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Beast Boy lay sprawled on his bed. Picking at a loose thread on his blanket, he sighed. And sighed again. And then once more. How about one more time for good measure? The green changeling let out a louder sigh then he had before.

Raven glared at him. "Are you trying to annoy me?"

Beast Boy gave her his best innocent face. "Why would I do that? I can't think of any reason I might have for trying to annoy you or any of the other Titans. It's not like any of you locked me in my room for the past 5 days." He scowled.

Raven rubbed her temple. "The guilt trip doesn't work on me in the least. You brought it on yourself." She idly turned a page of her book. "Believe me when I say that watching you isn't exactly my idea of a good time." She wrinkled her nose. "Especially in your room."

Beast Boy smirked at her. "Well, it's your punishment too. I told you that you didn't have to help me with the last prank. But nooo…you just had to see why I liked it so much. You're just lucky that you got off with a warning instead of being locked up like a prisoner." He grabbed his stomach and made a face. "I think I've lost 10 pounds."

Raven snorted, an odd sight if there ever was one. "Right, because we're starving you, is that it?" She glanced disdainfully at the scarily large pile of empty pizza boxes.

Beast Boy shrugged. "I'm just saying that this is Robin's way of punishing you for helping me. You've gone to the dark side. It probably didn't help that the prank was against him either."

Raven looked uncomfortable. "I thought I told you to stop mentioning it. It was a onetime deal. It'll never happen again. Ever." She flipped another page. "Robin has nothing to worry about."

The prank-genius smiled. "Robin always worries. But you helping me prank the Titans isn't going to help that bad habit."

She flashed him another dirty look, before refocusing all her attention to her thick book. Beast Boy shook his head and pulled up the memories with a smile. It had certainly been something to remember.

5 Days, 3 Hours and 19 Minutes Ago:

It was April 18th. The green changeling hadn't played a prank since the Dr. Goodly incident. Beast Boy was ashamed of himself. He couldn't believe it had been so long since his last prank. A whole 2 days. For shame.

So on April 18th at the crack of dawn, Beast Boy cracked his eyelids open, yawned and dragged himself over to Sheila. He attempted to sit in her chair but in his sleep deprived state, missed and toppled onto the ground.

"Stupid chair with the stupid moving in the middle of the night so I fall on the stupid floor," he grumbled, rubbing his backside as he hoisted himself onto the desk chair.

And then promptly fell off again.

He shot to his feet, more confused than he had ever been in his life. What the hazukah was going on?

Now wide awake, he leaned over his chair. He snapped his fingers as the answer came to him. A smile spread across his face.

Now as you read this, there is no way to accurately describe the smile sitting on Beast Boy's face. We can only be thankful that no one was there to see it. Picture the Cheshire Cat's grin, then picture the Grinch's. Then picture the smile that sits on one of the emoticons in Yahoo Messenger.

Put all three of those smiles in one, located between Beast Boy's nose and his chin, and you will be close to what was actually there.

Beast Boy ran his finger down the seat of the desk chair. His finger now had a glossy sheen. The green teen snickered. "Amateurs."

From what Beast Boy could guess, one of his teammates had tried to turn the tables on him, the Master of Practical Jokes (that's Master with a capital M), by rubbing his desk chair with very slippery grease.

The changeling rubbed his finger again on the seat and marched out of his room. He stopped three doors down and opened Robin's door. The leader was asleep, snoring loudly.

"Hey Robin!" Beast Boy yelled in his leader's ear.

The poor traffic-colored boy nearly jumped out of his skin and landed with a thump on the floor. "Beast Boy? What's wrong? Why are you in my room?" It was pretty weird seeing Robin so disoriented.

Beast Boy stuck his finger in Robin's face. "This is what's wrong, Robin."

The leader looked blearily at the green finger. "Your finger? Does it hurt?"

Beast Boy laughed at this. "It doesn't hurt! It's shiny. Someone put grease on my chair. Grease! Now, I wasn't going to prank anyone today," this of course was a complete lie, "but now I have to defend Sheila's Chair's honor!"

"Who the hell is Sheila?"

