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Chapter 6: "All Your Weight, It Falls on Me, It Brings Me Down"

Hermione walked down the hall from the portrait hole. As she turned a corner, she ran into Ron.

"Ronald!" Hermione screamed.

"Sorry Hermione, I didn't see you there." Ron chuckled.

"Don't laugh, I need to talk to you," she began, "It's about Harry."

"Did you figure out where he was earlier?" Ron asked.

"Yes." She answered.

"Well, where was he?" He asked.

"He was…Ron, I need to ask you something before I tell you." She said.

"Whats that?" He asked.

Just as Hermione was about to ask, two sixth year boys walked by them holding hands. She immediately looked at Ron. He was visibly tense.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

He stared down the hall with a scathing look. "Can you believe those queers?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" She asked. She knew she couldn't let Harry tell him now.

"They have the nerve to show their faces. Acting like there is not anything wrong with what they are, its disgusting. How can a guy go so wrong as to fuck his own kind?" Ron said. Hermione looked at him, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Ron, they are people and they have the right to be who they want and don't need you judging them." She scowled at him.

"Hermione, its disgusting, how can you sympathize with them?" He said. She looked hurt, "What was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"I can't. Not after that." She said. She turned around and walked back to the common room.

She looked back to insure Ron was not following her, he wasn't. She walked up to the fat lady. After saying the password, the portrait swung open. She walked through the hole and found Harry on the couch where she had left him.

Ron was wondering to himself what had just happened. "What could she want to talk about?" He wondered aloud. "Wait she still didn't tell me where Harry was!" He again stated aloud. He began down the hall towards the common room.

Hermione ran up and hugged Harry, whom had stood upon seeing her. "Harry, you can't tell Ron." She said.

"Why not?" Harry asked.

"I just witnessed how he feels about homosexuality Harry, and its not good." She said. Harry looked confused.

"Do you think that's best?" He asked.

"Yes I do." She said.

"Hermione, I'm not going to be able to hide it from him forever." He said.

"Hide what?" Ron said. Hermione jumped. "Ron! I didn't see you come in." She said. Harry looked at Ron and then at Hermione.

Hermione knew Harry was extremely uncomfortable in this moment. Hermione walked towards Ron, lets go the library. "Wait." He said. "You never told me where Harry was earlier." Hermione looked at Harry.

Harry felt like hiding who he was was wrong, but if Ron truly felt how Hermione described him, he couldn't risk losing Ron as a friend.

"I didn't feel well, I went to the hospital wing to see Madam Pomfrey." Harry said. Hermione looked thankful. Ron looked doubtful, then he said, "Oh ok, well glad to see you are feeling better then."

"I do." Harry answered.

"Madam Pince," Dumbledore said, "Was someone in the library last night?"

"Not that I am aware of." She answered, "If someone was it must have been on the other side otherwise I would have seen or heard."

"Very well then, I will just take a look around." He said.

"Very good Headmaster." She said.

Dumbledore had an idea of who had been in here, he hoped he was wrong.

"Draco, are you alright?" Snape asked.

"Yes sir." Draco answered.

"Draco I'm going to try something, I'm going to see if I can see anything again." Snape said.

"Go ahead." He answered. Snape stood up and walked to face Malfoy. He pulled out his wand and pointed at Draco. "Legilimens!" he shouted. Snape immediately saw nothing. Just black and the few memories of Dumbledore and himself talking to Draco. He didn't want to hurt Draco, but he felt it necessary to delve deeper, nothing could be taken away, only hidden. He pushed harder with his mind, and there it was, the boundary he needed to brake.

Little did he know, the table Dumbledore was now standing in front of was the same one Cedric and Harry had been using the night before. Dumbledore could sense that the Memory Charm had been performed here. Dumbledore returned to his office.

Ron turned around and Hermione followed him out of the common room. "That was uncomfortable" Harry thought. Harry was tired, although the sex was good, it was tiring. He walked up the stairs to the dormitories.

"Bloody hell!" he heard as he opened the door.

He looked in to see Seamus and Dean doing exactly what he and Cedric had been doing last night. "Harry close the door!" He heard. Without thinking he walked into the room and and shut the door. "What is going on here?" He inquired. Dean and Seamus both looked rather distraught, and all Harry could do was feel guilty for walking in. But before Harry could do anything, the door opened again, and in came Ron. As he gazed upon Dean and Seamus still on top of each other in shock, he made a gagging noise, and hollered: "What the fuck is going on here?"

Seamus and Dean quickly pulled the blankets over them and got off of each other. Harry felt guilty but was also rather relieved Ron had caught them and not Harry and Cedric.

Seamus' face was very red, and he began to speak: "Do you two mind? You could at least have the decency to turn around so we could get dressed." Harry did as Seamus asked, and he watched as Ron just stared. "I didn't know you were queer." He said. Harry knew before he turned around that Ron would regret that. "So what if we are?" Dean asked.

"Its disgusting." Ron answered, "I'm not friends with faggots." He left the room.

"Stupify!" Dean shouted. Before Ron could make it out the door, Dean's spell caught him in the back. Harry stepped back as he saw what was about to happen. Ron turned around. Dean was walking towards Ron, and without warning ran and kicked him in the chest sending Ron straight down the stairs. Dean stopped realizing he was naked. He looked at Harry and said: "You got something to say?" Harry looked at Dean.

"Dean, I have no problem with what I just saw, it's your life, you live how you choose, I wouldn't want to be judged, so I'm not judging you." Dean looked at Harry, "Thanks." He said.

Seamus got out of bed. Harry took point to look away, Dean and Seamus were not bad looking, but he couldn't do anything he'd regret. He took this point to walk out of the room and go after Ron.

Harry thought as he was walking down the stairs, how could Ron be like this? Why would he be like this? He was Harry's best friend, but Harry couldn't tell Ron. He had to make sure Ron kept his mouth shut about Seamus and Dean. It was obvious they didn't want other people knowing, before that he hadn't been aware of their relationship. All of that weight had fell on him, but he wouldn't let it bring him down. He would deal with Ron.