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Warning for chapter : Sex fantasy

Chapter 1

A lone man, clothed in rags, walked hastily through the hallways of the birthing chambers. His newborn cub had just been born mere moments ago. Reaching the door, he took a deep breath and strode in.

There a woman met him, her features slightly solemn. She announced, "your son took too much of your mate's ki during the birth. I'm sorry. She didn't make it. His ki is also astonishingly high for one born of a third-class. It is 30,000. No cub has ever been born stronger than the crown Prince, and he is in danger. You know the Prince is the strongest alive, none other."

Vegeta's father bowed his head, saying, "I understand. He will need to be disposed of. I know that the King does not allow any other to be stronger than his son." Then, the Saiyan turned slowly away.

Making his way over to where his cub, with his own blood pumping in its tiny veins, lay sleeping, his breath caught in a gasp. His son looked exactly like him, for it was his mirror image, minus the facial hair that would come with age, along with bangs covering his forehead and prominent widow's peak. Vegeta's father reached down and picked up the young one, embracing him slightly. Wrapping him in a blanket, he left the room. He inclined his head to the woman, who watched him leave, knowing that this was the last time the little one was to see any light of day…

Later that day…

Vegeta's father hovered above a quiet village for a moment, and then landed. Checking around the area, he was sure this was the place where the Saiyan known as Paragus dwelled. He, whose wife also gave birth to an incredibly powerful cub who was also stronger than the current Prince.

Walking towards the door of the house he was told Paragus lived at, he knocked three times. Waiting patiently, he was careful to make sure the newborn cub was wrapped safely within his arms. After a moment, a Saiyan, not too tall, with a scar crossing over a closed eye, opened the door, and then glanced up at Vegeta's father. Noticing the cub in his arms, he opens the door fully and invites him in.

"What is it you are here for?" he questioned as soon as the door was shut.

After leading him down the hall toward a living room, Paragus instructed Vegeta's father to take a seat. Dark eyes implored the other Saiyan. Once he sat, he explained why he needed Paragus' help. "You see, earlier my cub, Vegeta, was born. My wife died during the labor because of how much ki my son took from her, which exhausted her. My cub was born with a ki of 30,000, and knowing that no Saiyans are supposed to be stronger than the Prince, I told the midwife I was going to kill him. But, I can't kill my cub. My wife already died giving birth and I refuse to lose my son too. I was hoping that you could give me some ki bands to hide his true power, like you used on your son, Brolli," Vegeta's father explained.

"Of course. But, you know, these bands cost a lot of money and by the looks of it, you have little to none," Paragus said while studying the stranger closely. "However, if you were to give up your cub to me, I am willing to provide the ki cuffs wanted to insure the cub to be able to live."

Glancing down at the little cub sleeping contently in his arms, the father knew that he could not give up his only child, even if it was to save his life. "Surely, there is some other way I can pay you. I refuse to give up my only son," Vegeta's father replied in desperation with a pleading look that was not often shown across his features.

"There is one other way you can pay me back. I will let you give me the payment in installments, but you will pay me an extra amount of money for this. I think that I am being more than generous. I could easily say no and your cub will have to be either killed or given to me."

Sighing, Vegeta's father agreed, and slowly, handed his cub over to Paragus. Then, they entered into what resembled a storage room, with objects cluttered around. Stopping, Paragus held the baby in one arm, and tugged on a statue standing next to a wall. All of a sudden, it opened, and Paragus strode through, followed closely by Vegeta's father.

Unseen, a five-year-old Brolli noticed his father with a strange man. Curious, he decided to follow him and the stranger. While keeping quiet, he watched his father curiously.

