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Vince yawned widely and snuggled into Howard's chest, breathing in his scent and sighing happily. Howard smiled down at him fondly and ruffled the smaller man's hair gently.

"Time for bed, little man?"

Vince clutched Howard's arm and leant against him heavily. "I'm not tired yet."

Howard chuckled. "I think you are. Come on." He took Vince's hand and started to pull him along, but Vince pulled back and pouted at him. "Vince..." He looked at his boyfriend with mock annoyance, knowing very well that he was just playing him, a cheeky sparkle dancing across his baby blues. People jostled around them, some wearily making their way towards their tents, and others heading towards one of the many bars. Howard tugged Vince's hand again, but he was still resisting, looking at him with wide-eyed innocence, so Howard did the only thing he thought he could possibly do at that moment, which was to pick Vince up in one swift movement and sling him over his shoulder, which caused the little electro prince to give a half-hearted objection, one that quickly turned into a giggle.


Howard ignored him and just grinned, carrying Vince through the crowds, yelping occasionally and scolding gently when Vince saw fit to bite his backside in playful protest.

When they arrived back at the tent, Howard unceremoniously dropped Vince to the ground – who squealed and gave Howard a slap on the arse – and unzipped the tent door, surprised to find Rose and Naboo sitting there with their bags packed.

"What's going on?"

Rose shifted nervously and Naboo took this as his cue. "I've got some shaman business to attend too, and I need Rose's help."

Howard eyed them suspiciously, getting jolted to one side slightly as Vince pushed passed him.

"You're leaving?"

"What do you need Rose for?" Howard asked, looking back and forth between the two of them.

Naboo sighed. "Well, I haven't got a familiar, and I need a hand, and Rose offered, so..."

"It'll be fine, Howard. We'll see you back at the flat, yeah? And just think – you two get to be alone all weekend!" Rose said, fixing her brother and Vince a brilliant smile.

Howard had to admit that that idea was rather appealing, and he looked at Vince, who winked at him. "Yeah, okay." He turned to Naboo and eyed him seriously. "Don't let her get hurt."



Rose sighed and gave him a hug. "See you Monday."

When she and Naboo had left the tent, Vince threw Howard a mock glare. "You dropped me on the floor."

Howard just grinned and grabbed Vince by the shoulders, pulling him in for a searing kiss.


Julian and Noel stared at the small square of carpet in Naboo's hands incredulously, and the tiny shaman rolled his eyes.

"Watch," he said, and he muttered a few words, the square expanding until it resembled a rug, floating magically just above the ground.

"Wow," Noel grinned, "now that's cool."

The four of them had walked back to the woods, away from the prying eyes of the festival-goers, talking conspiringly. Having formulated a plan of escaping back to the flat without Howard and Vince, they were trying to decide just what they were going to do next. So far, nothing had really won them over.

"Right," Naboo said, his manner surprisingly business like. "On you all get."

Noel and Julian glanced at each other nervously before clambering on, the carpet dipping slightly as they did so, and soon they were soaring off into the night air, clutching at each other as the carpet flew higher and higher. Julian blinked down in amazement, his face a mixture of fear and adrenaline fuelled excitement.

"Wow," Noel breathed, looking awe-struck at the view spread out before them. Lights shone brightly, bathing the earth in a warm, orange glow. The moon sat high and proud in the sky and the stars twinkled. Trees swayed gently in the breeze, and every now and then a bird would fly passed, so close that Noel swore he could feel the beating of its wings. "It's beautiful."

Julian smiled at the look on his friend's face, his hair flying out behind him.

"When we get home, I'm going to paint this." Noel whipped out his phone and switched the camera on, snapping at the scenery. "Not ideal, but it'll do."

"You guys okay?" Rose asked, looking over her shoulder from where she was sitting at the front of the carpet with Naboo.

"Genius," Noel said, really only half-listening as he continued to take photos.

Julian gave Rose a nod and grinned in Noel's direction. "yeah, we're fine."

Rose smiled and turned back round, and Julian leant into Noel and whispered; "this isn't a dream, is it?"

Noel switched the camera off and pocketed his phone, leaning his head against Julian's shoulder. "No, Ju. It's all completely real."


Naboo manoeuvred the carpet close to the ground and everyone jumped off, and with a click of his fingers, Naboo shrunk it back to sample size. He watched as Julian and Noel ran up to the shop window and excitedly peered through the glass.

"Come on, then," Rose said, pulling out her key and opening the door next to the shop. Julian stopped her.

"Can we go in this way? I just... I mean, if it's okay?" he said, looking at Naboo expectantly.

The shaman nodded, and Rose moved over to the shop door, grinning as she opened it.

"So, this is all the same too, then?"

The boys scampered in and Rose switched on the light. Julian, usually the more reserved of the two, laughed gleefully.

"Sort of," he replied, watching as Noel picked up a pair of vintage boots.

"Can I buy these?" Noel asked. Then he laughed, and once he'd started, he couldn't stop, and soon Julian was joining in too, until they were hysterical, falling onto each other and clutching at each other's shirts.

Naboo and Rose shared a look from where they were stood in the doorway, but the laughter was infectious, and they were soon joining them, the noise ringing out into the quiet night air.

"Oh, God," Julian moaned, holding his sides. "We're sorry, it's just..." he trailed off, his body shaking.

Noel jumped about slightly, trying to shake the laughter off, his heels clicking loudly on the ground.

After a few moments, they were all calm enough to begin forming coherent sentences again.

"Are you gonna do this again when we get up to the flat?" Naboo asked, amusement still evident all over his face.

Noel grinned sheepishly. "Sorry. We'll be on our best behaviour now, won't we, Ju?"

Julian ran a hand over his stubble. "We most certainly will."

But, as they were led up the stairs, they couldn't help but clutch each others hands tightly in anticipation.