Chapter Four

By: Julesie

Beta by: LMK and Co. Productions

Note: Sorry for the lateness of this chapter but I have been having problems in real life that I have been sorting out involving the hospital and other such things, I also apologize for the shortness of this chapter but chapter 5 makes up for it in length.

Three Months Later…

It had been three months since Prince Kakarrotto had gotten any time free to do anything he wanted without his duties getting in the way. His father had been dragging him along to many planets to expand the culture and meet many new acquaintances that could prove helpful for the planet, along with that he had been busy with his studying about becoming a King. Luckily, his father had told him he had some spare time and because he hadn't been able to meet his mate again or find anything out about the young man in the past three months that he wanted to, he had planned to do that today.

Coming out of his bedroom and walking a few steps to the room next to his that his bodyguard was in, Kakarrotto put a black brief case he was carrying with him under his armpit and knocked on the door. Hearing a shuffle inside, he waited. After a few moments, he heard the door be grabbed and then watched it turn. Standing in front of him was Raditz, half asleep and rubbing his eyes whilst yawning.

"Morning, Prince Kakarrotto. What's up?" Raditz asked with a sleepy voice.

"My father has finally given me some free time and I was going to try to find some information on my soon-to-be-mate. Do you think you could try to cover me if my father needs me at all?"

"Sure, my Prince. I'm glad you finally got some time to find the information. I wish you good luck," Raditz replied whilst giving a brief hug to the Prince.

"Thank you. It shouldn't be too hard when all births are recorded as well as information on the cub and his parents." Directing a smile to Raditz quickly, Kakarrotto then turned around and headed down the hall.

Walking through the palace, Kakarrotto stopped in front of a door. The door was to a room with no guards, there was no need for them because it was just a spare room with nothing of importance inside – apart from a few old broken training machines and weights. Walking into the room, Kakarrotto quietly closed the door behind him and, walking up to the window, he flew out. Hovering in the air, he slowly lowered himself next to the baby birthing chambers building. He knew the building like the back of his hand and knew where most people were and at what time. Climbing into a back window to the building, making sure to be careful not to hit the brief case he was carrying on anything, Kakarrotto stood in a room with a large computer. Knowing no one was here at the moment, he put the brief case down and kneeled down in front of it, he took out a laptop. Getting out a wire, he then plugged it into the side of the other computer and then, grabbing a chair, he searched for the information he needed on the mysterious beauty who would be his mate.

Soon the computer had loaded fully. Kakarrotto clicked on a file filled with information on any of the cubs born on Planet Plant. Glancing up, Kakarrotto clicked another file, which was filled with the more recent births. Looking down at the keyboard, the Prince typed in the search option to find any cubs born in the past twenty years. He wasn't sure of his mate's real age, although Kakarrotto was sure he was younger than he was, but decided it best to make the computer look through any cubs aged from fourteen to twenty-years-old. Soon the information had loaded a list of cubs with some information and their birth pictures showed on the screen before him. Kakarrotto downloaded all the information onto his laptop computer to save it so he could check through it later with Raditz. The cub's name just had to be on the list somewhere…

Sitting and waiting for the computer download to his laptop to complete, Kakarrotto sighed. It was sure boring. He wished he didn't have to sit and do nothing while waiting for it to finish, but there was nothing else to do. Finally, five minutes later, the downloading from the main computer to his laptop had completed. Hearing the beep to prove this, Kakarrotto smirked, but soon it turned into a large grin. Jumping up from his sitting position, Kakarrotto cleared any evidence that he had looked in the files on the cubs and shut down the computer. Next, he moved towards his laptop, opening the case back up, Kakarrotto saved the files on the laptop and shut it down too. He then placed it back inside the carrier case and quickly headed out of the room, thankful that no one had caught him. He knew he would get a big telling off from his father for looking at information that is only supposed to be known by the King himself and the main workers in the baby chambers.

Later, both Kakarrotto and Raditz were sitting in Raditz's bedroom with two laptops on the bed in front of them. Earlier, Kakarrotto had sent the same information from his computer to Raditz and they were both going to look through half each to cut down the time in the search.

