Hello everyone! Soo my name Sarah, and this is my first ever fan fiction... Its obviously based for twilight. Its also a little based on grease.. I guess it will be rated teen, just because. :). All characters are OCC. All human. This story takes place in the grease era.

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns all character's. I own story line tho :). And well, the creators own the idea of the pink ladies and the t-birds ( sorta known as the blue babes and the bad boy's in this story.)

Summary: Bella,Alice and Rosalie, have been friends forever. When they started high school, they decided to be known as the Blue babes. They are famous for wearing their blue jackets everyday, gorgeous, they're attitude. Every girl wishes to be then, and every boy wishes to be with them, including the bad boys. Edward, Jasper and Emmett, are badest, hottest, cool-cats of the school. They are known for they're looks, attitude, and well.. Emmett's dirty mind. Every boy in school wishes they were as smooth as them, and every girl in school wishes they were with them. Well, every girl except for the blue babes. The blue babes are tired of the bad boy's lame attempts of getting into their pants, so the girls decide to go on boyfast. But not all the blue babes want to go on boyfast, but they wouldn't tell. Boy fast or not, the boy's are not giving up. What length will the bad boys go to just to get to the girls? Find out now.

Chapter one

New school year, new rules.

(Bella's point of view)

"I can't believe school started again!" Alice whined. Yep, it was another year at Forks high school. And i for one was extremely excited. It was our last year, we would finally be graduating, and going to collage. We would finally be free for boring old Forks.

" Just think of it this way Alice, its our last year, next year we will be heading off the collage, and partying with a bunch of collage guys." I told her.

"Yeah.. All those collage guys, their cars, money, their rooms..." She said sheeply. I laughed, that was typical Alice behavior. I've known Alice since we were in pre-school. Back in pre-school, she had black, pixie length hair, big brown eyes, pink lips, and the shortest person in class. She was also the most hyper. She always had so much energy. Now, the only difference was she had black hair extensions ( she got them in the summer time), and a little taller, she was about the size of a pixie, pale skin. Her energy? Yeah that stayed the same.

" Don't get to excited yet Alice, you still have to graduate." Rosalie said, getting out of the car. I stared at Rose, she was beyond gorgeous. She had long blond curly hair, brown eyes, a perfectly curved body, tanned. She could be a top model. She hadn't change since pre-school, well, height wise yes, but other wise, she still made all the boys drool.

And then there was me. Plain old Bella Swan. Brown eyes, brown hair. Average weight and height. Really pale skin. I wasn't the type of girl the guys would go for, especially when Rosalie was around.

" Come on guys, we should go inside. The bell is going to rin-" I started

" Heads up!" A voice came from behind us. Soon enough a ball hit Alice right on tip of the head.

" Ow!" Alice screamed. We heard three manly laughs. We knew exactly who those laughs belonged to. Edward, Jasper and Emmet, a.k.a the bad boy's.

"Sorry babe, we didn't mean too." Emmet said once he got to us, with Jasper and Edward making their way to us behind him, still laughing.

Edward's P.O.V

" This sucks! I can't believe we are stuck in school again!" Emmett boomed, jumping out of the car.

" Relax Emmett, its our last year. Plus, we get all the sexy babes to us." Jasper said, winking at a girl, who then giggled. I couldn't help to laugh. It was such an Emmett and Jasper thing to do. These guys were like my brothers, we've known each other forever. Emmett was huge, the biggest guy i know, and probably the biggest guy in school. He had short curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, and very muscular. He was probably the most dirty-minded person you would ever meet. And then there was Jasper. He had blond hair, skinny, blue eyes. Pretty much the guy of any girls dreams. He was known for his good looks and his terrible reputation with the teachers. And then there was me, Edward. I have brown hair and green eyes. My body was pretty average. The boys and I pretty much ruled the school. Every girl loved us. Which made Emmett pretty happy.

" Yeah whatever. Hey look there's Newton. Loser hasn't changed a bit. Hey Mike get your ass over here!" Emmett shouted. Mike Newton, the biggest loser in the school, started to make his way towards us. He wore the biggest glasses, and highest pants, the most awful looking vests, any of us had ever seen.

" Hey guys!" Mike said to us, snorting.

" Yeah whatever newton. We just wanted to say you got a rip in your underwear." Emmett said, trying not to laugh. Jasper knew what this meant.

