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Beast Boy's 30 Ways To Annoy The Titans

1. Placing tofu in the microwave and making it explode.

2. Replace Starfire's mustard with ketchup.

3. Put super glue on all of Robin's masks.

4. Replace the garage tools with squeaky tools.

5. Give Silky two tons of real food and step back to see what happens.

6. Take Raven's books and replace them with porno magazines. Put a video camera in her room to see how red her face goes before she explodes.

7. Tape a picture of Cyborg and Jinx when they were in the HIVE academy to his back. See how long it takes before he asks why people keep laughing.

8. Program the TV to play reruns of only Tellitubies and Sesame Street.

9. Decorate Raven's room to look like Starefire's and vice versa. Wait for the bloodcurdling screams that are sure to come.

10. Place cardboard cutouts of Scary Movie where Robin will make his nightly rounds. Prepare to be awakened by the communicator requesting backup.

11. Change the villain alert siren to 'The Hokeypokey'.

12. Dress in a pink dress and pick some wildflowers. Then dance around the tower, dropping them repeatedly on the Titans, singing that you're the flower fairy.

13. Change the game station's language to Japanese. Expect to find a copy of "Japanese for Idiots" lying around.

14. Keep walking up to Cyborg, Robin or Raven and keep asking to borrow something every two minutes. When they ask what it's for, just say mysteriously, "Oh, you know. Saving bad guys, killing people. The usual."

15. Switch Starefire's shampoos and conditioners with blue and green hair dye.

16. Stock the fridge with apple sauce and knowingly say that you're going to throw a fiesta with some puppies that are around the corner.

17. Blast Disney songs late into the night. When the Titans tell you to shut up, scream that you're unlocking your inner child.

18. Leave a tall glass of clear liquid on the counter after workouts. When someone drinks it, jump out and scream that they just drank your sweat. Watch how fast they run to the bathroom.

19. Ask weird questions to all the Titans. When they ask what it's for; mumble something about them obviously not being as smart as they used to be.

20. Indirectly give Starfire a bunch of palm tree leaves and tell her that it's the latest in fashion headwear. Watch and enjoy the stares from the citizens of Jump City.

21. Change all of Starfire and Ravens clothes to maternity wear.

22. Pretend to be in love with a stuffed toy monkey, saying that it's your one true love. Go up to each of the Titans in turn and ask if they'll marry you.

23. Get a pet pig and chase it around the house screaming "Ms. Piggy! C'mon, you know you love the green!"

24. Run around in a flashy cape, yelling that you're a super hero. When someone points out that you're already a superhero, snicker into your hand and leave the room shaking your head.

25. Stare at each of the Titans in turn without saying a word. When they turn to look at you, burst out laughing for no reason.

26. Whenever any of the Titans say something serious, end their sentence with: da da da dum. When they tell you to stop doing that, say; Stop what? You're losing it.

27. Dye your skin and hair a different color and add contacts. When the Titans ask you on your appearance, say that you're a growing boy.

28. Adjust the Titans alarm clocks to wake them up every morning at 5 AM to the sound of, very loud, songs like Barbie Girl or Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

29. Place slippery plastic on all of the furniture so that the Titans will slip off them.

30. Replace all of Robin's boxers with Starfire's lingerie.

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