Three hours later, they both still hadn't seen any cubs that looked at all like the one they were looking for. They were starting to get bored, but Kakarrotto was determined to get the information he sought and refused to stop until he had found it.

Five hours later and they had both gone through the list of all cubs born on Planet Plant in the last twenty years, but neither of them had found the one cub they were searching for.

"Why isn't he here? He has to be here somewhere," Kakarrotto spoke out loud with a confused tone.

"He should be here, my Prince. When we saw him at the club, he most certainly did not look older than twenty, neither did he look younger than fourteen, so he should be in one of these lists," Raditz replied, equally puzzled.

"Maybe… maybe we should check the other folder, for deceased cubs," Kakarrotto replied. "They may have accidentally put him in there." 'I don't know why they would, but I have this feeling deep inside that that's where I should check and my feelings usually aren't wrong…'

Raditz, thinking that there was no point in doing this, but not wanting to voice his opinion, just gave a shrug in reply.

Turning back to the computer, Kakarrotto clicked the file listing any deceased cubs who died before, at, or after birth.

While doing that, Raditz shut down his laptop and put it to the side. Coming back to the bed where the Prince was lying, Raditz lay down next to him, facing the list Kakarrotto was looking at.

Two hours later into their search, Kakarrotto froze and stared with a look of shock on his face at a picture of a young cub looking like a direct copy of his future mate. The only difference was this little cub looked healthy and happy, as well as the obvious difference in size.

Clicking on the picture of the cub, a little folder popped up asking if he would like to see more information on the cub. Clicking "yes," both Kakarrotto and Raditz started reading.

First Name: Vegeta

Middle Name: None

Last Name: Unknown

Mother: Rosicheena (died during labor)

Father: Vegeta

Gender: Male

Weight: 5lbs

Race: Saiyan

Born: 1st of November, year 2080

Date of Death: 1st of November, year 2080

Reason of Death: By law of King Kakarrotto XII, the cub was killed for wielding a ki power stronger than the current Crown Prince and not being of elite class.


-- Dr L.

Kakarrotto was in shock at what his eyes had just read. He knew this cub was the one he had seen, the date also made sense too. It meant the cub had recently turned sixteen years of age… But the only thing was: How was the cub alive and where was his father?

Although he was very confused, Kakarrotto was very grateful that the cub had somehow survived and lived on. He had never liked that law since he was told about it by his father last year during one of his studies for becoming the King. He didn't see the point of getting rid of some potentially great Saiyan fighters just because they were stronger than he was and because of their ranking. He planned to change it or get rid of it when he was King.


Coming out of his thoughts from Raditz's questioning voice, Kakarrotto shook his head and turned to his friend, seeing the puzzled look on his friend's face.

"What… what is this law about killing cubs if they are stronger than the current Prince and not of a high rank?" the other asked, puzzled.

Sighing deeply, Kakarrotto decided he may as well tell his friend because he partially knew about it now anyway. "Far back in our past, King Kakarrotto XII made this law because he feared any of the lower classes under elite ranking getting stronger than us and taking over the thrown; or trying to become a royal by mating with the current Prince or, in a rarer case, Princess. The only ones allowed to mate with royalty were those of elite ranking. Because of this, he ordered for any cubs stronger than the current King or Prince to be killed shortly after birth if their class was lower than the elite status."

Staring, shocked, Raditz managed to reply. "This can't be your future mate then… I mean, that cub we saw was defiantly alive…"

"I know, Raditz… But deep inside, I get this feeling that this really is him. Besides, when we looked through the alive cubs on the list, none of them looked like him…"

Turning back to the laptop, Kakarrotto printed the page with the information to keep just incase it became handy. After it had been printed out, he neatly folded it up and hid it in his desk drawer.

Sitting back on the bed, Kakarrotto muttered out loud, "well, that helps some, but how did Vegeta become a slave to Paragus? And what about his father?" Kakarrotto paused for a moment, then scrunched his eyebrows up with a thoughtful look on his face. "It also says that he was killed for being stronger than me, but if so, why could I only sense his ki level at 500 the few times we met?"

