Summary: Naruto has been ignored and has had enough; he gets no recognition from his team or sensei. Kakashi should be helping him with the upcoming chuunin exams (in 3 weeks they start.) but gets no help or advise, until he gets a new sensei, a stronger and kinder sensei. Find out what happens when his true potential is revealed.

Chapter 1

Team 7 had just finished another boring D-rank mission. Naruto had had to put up with Kakashi and his damn book, Sakura whining over Sasuke-teme (AN: Naruto doesn't have a crush on Sakura in this fic and never has.) and Sasuke-teme whining that he shouldn't have to do these feeble missions and that he should be training and learning all he could.

To say that Naruto was extremely pissed off would be an understatement; he was having trouble keeping his killer intent unnoticed. Finally he snapped.


This shocked them as they had never felt any killer intent coming from Naruto and he had never shouted like that to anyone before.

Naruto turned around and began roof jumping away to the place he went to think. The hokage monument.

5 minutes later Naruto was sat on the fourth's head trying to calm down. He looked down at Konoha and felt his anger calm a little.

After a minute his anger faded and he fell asleep.

Naruto's mind

He was in a dank and dark passage and there was an inch of water on the floor, he began to walk in the only direction that there was, forward.

After a while he reached a large open room, the roof was so high that he couldn't see the top. At the other end of the room there were large poles that care from the roof to the floor. In a middle section there was a metal piece that was attacked to 2 of the bars, on it there was a small piece of paper with the word 'seal' on it.

Suddenly a large fox's face came to the edge of the poles, which was when Naruto realised that it was a prison.

Then that must mean this is… Naruto's thoughts were interrupted.

Yes I am the kyuubi. The fox replied, like it had heard his thoughts. The voice was defiantly female.

"How did you know what I was…" Naruto asked but was interrupted again.

Thinking? The Kyuubi finished. Naruto nodded silently. It is because we are linked together. I know what you think, feel and see.

"What am I doing here and were is here?" Naruto asked.

You are in your mind kit and the reason you are here is because I willed it and you subconsciously asked for help, so here I am. Kyuubi told him.

"Why would you want to help me?" Naruto asked sceptically.

Because we are the same, we are linked like I told you before. You have been treated harshly by those you try to protect because of me and my mistake so I will help you and do what I can for you. Kyuubi told the boy.

"Your mistake?" Naruto asked confused.

I did not attack your village out of malice. I attacked in self defence. Kyuubi told Naruto.

"Self defence? What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

12 years ago I was in this land looking for a place to have my young, I gave birth to them 3 days before 'they' came. Kyuubi said with obvious malice in her voice when she said 'they'.

"Who were they?" Naruto asked.

They came while I was resting. They attacked me when my guard was down, they wanted my power, and to get it they went after my kits. When I attacked back they retreated so I followed, when they came to your village I saw them retreat into it so I when t to kill them not your village. When someone saw me they panicked and attacked me, so I retaliated. And the rest is history. Kyuubi told Naruto.

"I'm sorry." Naruto said sadly looking down at the floor.

There is nothing for you to apologise for. Now. This is what I propose to do. We will undergo the blending. Noticing Naruto's confused look she explained what she meant. In the blending we will join to each other, we will truly become one. Once this is completed you will be able to use my chakra without hindrance. You will also get some of my features and abilities, for example your hearing, eyesight and hearing will become more acute. I will also be able to talk to you freely, whether you are here or not. The blending will also make you immortal unless you are killed. You will also be able to make your mate immortal, but that can wait for another day. When she had explained this 2 balls of white light floated from the ceiling to Naruto, they stopped in front of his face.

"What are these Kyuubi?" Naruto asked.

They are gifts. One is from that boy you beat in wave country, Haku, he left you a gift. It is his kekkei gankai and all his knowledge. The other is the ability to control the elements and mix them, for example you can use wood by mixing earth and water. This ability is very strong and very very rare. Take hold of the orbs and hold them to your chest. Naruto did as he was told and the orbs glowed brightly then were absorbed into Naruto. Now we will begin the blending. Red chakra began to flow out of the cage and flowed around Naruto, who was strangely calm. The chakra lifted him into the air and began to be absorbed by his body. Kit when you wake up you will need to sleep then you will need to go to a safe and secluded location so that we can begin your training.

Outside world

Naruto's body was giving of a large amount of red chakra that was very potent. It swirled around him and shot up into the clouds above his head.

In the Hokage's office Sarutobi felt the immense power and recognised it as the Kyuubi's.

My god has the seal broken? Sarutobi thought in pure fear that he hadn't felt in 12 years. He immediately took off in the direction that he felt the presence from, 4 ANBU black ops followed after him to provide back up.

Back with Naruto

The chakra around Naruto began to disperse and he stood up. There were noticeable differences which were, his hair was now streaked with blood red and slightly longer and wilder, he was taller and broader, more muscular, his once blue eyes are now red with a black slit like a cat, he has 2 fox tails behind him and his ears are slightly more pointed at the top, his canines are sharper.

The Hokage and the ANBU appeared in front of him.

"Naruto?" Sarutobi asked quietly.

"Hey old man." Naruto replied smiling his trademark grin that is now accented by his sharp canines.

"Naruto what happened to you?" He asked shocked at Naruto's appearance.

"Isn't it obvious he is finally showing us that he is the demon that we said he is." One of the ANBU said with malice evident in his voice.

"You will stand down." Sarutobi told them coldly when they prepared to attack him.

"Thanks Sarutobi. I'm going to go train on my own so I wont be around till the chuunin exams start." Naruto told him.

"If that is what you want then by all means." Sarutobi said approvingly. "But I will expect you to be in the exams Naruto." And with that Sarutobi left with the ANBU but not before the on that spoke earlier turned and glared at him.

Naruto then leapt off into the direction of the forest of death. That will be a brilliant place to hone his skills and nobody rarely went into the forest.

When he got there he set up a camp then went to but new clothes and weapons.

He bought simple training outfits, kunai, shuriken, a long Katana and a short sword that were used in unison with each other.

When he got back to the forest he noticed that his eyes ached a bit.

Hey Kyuubi is there something wrong with my eyes? Naruto thought to the fox.

No its just you need to activate your kekkei gankai now. Kyuubi told Naruto.

I thought the gifts didn't involve my eyes. Naruto asked.

This isn't one of my gifts. This kekkei gankai is from one of your parents, it is the most powerful doujutsu. This doujutsu gave birth to both the Sharingan and the byakugan. Kyuubi said. Naruto was shocked at this.

Kit I am making you the official keeper of the demonic fox summoning scroll. Kyuubi told Naruto.

As he finished saying this a large scroll materialized in front of Naruto.

Sign your name and fingerprints in your blood and tomorrow I will teach you how to summon. Kyuubi told him.

Over the next 3 weeks Naruto trained, pushing himself, becoming much stronger. The bonding with Naruto had given him the affinity with all the elements like kyuubi.