Setting the sleeping cub down on a table, Paragus then went over to a shelf. Metal gleamed off two items he grabbed off of it, and returned, carrying them toward the cub. Leaning over the little cub slightly, Paragus grabbed the blanket and tugged it off him gently. While giving the blanket to Vegeta's father, he seized hold of one of the ki bands and slid it on the cub's upper arm. Next, he then grabbed the other ki band and slid it on the base of the cub's tail. Telling Vegeta's father to check the cub's ki with the scouter now, Vegeta's father did so. Flickering numbers displayed that the ki now read 500.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Brolli walked over to where his father and the strange man stood. He stood up on his tiptoes, trying to glance at what was so interesting there on his father's table. Unable to see, as he was too short, he kicked his father in the leg. Angrily, he glared at his father with a look that clearly said, "I want to see what it is!" Brolli was scooped up and shown the cub lying on the table. So small and fragile, yet so lovely, Brolli thought. Instantly, he fell in love with the adorable, little baby lying there, with his tail tucked in his mouth while asleep on the table. "You will be mine someday," Brolli vowed.

Once set back down, Brolli sat on the floor pouting. Meanwhile, Vegeta's father returned the blanket the cub was wrapped in over to Paragus. Winding it back around the cub, Paragus then handed the whelp back over to his father. Relief crossed Vegeta's father's face.

Walking out of the room, on the way to the door, Vegeta's father spun around. He uttered a quick appreciative word, "thank you for the help. I promise I will work on paying back the money right away." Finally, he sadly turned around and left.

Five Years Later…

(Vegeta's Five Years Old)

Walking towards the nearest lake to grab some food for tonight's meal, Vegeta received a sudden bad feeling about his father. Turning around, he rushed straight back to where his dad was. Once he arrived at the scene, he was shocked and horrified to see his dad lying face first in a puddle of his own blood, complete with a big hole in his back, showing that he was ki blasted from behind. Tears poured down his eyes as the young cub rushed to his father's body. Checking his pulse in his neck for any sign of life, he broke down next to his father's body, not feeling any sign of blood pumping. Slowly standing back up, he grabbed the side of his father's lifeless body and pushed him over so his back was on the floor. He grabbed hold of his father's neck and knelt beside him, crying and hugging his father's corpse.

Meanwhile, floating up in the air, Paragus noticed Brolli had done as asked and floated down to the floor. Putting his hand on the cub's head, he told him to wipe his tears away and rise. Shakily, Vegeta stood up with blood all over his front clothes and looked up at the man who he recognized as the guy his father would occasionally have around their house to give money to every two months. With his lower lip trembling, the cub clung to Paragus' gi pants and cried. Allowing the cub to blubber for a few moments, Paragus knelt down at eye level with the cub and, with fake sympathy, told the boy he would be living with him and his son, Brolli.

"Now, go meet up with my son. He's floating in the air above us. He will take you to our home while I take care of your father's body." Giving a nod to Paragus, Vegeta took off into the air sadly and blasted off with Brolli to his new home.

Watching both Brolli and Vegeta fly off, Paragus then turned towards Vegeta's father's body and, with an evil smirk, he powered up a blast to incinerate it on the spot. He whispered, "I told you I wanted your son, Vegeta. He and Brolli will make me the newest and most feared Saiyan King yet to be on the throne after I kill off both the brat Prince and the King." Paragus then rose into the air and flew back home.

Ten Years Later…

(Vegeta's Fifteen Years Old) and (Kakarrotto's Eighteen Years Old)

It was the morning of the crown Prince's birthday. Today, his father had granted him his wish to visit outside the castle for his eighteenth birthday. It was a huge opportunity, as the Prince was never allowed out of the castle grounds before. There was only one rule to this though, which was that Kakarrotto wasn't allowed to tell anyone he was the prince, and he also had to wear a cape to hide his real identity. He would be taking his personal bodyguard, and best friend, Raditz, with him, who would also be wearing a cape to hide his identity as the prince's bodyguard.

Inhaling his breakfast as fast as possible, the Prince was eager to get to visit the peasants' grounds on the planet. Observing his son's eagerness with an amused expression, the King watched his son finish the last of his meal. Then, he saw him grab his bodyguard, Raditz's upper arm, proceeding to rush out of the dining room, eager to enjoy his day outside of the castle grounds.