A Few Days Later

Kakarrotto was having another study lesson with his father for the future King position, so Raditz had been pardoned to go and do whatever he wanted in his spare time. He had decided to go to the library, knowing not many Saiyans went there, but he occasionally liked to read about the past of the Saiyans and the planet itself. Walking in, he sat down and took out a book with the title 'The Pride of a Warrior Race Vol. 2.' He had already read volume one last time he had some time off from guarding the Prince, so he was eager to start this ten-thousand-page book too.

Half an hour later, Raditz heard someone walk into the library. Curious as he knew it was rare for anyone to come here apart from him, unless there was some important information needed, Raditz quietly got up and hid behind a bookshelf. Waiting for a few moments, he slowly heard the noise getting closer. Finally, the being came into the light and Raditz saw another fellow bodyguard he had occasionally talked to named Zorn. He was about to come out of hiding when Zorn's scouter beeped a few times, signaling an incoming call. Deciding to wait so he didn't interrupt it in case it was an important call, he stayed quiet, standing where he was. His eyes watched Zorn pick up his blue scouter and put it over his left eye.

Raditz felt bad because he was eavesdropping, but he could only hear the conversation one-sided anyway, so it wasn't as though it was too bad, especially if the call was important and could include him if there was a problem in the palace. So, just standing out of view, Raditz eavesdropped.

"Hello?" Zorn spoke in the smooth voice of his.

Quickly, Zorn seemed to pale and his body stiffened slightly. Raditz just raised an eyebrow at this, but stayed silent.

"Y—Yes sir. I—no, not yet. I plan to talk to the King later today for you."

Wincing at the shouting coming through the scouter that Raditz could hear, but not understand, he watched Zorn pull the scouter away from his face for a few seconds.

Putting it back to his face after the shouting calmed, the conversation carried on. "Yes, sir."

Zorn quickly glanced around the room for a moment, looking like he was trying to spot if anyone was around. Raditz started to feel suspicious of the way his fellow bodyguard was acting.

"Yes. I am in a quiet room, Paragus. The library. No, no one rarely ever comes in here. I'm sure I'm alone," Zorn spoke in a quieter tone of voice while shaking his head side to side even though Paragus couldn't see it.

'Paragus? Why does that name sound so familiar?' Raditz thought while still listening to the one-sided conversation.

"Yes, sir. I'm sure I can get you a guide around the castle. Yes, I can make it so Brolli can accompany you. No, the King doesn't suspect anything, sire. Neither does the Prince, but he's been acting weird lately anyway, not that the King has noticed his own son's behavior yet, so I doubt he would notice mine…"

Standing there for a moment, Raditz pieced two and two together. He now remembered where he knew that name from. Paragus. Paragus was the name of Vegeta's master. But why was he talking to one of the King's guards? And they were both acting very suspicious from the parts of the conversation he heard.

"Yes, sir. But I have to go now, Paragus. Don't worry, I will get the King to allow your visit to the castle. I will send you a message later today or tomorrow morning. Bye!" Zorn then took the scouter off the side of his face after pressing a button to end the call and, with a quick glance around the library, Zorn once more fled back to where he had come from.

"That was defiantly odd. I think I will mention it to the Prince later, especially because it involves Paragus…" Sitting back down, Raditz tried to continue with his book, but all he kept thinking about was the weird conversation he had just heard in his head. Sighing, he picked up the book, saved the page with a bookmark from a wild birds feather that he found when he was a cub and put it back on the shelf. Then, with a quick glance back to the library, Raditz left the room to go see if his Prince was done yet with his studies.

Paragus put down his scouter and smirked. His plan was going well so far. His spy and friend since he was younger was getting him a tour of the palace and his son had just mated with the second strongest Saiyan on this planet. Everything was going to plan. Sitting in front of the fire, he decided to have a toast to his good luck.

Standing up, Paragus walked over to the liquor cabinet and pulled out a glass and some wine. In an unusually happy mood, he decided to leave his son and the cub he was exploiting to help his plans, alone for the day.