" Gosh, do I really? Where?" He said turning his back to us.

" Right there!" Jasper said pulling Newtons underwear so high, that they ripped.

"Oww!! You guys!" Mike said, he ran away to the nurses room, but tripped on the way. Everyone laughed.

"Nice guys!" I told them, slapping them a high five. Emmett reached into the car and got the football. We weren't in any sports team, we were to cool for that, but we still enjoyed throwing and catching the ball once in a while.

"Go long Jasper!" Emmet shouted, getting ready to throw. Jasper started running far from us. Emmett threw the ball with all his force, which was alot. It had gone father then Jasper had expected.

"Ow!" We heard a pixie voice shout. We all knew whom that voice Belonged to. We laughed and started running over to Alice.

"Sorry babe, we didn't mean too." Emmett said, once we reached the girls.

" What the hell is wrong with you?" Rosalie said.

" Relax hot stuff, we were just playing with the ball, don't have to get touchy. Unless you want to." Emmett said, winking at Rosalie. Emmett probably had the biggest crush on Rosalie. And he wasn't afraid to show it either.

" You are such a pig." Rosalie said under her breath, rolling her eyes. " Girls, let's move." She snapped.

The blue babes started walking towards the school.

" Damn.. Those girls haven't changed one bit!" Jasper mused aloud watching them.

" Yep and this year, they are all ours." Emmett told us.

" And what makes you think that, big boy?" I asked him. " Those girls will never go out with us."

" Yes they will, they're just pretending that they hate us. Infact, they adore us, they have dreams about us."

" I think your mistaking them for yourself Emmett." Jasper laughed.

" Shut up." Emmett said, punching Jasper's arm.

"Hey!" Jasper said getting ready to take a swing at him.

" Mr. Hale, first day of school and you are already showing signs of no improvement. I thought you would change during the summer. Apparently not." Mme. Ryden said. Mme Rydan was a teacher at Forks, and we were pretty sure she was in love with Jasper. Whenever he got detention, she would watch him. She was usually the one sending him to detention. " Not a very good beginning for a new year Mr. Hale, if I keep seeing this, I will be seeing you in detention,alot." She said looking at him.

" It wont happen again.." Jasper grumbled..

"Very well, now you boys should be heading off to class, now."

" Yes Mme. Rydan.." We whispered. We started walking away. I turned around to see Ms. Rydan, she seemed to be looking right at Jasper's ass. I laughed.

" What are you laughing at?" Jasper asked.

" Nothing.." I said.

Bella P.o.v

As the girls and I were chatting about how lame the boys were the bell rang, we casually made our way to class. Alice and I had the same homeroom. Gym. Great i thought. I was extremely clumsy, so gym wasn't my favorite class.

" Alright now lets start with three laps around the track." The coach said. Everyone grumbled and cussed under their breath. Thank goodness this was an all girls gym class, so i wouldn't embarras myself, and Alice. When we walked outside to the track I noticed the boys gym class was already outside.

" Oh great." Alice said.

" What?" I asked her.

She answered me by pointing too the two people I least wanted to see. Edward and Jasper were standing there, apparently they had noticed us, since they both smirked. I blushed when I saw Edward smirk. I had always had a little crush on him. I don't know why. There was just something about him. Maybe it was his amazing green eyes. I wasn't sure.

"Come on Bella." Alice snapped, bringing me back to reality. We both started to run. When we got near the boys I saw Edward smile at me, which totally made me trip over Alice, which caused us both to fall.

" Bella!" She roared at me.

"I'm so sorry Alice!" I apologized, helping her up. I heard two people laughing far behind us, where stood Edward and Jasper.

" And that is what we would call a strike!" Jasper shouted between laughs. Edward started laughing even more.

" Oh shut up Jasper." Alice shouted back at him, rolling her eyes. " Lets go Bella." She said and we started running again. The rest of the gym class was pretty boring. Nothing really happened, we just played soccer. My next class was English. Again nothing happened. Finally after what seemed like forever, class was over. It was lunch time. I went to meet the girls at our usually table. When i got there Rosalie was the only one there.

" Hey Rose." I said sitting down.

" Hey whats up?" She asked me.

"Nothing. Where's Al-" I started

" I hate this!" Alice mused aloud as she sat down.

" What is it now?" Rosalie asked, not sounding as if she even cared.