"Where are we going first, my Prince?" Raditz questioned, also as excited as the Prince was to be free of the palace grounds.

"I was thinking that we could go to a local bar and mix with the other Saiyans. I have always wanted to go to a normal bar for once instead of the boring get-togethers my father makes me attend," Kakarrotto replied, anticipation showing clearly in his eyes. "Then, afterwards, I thought we could go have a look around the stalls, and maybe purchase some goods."

"Sounds like a good idea, my Prince. There is a well-known bar not far from here that many Saiyans visit. I can take you there if you would like." Noticing the big grin and nod from his Prince, he blasted off into the air to lead the way to the bar.

Vegeta had now labored Paragus for ten years. Although he is used to life as a slave, he was beaten harshly for any mistakes until his sixteenth birthday would arrive. On that occasion, he would enter into his first heat. Then, with Brolli being the only other Saiyan around, he would be able to claim Vegeta during his mating lust. Paragus would then control Brolli and Vegeta's powers and use them to get what he wanted: The Saiyan King's title!

Paragus, Brolli, and Vegeta had just arrived at the local bar. As it was coming close to Vegeta's sixteenth birthday, they were planning what was to transpire when Vegeta went into heat.

Brolli was scheming to claim the cub he loved, and in term save him from his father's beatings and enslavement, whilst Paragus was planning to let Brolli claim Vegeta. Then, utilizing the control he had over their ki with the bands, he would use them both as tools to kill King Bardock and Prince Kakarrotto.

Walking into the bar, Paragus, Brolli, and Vegeta headed to the darkened corner at the rear of the establishment. Sitting down in their usual seats, Paragus sent Vegeta to go fetch their drinks, so Brolli and Paragus could commence their plans for Vegeta's heat when he reached his sixteenth year alive.

Raditz opened the door to the local bar for Goku. The Prince headed to the bar, whilst Raditz went to scout around just to make sure that the place was okay, with no suspicious-looking Saiyans around. Standing at the bar, Goku spotted a very beautiful peasant, yet scruffy. Dried dirt and blood caked on his skin and clothes – which were ripped in places as well. Noticing the peasant's ribs showing as the youth stood at the bar next to all the other Saiyans, Goku judged the peasant was quite malnourished.

Finally order the Sake, Vegeta started to turn back with his drinks. Unfortunately, he accidentally bumped into Goku, spilling the three drinks all over his cloak. Eyes widening, he stuttered an apology, and left to retreat when a hand landed on his shoulder, stopping him. Freezing, he feared he was going to be beaten. He cringed and turns around, visibly shaking.

After seeing the young man about to walk off, Goku laid his hand on the trembling youth's shoulder to halt him and reassure him that it was okay, and only a simple mistake. He was astonished to see the young man freeze and slowly turn around, while still shaking. Knowing something was wrong, he decided in his mind to buy back the three drinks the youth had spilt all over him to show him he meant no harm, yet he first gestured for Raditz to come over. He told Vegeta to sit down a moment, as he would be right back. Meekly, Vegeta did so.

Kakarrotto whispered to Raditz that he was going to change in the bathroom. Fortunately, he had packed him with a set of spare clothes. Secretly, he handed Raditz enough money to buy the three drinks again after fishing through his purse.

Seeing the taller Saiyan approaching, Vegeta inwardly shuddered. Sure he was about to be beaten, he was instead surprised when the second Saiyan ordered three drinks for him. Drinks that he had originally ordered before spilling them on the first mysteriously cloaked stranger.

The first cloaked figure returning from changing, sat next to him with a big smile on his face. "Those drinks are for you, to replace the ones you accidentally spilt on me," Goku told him with a grin.