Later that day

King Bardock was sitting at his desk, looking at some paperwork about his son's progress so far. When there was a knock on the door to his room. "Who is it?" he shouted towards the door.

"Zorn, my liege."

"Ah, Zorn. Come in. The door's open. What is it you want?" the King questioned to one of the castle's royal guards.

"Well, sire. There's a structural integrity in one of the wings of the castle which needs to be sorted out. I was told to report it to you."

"I see. I will have to get an architect to come and sort it out…"

"Sire. If I may?"

"Yes, Zorn?"

"Well, I know a very talented architect who can come and check it out to make sure the wall doesn't crumble and risk harming anyone, including you or the young Prince."

"Well, Zorn, I want you to contact this 'talented architect' for me and get him to sort this out as soon as possible."

"Yes, sire." Zorn bowed to the King and left the room. Once outside, he smirked and headed off to go contact Paragus to let him know that part of the plan worked nicely.

Prince Kakarrotto yawned as he walked through the elaborate halls of the castle, heading to the gardens, needing to get some fresh air. He had been cooped up for most of the morning, studying rigorously with his father and had finally been given a reprieve.

He sighed in happiness as he made it outside, lifting his arms to the sun, taking a deep breath of air, and letting his stress evaporate into the gently blowing breeze. He smiled and walked down a stone pathway, heading to one of his favorite spots in the garden. There was a small secluded clearing that held a large fruit tree. Its branches dangling down in sweet smelling curtains to create a little haven. There was a small stream that trickled past the tree, deep away from prying eyes. The only way to get to it was to jump over several carefully trimmed hedges and slip between several tall, thick trees. He had discovered this place several years ago when he was a child and he was running away from one of the guards because he was caught in the kitchen, again, when it was off limits to him.

Since then, he retreated to this place whenever he needed a break or time to think. He made it to the tree and slipped between the branches. Entering the natural room this tree created. He laid down, resting his head on a protruding root at the base of the tree. He stared up, into the crisscrossing branches above him that let small spots of light seep through.

He sighed and closed his eyes, letting himself relax. "I wonder what Vegeta is doing right now," he thought lazily. Letting his thoughts wander to images of the beautiful Saiyan, thinking about all the question he had in regards to him.

Ten minutes later, he sat up, stretching out tired muscles, rubbing a hand on the back of his neck. He stood up, reluctantly leaving his sanctuary, knowing his father would soon be sending out the guards to find him and drag him back to his studies. He strode back to the palace. Turning the corner into a hall, he ran smack into Raditz, who had been running down the hall.

"Whoa, Raditz. What's the rush? I told you that you could have the day off today to relax."

Raditz bent over slightly, placing his hands on his knees and taking a few deep breaths before he replied, "Kakarrotto, I was taking the day off like you said… and I had gone to the library to read when one of your father's guards came in. Zorn…" Taking a few more breaths, Raditz straightened back up to look the Prince in the eyes. "He was talking to someone over his scouter and acting very weird and shifty. Well, I eavesdropped and found out he was talking to Paragus."

Kakarrotto gasped loudly and stared for a few moments. "P—Paragus!?"

Nodding to the Prince, he was about to continue but was disrupted by Kakarrotto.

"What… Why—Why was one of my father's guards talking to him for?" he slightly growled.

"That's the thing, my Prince. I think that Zorn and Paragus are up to no good. I heard Zorn saying something about getting your father to let Paragus come into the castle… Do you think we should tell the King?" Raditz inquired towards his Prince.

"No. I don't want to worry my father if nothing is wrong. And, apart from keeping slaves which is against the Saiyan law since year 1080, Paragus has done nothing wrong…"

"So, what should we do, my Prince? If there is something wrong and we just leave it, I'm sure if your father finds out, we will be in serious trouble…"

"No need to worry, Raditz. I have a plan. We will allow Paragus to come to the castle, but we will keep an eye out on him to make sure he is doing nothing wrong…" Kakarrotto replied calmly. 'Besides, if Paragus is coming here, hopefully my beautiful mate will be with him.' Grinning inwardly, he and Raditz agreed to meet up again tomorrow when Paragus would be coming to the castle.

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