Beast Boy ignored him. "So watch out, Robin. I don't know when, and I don't know how, but I'll be back." The last was said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

Robin looked confused. "Of course you'll be back. You live down the hall!"

Beast Boy shook his head and made the 'I'm watching you' finger movement. "Just for that, I'm pranking you. Watch yourself."

And with that he was gone. Robin was left wondering if his teammate had finally lost his marbles.

A shout came from outside his door. "I found my marbles! I lost them weeks ago!"

Well…. That ruled that out then.

Now Beast Boy had a problem. He needed the perfect prank with which to prank Robin. He didn't know if it was Robin who had greased his chair, but for now he didn't really care. All he cared about was playing a prank before his funny bone died.

So he sat on the floor of his room (he was too lazy to go find grease cleaner for the chair) and poured over The List. The poor piece of paper was dog-eared and torn, with splotches of mystery liquid stained on the bottom part of it, but it was still legible.


Finally, Beast Boy's finger rested a little ways down the page. The Cheshire Cat-Yahoo Messenger-Grinch smile was back.

Oh yes. This would be good.

He started laughing maniacally.

Only to choke and start coughing. It felt as if he was hacking up a lung. Note to self. Don't ever do that again.

"So when you're alone in your room, do you always act like a lunatic?" A voice asked in his ear.


"No, stupid. Behind you."

Beast Boy whirled around and pointed, letting loose a shrill squeak of a scream. "It's….it's hideous!"

At the end of his trembling, pointing finger, Raven's face was the very definition of the word 'pissed off to the max'. "What?" Her voice was a low hiss.

Beast Boy coughed awkwardly. He had a feeling he might be seeing that alternate dimension very soon. "Ah… I just….always wanted to say that?" He wondered if it would help to drop to his knees and beg for forgiveness.

Raven still looked pissed, but she nodded as if she believed him. Beast Boy gathered that she wanted to ask him a favor or something; otherwise, he'd probably be a pile of ash on his carpet.

He decided to test his theory. "So…ah….did you need anything?" He casually put his foot over The List (which he had dropped when Raven first spoke) so she wouldn't notice it.

Raven stared down at the piece of paper covered by Beast Boy foot. Granted, the paper was so far past white, that it could almost blend in with the grey carpet, but Raven was an alien. Maybe she had awesome paper finding abilities.

Or she had just seen him put his foot down on something that wasn't the exact grey as the carpet.

"What's that?" She asked, completely ignoring his super-polite question. How rude!

He decided to play dumb. It couldn't be that hard, right? "What's what?" Beast Boy batted his eyelashes innocently.

Raven snatched the paper from under his foot.

"Hey! No fair!" Beast Boy whined.

Raven looked up at him in disbelief. "You actually made a list of pranks? I didn't even know you could read, let alone write."

"Ha ha. That's hilarious. Now if you don't mind," Beast Boy snatched the paper back. It was surprising how much he looked like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, protecting the Ring. All you needed was for Beast Boy to say 'my precious' while stroking The List and they could be twins.

"So the one you circled in red with the little exclamation points and hearts-" "They're clouds!" Beast Boy interrupted.

"Whatever. That's the prank you're doing next?" Raven sounded strangely interested. Beast Boy was suspicious. They hadn't really talked since the time he told her about his dad and now she was pretending to be interested in pranks? Something was weird here.

Beast Boy gasped. He pointed a finger at a surprised (I know right? Raven actually looked surprised) Raven. "I'm not telling you anything, Raven clone!"

Raven stared at him. And stared. And stared.

"Be gone, clone of Raven!" Beast Boy said, making little shoo-ing motions with his hands. "I don't believe in you!" He stared at her as if she was supposed to clutch her heart and die, like those fairies in that Peter Pan movie.

Raven pinched the bridge of her nose. She looked like she was battling with herself on whether she should pulverize the boy through the ceiling or not. Finally she took a deep (very very deep) breath and looked at him. "Look, Beast Boy. I have a question to ask you."

He looked at her curiously. It wasn't every day that Raven, clone or not, asked him a question. It seemed like a trick. "Yeah?"

