He was standing there, asking for her help. Her help! The world must be coming to an end if this were ever to occur. She looked at him and saw nothing but an evil smirk on his face meaning whatever he had in mind wasn't going to be easy or legal.

But what could he possibly want with her? She wasn't an evil schemer. And she definitely knew that's what he wanted her for..was to scheme something evil. Why else would Draco Malfoy ask her for help?

And she would be a complete idiot if she said yes, but then she was curious also. What could he possible need? She was highly intelligent and maybe the thing he needed help in wasn't too bad, and she could help if it meant that Malfoy could show some sort of positivity towards her.

'What could you possibly need my help with?' she asked nonchalant. He quirked an eyebrow but continued to lead her pass the Courtyard.. He thought the less people to hear this, the better.

'I'll let you know as soon as we get away from all these people.' he manoeuvred them down towards the Black Lake. She followed at a cautious rate, and moved away when he tried to take her arm.

'Okay, We are far from other people, you can tell me now!' Hermione crossed her arms over her chest and stood tapping her foot against the mossy grass, annoyed.

I'll make it worth her while, Draco thought.

"Malfoy! What?" she snapped

"I need to talk to you about something important." He ran his hand through his hair until it was standing on end. Now that he had Granger here, he was nervous that she would turn him down.

Really, really nervous.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I know you'll never believe me, but I need you to believe me. Because if you don't... I will be in really big trouble!" he couldn't keep the fear out of his voice. He couldn't screw this up. It was too big.

It was the only thing he could do to free his parents. And he had to! His mother was counting on him!

"My family is counting on me! I've been given orders from the Dark Lord." he expected her to run away, calling for Potthead. But instead she was composed and staring at him in curiosity.

"What are the orders, Draco?"

"There is a closet in the Room of Requirement that can allow apparition between one point and the other. I need to complete it so that it's able to do that."

"You are talking about the Vanishing Closet, correct?"

"Yes, and you need to help me!"

"Why should I help you? You are talking about allowing Death Eaters to come into our school and to destroy it! I will never help you!"

She turned around and walked away.

"Granger! He will kill my parents if I don't do as he says. I will do anything to protect them. I just need your help."

Hermione faltered and then whirled around.

"I will help you on one condition!" she stomped back towards him and he took a step back because she looked so stern. It was as if it was 3rd year ago and she was going to punch him all over again.

"What condition?"

"You must turn yourself into the Order. They will protect you! They will help us!"

He ignored the word "us" and instead said, "Are you crazy, Granger? They will have my head on a platter!" he yelled, his face turning paler.

"We must! It's the only option we have. They will know what to do!" she sounded so convincing, that he really wanted to believe her.

"I can't, Granger. And you can't tell anyone about what we just talked about, or else!"

A spot appeared on his neck. He wasn't allowed to even threaten her. This was horrible.

"Don't threaten me, ferret." Granger looked pissed off.

"I can't go to the Order. No one would believe me."

"Do you really want to lose your parents? You can at least try and see if they can help you. And if they don't, I will." Granger looked anxious. He knew he would have to go to the Order.

"All right. I will." he replied.

Granger looked relieved. She smiled at him slightly and he couldn't help but think what in Merlin's was he doing going to Granger. He was surely losing his mind.


But he needed her, now, more then ever.


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