" Well thanks to Jasper I got a detention! Can you believe it?! First day of school and that boy already got me in trouble." She said. I could tell she was upset.

"Shocker." Rose said sarcastically.

" Whats that suppose to mean?!" Alice snapped.

" Oh please Alice, everyone knows Jasper's got the hots for you." Rosalie said, sounding like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Well, it might as well have been. But Alice was a little slow, so it was kinda obvious that Alice didn't notice.

" Whatever. Hey look someone dropped five dollars! Oh boy this is great!" Alice said. She got up and picked up up the money. Alice loved free things.

" I'm getting myself a shake at burger palace after school today!" She said giggling, putting some of the money down her bra, that's where she kept all her money. " You know, this day was pretty crappy, thanks to that loser Jasper, but things are starting to turn around." Alice said. As she said this I noticed Jasper had crept up right behind her, Rosalie must have noticed as well since she smirked. " I mean puh-ease I'm not going to let some gu-y" She said starting to walk back, when she walked in to Jasper. She didn't even need to look behind her to know whom she had just walked on. He bent down to her level.

" I'll have that back." He whispered in her ear. I saw Alice shiver a bit. She gave him the two dollars that she was holding in her hand. I could tell she was hoping that he hadn't noticed the amount he had lost. She looked up at him, expecting him to leave. But he looked back at her giving her an I-know-you-have-more look. She rolled her eyes and reached in her bra and gave him the rest of his money.

"Thanks." He whispered again in her ear, tapping her butt before he walked away. She gasped and walked back to the table.

" Today, is the worst day. Ever." She murmured.

Jasper's P.o.v

As usually, when we walked into the school, all the girls looked at us in awe. I winked at some of them as Edward and I made our way to the gym. We had gym first period. It didn't really matter though, chances are we would skip it alot.

"Alright guys, today we are going to be doing track." The coach told us, Edward and I tuned out. We didn't really care about track. I looked out to the track and noticed the girls gym class walk out. And then I saw her. Alice Brandon. She was probably the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Even in the gross school gym uniform she looked amazing. Edward must of had seem me look because he he started to smirk, which made me smirked. We looked at the girls. As they started running I noticed Bella looking back at us, or more likely Edward. He smirked right at her, which caused her to trip on Alice, and soon the two girls were on the ground. Edward and I both started laughing.

" Bella!" I heard Alice roar at Bella.

"I'm so sorry Alice!" Bella apologized, helping Alice up.

" And that is what we would call a strike!" I shouted between laughs. Edward started laughing even more.

" Oh shut up Jasper!" Alice shouted back at me. I laughed again.

" Hale, Cullen, shut your traps and start on those jumping jacks!" The coach yelled at us. The rest of the gym class Edward and I without effort did whatever the coach told us to do. The next class I had was math. Which was completely stupid and boring. Finally, it was lunch time, the time of day when the guys and I went around picking on the nerds to get money. Once I had gotten enough money I made my way to the vending machines. The money must of had fallen out of my pocket because I heard a pixie voice behind me shout

" Whatever. Hey look someone dropped five dollars! Oh boy this is great!"

I turned around and saw Alice jumping up and down. She was looking at her friends. I quietly made my

way, and in a matter of seconds I was right behind her. I was nearly touching ass. I tried not to look. If i did, my plan would be totally ruined.

" I'm getting myself a shake at burger palace after school today!" She said giggling, putting some of the money down her bra. Again I tried not to look, I knew if I did my pants would get tight, which might ruin my plan. " You know, this day was pretty crappy, thanks to that loser Jasper, but things are starting to turn around." Alice said. I saw her foot move and felt her body against mine. She stiffened. I leveled myself to her.

" I'll have that back." I whispered in her ear. She quickly gave me my money back. She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I looked back at her, knowing she still had some of my money. She rolled her eyes at me and reached into her bra and gave me the rest.

" Thanks." I whispered. I gave her a quick tap on the ass and walked away.

I'm never using this money.

Alice's P.o.v

After a terrible lunch, the afternoon went by really slow. I was in such a terrible mood. I didn't want to go to detention. It was all Jasper's fault. I shouldn't be in trouble for something he did. Jasper... he was such a bad boy. Which was probably the reason I liked him. But there was also a side of me that couldn't stand him or his friends. They could be such pigs! I snapped back to reality when the bell rang.

Uh oh... It was now time for my detention. And I for one, was scared.

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