Goku was about to ask the beautiful, but scruffy, young man what his name was and where he lived when he noticed a Saiyan with a scar covering over a closed eye approaching, and looking quite pissed off. The stranger then seized the startled young man whom Goku had just met and threatened him to get back over to the table with the drinks. Then, leaning in close to the young man, he whispered quietly to him that if he didn't, he wouldn't get any food that day and would receive an extra beating. Quaking, Vegeta grabbed the three drinks and turned to the first cloaked figure. With lowered eyes, he thanked him for his kindness, and then darted back to his table in the dark corner of the bar, where Brolli currently sat.

Trying to not look angered, Goku saw the man turn to him and apologize before he too retreated to where he sent the scruffy young man. For a moment, looking at Raditz, he made up his mind. He was going to discover what direction the youth would leave in, and then sneak out of the castle later that week to try and find him once more.

A few hours later when Paragus, Brolli, and Vegeta were departing the bar, Kakarrotto left Raditz in the establishment using the excuse that he needed some fresh air. Quietly, he then followed the trio to see where they were headed. The trio disappeared straight into the alleyways, which were a fifteen-minute walk away from the club. After winding their way through different alleyways that twisted and turned for about an hour, they then took to the air. Flying over the desert for half an hour, they landed in a scruffy and deserted looking village.

Paragus marched up to the biggest house, the one that looked the least scruffy, but still had quite a few windows covered in wood planks and a few holes in the roof. Walking in, they disappeared from Kakarrotto's view. Fixing the way to get to the house in his memory, Kakarrotto took off into the sky to rendezvous with his guard, Raditz back at the bar.

After spending the rest of the day just milling around the local market stools, Kakarrotto decided it was high time to head back to the castle. He couldn't really concentrate because all he could think about was the beautiful, scruffy stranger he encountered at the bar.

Shortly after walking into the home they lived in, Vegeta heard his name being shouted angrily by his Master Paragus. Slowly, and fearfully, he turned around to face his Master. Glancing at his feet, he knew what was about to happen next would not be pleasant.

"Who the hell was that man you were talking to, you worthless piece of shit?" Paragus growled.

"No one," Vegeta whispered, ducking his head and closing his eyes. Knowing the answer wasn't enough, he was too scared to try and think of a good lie. It wouldn't have worked anyway. Lying to Paragus always made him angrier, which meant he hit harder.

"It didn't look that way to me. You looked pretty cozy to me. Probably wanted that guy to fuck you, huh? Is that what you want, boy? Maybe I should start selling you around to some of my friends, so you can pull your weight around this place," Paragus continued. Circling Vegeta, he slapped and punched him after each of his sentences. Neither of them mentioned how Vegeta did pull his weight by doing chores and making meals, but none of that mattered at this moment.

Vegeta cringed at the thought and shook his head violently, averting his eyes. "Please, no," he whispered, flinching.

"You telling me what to do, bitch?" he yelled, punching the young man in the head even as he shook his head to his statement. "I'm the one who makes the decisions around here."

Vegeta choked back a sob as he collapsed to the floor from the kick Paragus delivered in his stomach. He hoped that Paragus didn't do what he threatened, for he wasn't sure how much more abuse he could take. Hesitantly, he glanced up as his Master spoke once more.

"No, on second thought, I won't do that. I want you innocent for when Brolli claims you as his mate. I don't want to be handing my son spoiled goods," Paragus said, walking over to Vegeta and dragging him up by his crest of matted hair. "Now, listen to me, you worthless piece of crap. You stay away from that guy, whoever he is, he's bad news. You hear me, boy!?"

Vegeta nodded fearfully, yelping as Paragus started to drag him along the floor down the hall. The floor bumped against his already battered body. "Good." Paragus growled, glaring at the dirty young man in his grasp, and sneered in disgust.

Harshly, Paragus tossed Vegeta into his cold, dingy, lifeless room, leaving him bleeding and not caring at all because in his eyes the pathetic excuse for a Saiyan deserved it. Vegeta limped to the small mat that served as his bed and sat down, wondering why his life had gone so terribly wrong. Eventually, weak and tired, he fell to sleep.

