. Harry moaned with pleasure. Cedric obliged to the moan by inserting another finger, but ceased sucking his cock. Cedric then stood up and brought slowly put the head of his cock in Harry's ass. Harry whimpered quietly.

"It's ok Harry, it will only hurt for a little bit, but it will be worth it I promise you." With this, Cedric pushed deeper into Harry. Harry's face was strained in an apparent mix of pleasure and pain. Cedric knew he was large and prayed he didn't hurt Harry. He slowly pushed deeper and began moving in and out. Tears streamed down Harry's cheek in between moans of pleasure. "Oh Cedric, FUCK that feels good.

At that moment, a noise startled them both; they had been so busy they forgot they were in a completely public place. After the noise passed however, they heard nothing more, and Cedric began moving faster and faster. Harry was most definitely past the pain and now took him eagerly, whispering for more. At that moment everything froze. Cedric looked back in horror as one Draco Malfoy stood gaping at the scene before him. Harry opened his eyes when Cedric stopped and saw him staring in a different direction he followed his eyes. There stood Draco Malfoy, gaping, "What the fuck is going on here?!"

Time seemed to stop. The moment had been so perfect, and now Draco fucking Malfoy was going to go and tell the whole world what was going on. Cedric stood there in the library naked and rather dumbfounded. His still hard cock was in Harry's ass and Harry's arch-nemesis was standing there watching them. It was rather uncomfortable. He couldn't just pull out of Harry it would be painful for Harry, and Cedric really didn't want to stop. He loved being in Harry, he loved touching him He loved his scent.

Instead of turning around and running and screaming like Harry pictured Draco doing, he stood there for a moment in what appeared to be a daze. Then Draco turned on the spot, but before he could go anywhere, Cedric thinking quickly grabbed his wand from next to Harry and stupified him. Cedric pulled out of Harry as gently as he could. Harry made a few uncomfortable noises and gasped when Cedric was finally out of him. Cedric turned around to see Malfoy stop dead in his tracks.

Cedric bent over to grab his trousers. He could see Harry sit up and glare at Draco's motionless form on the ground. They would have to do something about Malfoy, they didn't need everyone knowing they had shagged in the library. Cedric pulled his trousers on and stood up, Harry was already dressed.

"Harry, what are we gonna do?" Cedric asked.

"I'm not sure," harry began, "but we have to make sure Malfoy keeps his big mouth shut."

Cedric nodded in agreement, "Harry, I didn't mean for it to go so far." Cedric whispered.

"Don't apologize, I wanted it, I've wanted it for a long time." Harry smiled back at him.

Cedric couldn't help himself, Harry's smile melted him. He leaned in for a kiss. And whispered in Harry's ear, "No matter what happens, I will be here beside you. I think I'm in love with you."

Harry could feel the tears well up, that was the thing he wanted most in the world, Cedric Diggory to be in love with him. He dreamed about constantly. Now it was truly happening.

Harry answered back, "I love you too, Cedric." This was the perfect moment, the moment Harry realized he finally found happiness, true happiness. Looking back, he clearly saw, that what was killing him was life, without being in Cedric's arms.