His eyes felt like bugging out when he realized that the best way to describe the emotion on Raven's face was 'embarrassed'.

"Could I….maybe….try a prank with you?" Raven looked awkwardly around the room.

Beast Boy's jaw dropped onto the carpet. "Oh my god….you are a clone!" He looked around for a weapon and after not finding one picked up a dirty sock instead. Although he didn't know it, the dirty sock was a formidable weapon.

He waved the sock at the empath. "Back. I won't hurt you if you stay back." He wiggled the sock at her.

Raven rolled her eyes.

The smart thing for her to do would have been to leave the room and forget she ever asked in the first place. But instead of doing the smart thing (so unlike Raven), Raven glared down at the green teen until he lowered the sock and gaped at her.

"You seriously want to do a prank with me?" Beast Boy put a hand to his head. "Raven, I am SO proud of you!"

Raven was left stunned, wondering if she had made the biggest of all mistakes as Beast Boy blabbered on about 'the plan', something about Robin and a greasy finger.

Truth be told, when Raven had originally had the idea to try something a little adventurous, doing a prank with Beast Boy was the last option in her mind. However, as the days went by, the idea seemed to make more sense. But still, doing a prank was one thing, putting glue on her leader's masks was quite another.

Raven shook her head. "That is the stupidest, most immature thing I've ever heard. I thought you were a bit more creative than that."

Beast Boy gave a suffering sigh. For Pete's sake. "I've been creative. I've been so darn creative that if I do something too creative, they'll expect it. I have to do something unoriginal because they'll never expect it. Capiche?"

Raven said nothing, wondering when Beast Boy had become the teacher. Pranking couldn't be nearly as hard as he was making it out to be.

"Right. In about an hour the other Titans will wake up. Robin," Beast Boy pointed to a red and green blob on a poster board. "Will go take a shower. You go into his room and put this super glue on all the masks you can find." The changeling tossed a tube of glue at the mystic. "I'll distract Robin if he comes out before you're done. Any questions?"

Raven shook her head, wondering if she had made a grave mistake.

"Good. Report back here in 55 minutes."

Raven definitely felt out of character and somewhat guilty as she entered Robin's room. Not only was that a strict no-no (the leader's room was to be looked at but never touched) but it was Robin. It wasn't like he didn't have enough to deal with as it was.

But she pushed aside those feelings as she pulled open the drawer she knew contained the masks. Man was there a lot.

She pulled out the tube of glue and started applying it.

Robin left the shower feeling better than he had in days. That thing with Beast Boy this morning had been nothing but a minor setback. As long as he kept on his toes, nothing could happen.

He left the bathroom only to see Beast Boy grinning at him. "Hey Robin!"

Robin's guard instantly went up. "Hey Beast Boy. What's up?" He maneuvered quickly around the boy and headed to his room.

The green teen popped in front of him again. "I was just thinking that it's been a really long time since we hung out. Let's hang out!"

Robin looked at him in disbelief. "Now?" He motioned at the towel around his waist and his wet, un-gelled hair.

"Totally! We can do manly things together. You are good at manly things, right Robin?" Beast Boy grinned wider, giving an overall creepy expression.

Robin side-stepped around him. "Maybe later. Right now I need to get dressed." He reached out a hand to open his bedroom door.

Beast Boy felt the grip of panic clench his stomach. There was no way Raven would be finished yet. So he did the only thing he could think of. With a high pitched scream he hoped would alert the empath, he tackled his leader.

"What the hell, Beast Boy?" Robin shouted, shoving the boy away as he got back to his feet. The towel miraculously stayed in place.

Beast Boy had the decency to look guilty. "There was a giant spider about to land on your head."

Robin glared at him and opened his door. Beast Boy crossed his fingers, hoping to hope that Raven had heard the scream and vanished.


Beast Boy sighed. Fate was just not kind that day.


Raven glared at the changeling once more before going back to her book. Beast Boy looked at her. "You know, Raven, we never did complete the prank. Robin caught you and threw all the masks away."

Raven looked at him. "And your point is?"

"Want to try again?"

A pizza box flew towards his head.

"That's a no then."

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