Prince Kakarrotto and Raditz flew back to the castle in silence. Raditz knew the Prince was mulling over something and didn't want to disturb his friend. Eventually, landing at the castle, they both were admitted by the palace guards. Nodding their thanks, they entered and, eventually, met up with King Bardock. After the King asked them how the trip had been, Kakarrotto answered that it was fine, yet his father could see a look in his eyes that showed his son wasn't being one-hundred percent truthful. Shrugging mentally to himself, the King let them both continue on to where they were headed.

Kakarrotto turned to his good friend, and loyal bodyguard, Raditz, and told him he was going to bed now, and would talk to him tomorrow. Bowing to the Prince and saying a quick, "goodbye," Raditz headed to his room next door to the Prince's. He was in need of a shower.

However, Kakarrotto had sat down on his king-size bed made up with purple silk sheets. Since he met the peasant earlier in the club, he was simply thinking about the youth that he couldn't get out of his mind. After ten minutes or so, off reflecting about the young beauty, he decided to take a shower himself. Rising from the bed, he walked into the en-suite bathroom. Not only to clean himself, he hoped to clear his mind from the day's earlier events.

Turning on the water, he let it heat up as he disrobed. He stuck his arm in, testing the water, while scratching his stomach, knowing a shower was what he needed to calm down after such a long, but fun day. When he was happy with the temperature, he stepped in and sighed as the water pelted down his back like a lover's caress, or at least what he thought a lover's caress would feel like. He grabbed a sponge and soap that sat on a built-in shelf and started to clean his body. Slowly, stroking his tired muscles, he lazily watched the soapsuds trail sensually down his body.

He chuckled lightly as he became half-hard at the feeling, sighing, as he grew harder with each stroke of his hand on his stomach. What was it about long days and a hot shower that made him so horny? He watched with slight amusement and embarrassment as his cock engorged with blood until he was perfectly erect. He leaned until his back was braced against the wall. He set aside his sponge as he let his own hands stroke his skin.

Eyes closing, he moaned lightly. They popped open a moment later after he realized just who he was picturing behind his eyelids. Stopping his stroking, he thought about it. What was it about that beautifully sad creature that made him feel all hot and bothered? His hands resumed his stroking and he closed his eyes again, figuring the best way to answer his question was to see this through to the end, which wouldn't exactly be a bad thing.

As his hand reached his straining erection, he uttered a loud moan as the sensation ran through him and the picture behind his eyes clarified. He visualized the peasant before him, lying on his bed, naked, waiting for him after he had finished a long day of ruling his people. The young man was beautiful, for he was no longer covered in dirt and blood, and his eyes shown with love and desire. No longer could the Prince deny what was offered to him so stunningly.

Kakarrotto groaned as one of his hands started to stroke his cock, up and down, very slowly, while the other one rolled his balls around in a teasing manner. He climbed onto the bed to join his fantasy lover. They kissed passionately, both desiring each other so much; they could barely contain themselves from just rutting like animals. Quickly, the Prince's robes were discarded on the floor in a heap. Soon, they were one, making love on his large bed as the moon rose and bathed them in its gentle light.

Kakarrotto shuddered, feeling heat pool in his belly as he imagined himself sinking into that small, seductive body. Making his lover moan out in pleasure, he called his name as he came. Kakarrotto, both in the shower and in his fantasy, came at the sight of his lover writhing in such ecstasy and the feeling of that hot passage spasm in pleasure around him.

Voice echoing off the wall of his bathroom, Kakarrotto shouted as he came. His essence was caught by the water and disappeared down the drain, just like his fantasy. Slowly, he opened his eyes and slumped against the wall, smiling stupidly at the intensity of his orgasm. He needed to see that boy again, and learn his name… and he wanted to yell it when he came.

Finishing his shower, Kakarrotto decided to head to bed and get some sleep. He was weary and longing for his secret lover now more than ever. Climbing under the silken sheets, he quickly nodded off into a deep sleep.


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